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Found 6 results

  1. When playing the Master Chief Collection on PC, currently, I can hear people talking, but they cannot hear me. My mic symbol is not showing up on the bottom right corner of the screen in Halo 3 as if I have everyone on mute, and I do not see the talk bubble next to my name when in the matchmaking lobby. Currently, I have the following audio settings: Voice Chat Channel: All Push to Talk Voice Chat: Off Voice Chat Input Device: Microphone (the headset I have plugged in) Voice Chat Threshold: 0 I have tested my mic in my windows sound settings and it shows that it is working since I see the blue bars moving when I talk. So, the issue seems to be with MCC not picking up my microphone. Does anyone have ideas how I could get my voice chat to work?
  2. (image courtesy of Bungie.net) As the dust settles from events at E3, gamers anticipate additional information drops and little tidbits of any new revelations of Bungie's upcoming title Destiny!! This information includes audio played at Blizzard's massive multimedia main stage. Bungie referred to the stage as the Ronut! (see video below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=yuRyrlQDkBM Now sit back, relax and listen to new audio found in Destiny by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori! Program Notes by Marty O'Donnell: Repeating patterns and signals enfold us day and night and in all ages. Unmoved mover that moves all others. Inclining from heaven towards the Seven. New music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all. Enjoy the concert!! http://www.bungie.net/pubassets/1455/Awakening.mp3
  3. So hey 343, I've been such a big halo fan, I actually took note of the original Lore of Halo from the books. Not overly impressed with Halo 4's Lore since it had very little to do with the original story line. But that's not why i'm posting. I enjoyed the game, I loved every minute off the campaign. But I did notice that there's no Volume control IN game. I tried talking to a friend over party chat and even though the game volume fades whenever your friend speaks, it was still too loud to make out anything he said, I ended up having to break out the laptop and try to skype call him. Which was awkward for him since his PC is on the other side of the room. Do we know when (or even IF) you'll be updating it and placing a simple slider to control the volume of everything? A.K.A Sound effects, Music and General? The multiplayer of Halo 4 is the only Halo multiplayer I've enjoyed since Halo Combat Evolved. I just want to make sure I get the best experience out of it. Cheers. Matt
  4. I really enjoyed the campaign of this game, fantastic (despite a few blips in the flow of the story telling). One thing that really bothered me however was those sounds in the cutscenes. Mostly explosions/background noises that sounded like absolute CRAP. Example: They sounded like they were compressed to hell, almost like they were free wav clips they found online. Maybe it was for performance/disk space reasons......but it really killed the immersion for me, since the audio in Halo has always been absolutely top notch.
  5. Hi, I have watched a ton of videos on youtube and MLG and I cannot stress the importance of the sounds of the guns. It gives the game a more realistic approach to an already arcade-esque game. It gives the feel and gameplay more power if the guns actually sound destructive. Having said this there are a number of guns that just have a high powered staple gun sound to them. These include the battle rifle first and foremost. For some odd reason I get a plastic sound behind the gun. It could be just me, but it is possible to give a stronger bass to that gun being as it is a rifle. The second is the pistol. In Halo 1 and Halo 3 I thought they had the best sounds for the pistol. It felt like that single shot meant it hurt. The third is the shotgun. I am sorry but the shotgun really sounds like pebbles are thrown at a wall. I have talked to a number of people and they all agree that the guns just don't feel like they have an impact as they did to their counterparts. Please 343 Look and read this post. And if you are one of many that feel the same way please post your reactions as well. Thanks!!!!
  6. Hi first post ok so im brazilian and i love halo the first one i played was halo 3 and it came out with the audio in portuguese. Same with ODST and Reach I really apreciate the whole idea and concern from microsoft and bungie when it comes to turn the game a more embracing experience for everybody in every country and **** but i also would love to hear the original audio of the game (i've seen the manking ofs and the behind the scenes) when Halo: CE came out it was brilliant because the audio was not in portuguese, but there was 'subtitle' option, and that is just perfect. Being that the first game 343 launched, my question is Will Halo 4 have the audio ONLY in portuguese ( or any other language, depending on the country) or will everybody be able to choose between the original audio and the dubbed one ? Peace Out.
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