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  1. I like this info. The only problem that I have with it is that you said the other spartans with the spartan II's were the spartan IV's. I'm pretty sure you meant spartan III's. If not then that's ok. But that's what I thought too. Bringing back some old allies, or even Halsey for that matter would bring the emotional side of the Master Chief to light.
  2. It'd be nice to be Onyx but it was destroyed. And as for the Master Chief's jet pack.... It's actually a thruster pack. The reason for it was because Cortana manipulated his suite while he was in cryostasis. That is why his suite looks different. :/
  3. Exactly!!! They could possibly be forerunners?
  4. Well, I think that that's an awesome storyline And while people are talking about the forerunners as well, maybe the Didact is inside the planet, kind of like Lucy in Halo Glasslands, and then he fixes Cortana or something.
  5. It's possible that they just might I hope so. Like you said they were awesome and the most challenging.
  6. Well, first of all, the campain is only going to be a two player game... Unfortunately. And I know that this is a stupid suggestion, but maybe they will have the story go that Cortana can just step out and fire a gun or something. It'd be cool though. :/ That would be so awesome! I was thinking that maybe Halsey would appear in the game too
  7. Hey, weren't you going to talk about the topic?
  8. He was born in 2511. What is the Cole Protocol?
  9. Very well put. Spartans never die, they're just missin in action.
  10. Haha! Ok! Ya, I heard that the movie district 9 was made instead of Halo, but the part about them making a movie satisfys my wondering
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