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  1. Uhm.. this whole post isn't about valuable information, its just some insight about how i feel about the game and how all of my friends feel the same way. i was just about to say, look at the MW series haha. but i guess i wish there was a beta coming out soon so they can get some feedback from us.
  2. I can respect that. By fast pace shooter, I'm comparing it to other games, in COD if someone has the first shot on you.. you're more than likely dead unless they completely miss. in Halo if they have the jump on you, there is SO much you can do, thats why grandees were such a game changer and precise shots were so crucial that it MADE you have to react better and faster to your opponent. it MADE you better. i just don't like the idea of.. running away since.. lets face it, thats what we saw it used for most of the time. with that being said ...i know they will have to keep something new and honestly sprint wasn't that bad, it would come in handy i suppose to get to somewhere.. but i completely agree with you on how it needs to be EQUAL. that was one of our biggest concerns even though i didn't mention it above. Everyone needs to start with the SAME weapons and the SAME 'perk' (which i HATE using that word because its not Halo its COD) but jetpacks or "thrusters" are garbage to me, they ruin the game and make it too over the top. i think bungie was trying way too hard with that. Me and about 12 other people were very excited to see Halo 4 gameplay as we saw the return of the BR and shield we thought we were heading in the right direction.. but i guess we missed the jetpacks that seem to already be confirmed.
  3. understand, but this is the biggest forum with their name in it, I'm just trying to get this out there maybe someone from their team will come across it.. probably not. like i said, I'm just venting.
  4. Before i start my venting.. i just want to let you all know that I (along with all of my friends who are hardcore Halo fans, some of which have all the books) All agree with what i am about to say.. My message, as stated in the topic title, is simple. 343.. PLEASE don't try to make Halo 4 into something its not.. Halo 4 is NOT a fast pace shooter (hint hint NO SPRINT) stay true to your roots! I am very excited that you decided to go back to the shield method and ditch the whole health pack thing since MANY original halo fans can agree that the Halo Reach Multiplayer is to the Halo Franchise as Gears of War 2 Multiplayer was to the Gears of War Franchise.. it was terrible.. (in comparison) too many new experimental things, no need for classes no need for sprint no need for jetpack. stay true to your roots and give us the game that kept us up all night on school nights. I know you're trying to sell more copies and you need to be successful with your first Halo title, but the title alone will sell. shouldn't your goal want to be to not to disappoint us who STILL play Halo 3? I don't want to say much, i got a feeling a lot of kids are gonna jump on my case and say how they loved reach so much.. but i do want to leave you with one thing. Remember Halo 3? when was the last time where you died and you literally yelled out "bulli****" and had a valid reason to do it.. not often unless there was lag right?.. now same question for Halo Reach.. some of my friend and i rented Reach the other day just to give it another chance.. and it was fun, it was okay.. but it wasn't Halo 3.. now i understand this is in the future and i need to stop living in the past but come on. stay true to your roots.. This isn't Bungie.. but this is still HALO OutInTheStreetTheyCallItMurder- OUT.
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