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  1. Glad to help. Its nice to see someone is as creative as me. as we speak, im on google images seaching for a photo. I found a few.
  2. Last resort is one of my favorite maps. i'll see what I can do. if it works, you should remake more maps. good luck and have fun!
  3. This is a place where the teens of the forum can talk and help each other.
  4. "He was my friend.... YOU *******!" on halo reach when you kill a grunt in firefight sometimes it sounds like they say " More sp**m" ive also heard an elite call me a stuborn jack @$$ before. heard a grunt say " Go home an suck your d**k demon!" In halo 2 if you stare at an elite as the arbiter he says " Arbiter... I think... your...cute". A female marine says " If you want a date just ask" to noble six in reach campaign if you stare at her. A female marine compained about running out of tampons once in reach.
  5. Noahsammy99


    So here is my cool idea. After Halo 4 343 should start production on a game I created called "Halo Infinate". I don't know what the game will be about but I hope you guys will give me suggestions on the game. I would like to help. Here is a note to 343; if y ou do decide to turn this into a finished product dont forget to give me credit and 10% prophet made on the product. Just kidding I only want 5%. please let me know if you have any suggestions on the game. This project will be secret. I will recruit three members that will help me with sugestions. Im only putting this out to inform you all. I wish I could let every one in on it but I dont want every one to know all the secrets and stuff.
  6. What would.....actually HOW much would you give to be a spartan II or spartan III supersoldier. I would do any thing to sacrafise my life to do whats right for my country, for my people or for humanity itself. Is this why I want to join the military. I this why I have a dream of flying in a F-35 jet or being a marine firghting the alien invaders? I belive so.
  7. If your talking about Forerunners, The Flood, and the Covenant... Then yeah I do belive there are aliens. ALIENS ON MY XBOX! Lol im just kidding. I wish I could say I do but im christian and the bible doesnt say any thing about aliens. Sorry I dint mean to bring religon up.
  8. im looking foward to some new halo memories with my friends on xbox live.
  9. im just rying to help other players. I suggest if people want to get better at using vehicles they should use my drivers course. I also have a firing range. How do you think I got lt. col. offline in a year? I just got live.
  10. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND (UNSC) MILITARY FIELD STRATEGIES TIP GUIDE (MFSTG) SECTION 2 MULTIPLAYER BY: LTC. ELIY-312 (SPARTAN) MILITARY FIELD STRATEGIES TIP GUIDE (MFSTG) ATICLE 1 DO'S This article is to prepare you for the pain and suffering some of the matches you take part in will bring you. This is also to teach you how NOT to gey banned and how to get a good reputation that will have people all over the world challenging you. 1: Always chosse a small load out and work you way up. 2: A player should always have a jetpack, sprint, and armor lock armor ability at hand in case of an emergancy. 3: Save your grenades. remember to stock up on them. 4: leave vehicles to expirenced players. 5: Save strong weapons and power weapons for emergencies. 6: When a player snipes he/she should be on high ground. 7: Stay clear of team mates trying to acheive an objective. 8: Stay away from moving vehicles if possible. 9: Always get to know the map. 10: Plan escape routes for emergencies. ARTICLE 2 DON'T'S This article explains ways to keep other players from booting out of a match. Remember to have good XBOX LIVE edicate (manners). 1:Don't talk smack to strangers. 2:Don't camp. 3: Dont spawn kill. 4: DO not use powerful wepons on small groups of enemies. 5: Do not screw around in vehicles. let expienced players drive and shoot. 6: Do not deny acces to areas to lower ranking players. 7: Do not hog wepons and ammunittion. 8: Everybody hates team killing ****tards. 9: Do not throw,grenades onto grav lifts. 10: Do not use teleporters exstensivly.
  11. Noahsammy99


    Any one remember that old xbox game called muches oddesy, well im returning to missouri in a week and thats one of the games I plan on picking up from my grandparents house, as well as halo ce (the original) and maybe GTA.
  12. I have tipman 98 custom paintball gun that has a strap and a compressed air tank. ive been playing since I was 7. I lost my helmet. im also making halo themed armor.
  13. I have tipman 98 custom paintball gun that has a strap and a compressed air tank. ive been playing since I was 7. I lost my helmet. im also making halo themed armor.
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