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  1. Cruise

    Shield World

    No your wrong and you have no idea and I am not going to battle you on who is a better Fan because you already lost. If you wanna compare notes on whos done more and whos more dedicated I can already garentee it is me. Also I would like to note this topic was to discuss the possibility of the planet in the trailer being a shield world. I would also like to note that it may or may not be the Forerunner home world it is indeed a Forerunner world but it might not be the home one.
  2. Cruise


    Hi everyone I have been invited here because I am a living Halo Data Base I have seen, heard, read, and, experienced any and all things Halo and I intend to bring my knowledge and expertise to you the community.
  3. Cruise

    Shield World

    It cant be onyx because onyx exploded. A shield world was the Forerunners attempt to save themsleves from the Halo's and the flood. they are constructs similar to a Halo but the surround a Star and are spherical not just a circle.
  4. Cruise

    Shield World

    So Ive been called here for my expertise knowledge of the Halo series so here it is. MC is more than likely floating twords a Shield World, this shield world cannot be as some of you may know the planet Onyx. As far as how he got his jet pack I do not know but I speculate that it may have come from a time when he may have gotten out of the cryo pod to do something and he got an EVA pack, it is currently the only thing that makes since. Any way theres my two cents have fun and discuss.
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