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  1. So this Vid here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6NRPwOZgxs, isa bit of a rant but I think it makes a few good points. I live in New Zealand and the match making is still broken. Not because its doesn't work right but because there's only rare certain times you can actually find a match and finding servers outside of Australasian area does not work because of the connection. So whats the point of making a new relic map when I bet you there's a lot of casual players out there that don't know the games been fixed or are trying to sell their games on? Whats the point of a ranking system when there's not enough players for it to work!? But don't get me wrong, the campaign is still amazing, I'm still able to sit down with some mates and play a few 1v1 or 2v2 matches and I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that 343i was forced to use that crap cloud based match making system. So thank you 343 but you still got some work to do.
  2. So I went ahead and bought the MCC when they announced the awards they were giving out thinking "well they must of nearly fixed whatever everyone was complaining about." Apparently i was wrong. About a month later multiplayer is still broken and its nigh on impossible to find a game in the NZ/AU area anymore as I think most people have just given up, so even if they fix it I'm unsure I'll be able to find any games anyway. So yeah, rant over. Point of this is; have they announced a fix date yet? As it would be good to know when I can relive the simpler glory days of Halo 1 & Halo 2 Multiplayer. Also don't get me wrong. I'm loving the Halo 2 remastered scenes (hope they do the same in halo 5) as well as just replaying Halo 1,2,3 campaigns.
  3. *Sigh* Can I request the opposite? They made all these lovely gauges, etc for the warthog in halo reach suggesting that they where thinking about bringing in first person driving but it never happened
  4. Unlikely as the Didact Hated the halos and only used them as a last resort as they had no other choice + Didact likes humans (or did)
  5. I don't think that was the Infinity I though it was a stellar class Corvette?
  6. Hate to tell you this but Guilty Spark is still in the works but hes now got a human corvete for a body and numerous human hostages.
  7. PH0T0Nman


    Hopefully he'll still be alive by Halo 5 as a whole load of crazy ass Monks with some heavy fire power are after him.
  8. Read Glasslands and and the forerunner series which combined gives you a pretty good idea what the story for Halo 4 and the overall trilogy is going to be. Then come back and ***** if you want.
  9. I don't think brutes will come back for Halo 4 because currently they're trying to escape extinction at the hands of the Arbiter and shipmaster plus every elite thats not a rebel.
  10. It would be nice for more air vehicle variation instead of just two.
  11. Hate to tell you this but the Old Diadact hated the humans while the second one is more open. He even befriended two and saved a huge amount of humans by saving a ring. He even made a human into his A.I. companion to save him (this resulted in the A.i. 343 guilty Spark)
  12. Your forgetting dear sir that energy shields have the ability to spread kinetic energy (halo ce book... I think) and also the the suits have a pressure system in them which could help.
  13. They where always scaly all thats different now is their heads are bigger and the mask no longer covers their face. Also I think the tank would be insulated as super-cooled methane will burn most organic creatures not just reptiles.
  14. We don't actually know. Guilty says he does though.
  15. Would be great for customs and it would be fun if it was a thing on matchmaking too put that probably won't happen
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