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Found 55 results

  1. ZB-85

    Halo Books

    I was wondering what the difference between the first set of Halo books that came out in 2004: The Fall of Reach The Flood First Strike and the group of books that came out in 2010 Amazon Book Series: Halo the first three on the list. What is the difference between these two groups of books? Any Info Is Helpful .
  2. I did like playing as Elites, but it doesn't really bother me that they won't be playable in Matchmaking. How About You?
  3. So, I've been here for an entire year. It seems like just yesterday that I joined. My time here has certainly been an interesting and enjoyable time. There isn't enough space to thank all of those that have been of help and encouragement to me during my membership here. So, I will just do it by groups . Administrator - Twam, I thank you for creating this most wonderful site. If I hadn't had joined, I wouldn't have been able to meet any of these great people. To you I am most grateful for it. Moderators - If it wasn't for you guys, the forum would crumble in front of us. You guys are both and inspiration and role models to all of us on the forum. To you, I take my hat off. Staff - You guys/girls are what brings this forum out to the world, in a sense. From the Youtube account to making signatures. If it wasn't for you, we might not have as many members as we have. Great work you guys/girls. Dedicated - You Dedicated members are role models to all other members. You guys are what the members look up to, I'm glad that they have something good to look up to . Trusted - You are the soon-to-be role models of the forum. You set an example for the members while still keeping a right path ahead. Members - Though you may be new, you are the future of the forum. Though there may be some "different" Members, I'm glad that there are those that show that this forum has a bright future. I thank you all for the wonderful times that we have had. I look forward to have more memorable time with you all.
  4. As you all may know the forum has been getting an influx of New Members for the past few months. Though many of them join for the sole purpose to ask a question, we should treat them as if they are here for a permanent residence. When they ask a question, though you may not know the answer to it, directing them to someone that does may provoke them to stay a little longer. Yes, many may think this is 343's official page, yet , we do not have to BLARE at them that we are not the official site. Welcoming someone in a polite and respectful way, tends to make the person already like the place where they are. So, next time 343iBot welcomes a New Member, lets welcome them and not say "THIS IS NOT 343's OFFICIAL PAGE." (That tends to come across as a little "jerk" like.) Thanks for reading
  5. Miniamp brought up an interesting topic about: If a worm hole opened up between the Halo and Star Wars universe, and they started fighting each other. Who would win? Timeline: Halo CEA. Star Wars 3 Discuss...
  6. I was browsing through the different emblems of Halo, and I was wondering " What Is The Least Common Emblem Used ". So, what do you all think the least used emblem is? Would be appreciated if you put a picture of it, just for those that might not know what it looks like.
  7. So, I've noticed some people have been wondering, so here it is: Military Police Helmet Base -Have at least reached Career Milestone 15 -Have "The Soldier We Needed You To Be" Achievement (in Halo Reach). This achievement is earned by completing the campaign mode on Normal difficulty. Military Police Helmet CBRN/HU/RS variant -Have at least reached Career Milestone 20 -Have "Pink and Deadly" Achievement (in ODST) -Have the Military Police Helmet Unlocked Military Police Helmet HU/RS/CNM Variant -Have at least reached Career Milestone 25 -Have "Fear the Pink Mist" Achievement (Halo 3) -and "A Spoonful of Blamite" Achievement (Halo Reach) -Have the Military Police Helmet CBRN/HU/RS unlocked CQB Helmet Base -Have at least reached Career Milestone 20 -Have "Folks Need Heroes..." Achievement (in Halo Reach). This achievement is earned by completing the campaign mode on Heroic difficulty. CQB Helmet HU/RS/CNM variant -Have at least reached Career Milestone 25 -Have "Campaign Complete: Heroic" Achievement (in ODST) -Have the CQB Helmet Base Unlocked CQB Helmet UA/HUL Variant -Have at least reached Career Milestone 30 -Have "Campaign Complete: Legendary" Achievement (in Halo 3) -Have "Gods Must Be Strong" Achievement (in Halo Reach) -Have the CQB Helmet HU/RS/CNM Variant unlocked Chest: UA/BASE SECURITY -Have at least reached Career Milestone 30 -Have "Yes, Sensei" Achievement (in Halo Reach). This achievement is earned with a First Strike Medal in a Matchmaking game. Hope this answer to your questions.
  8. Many of the tech revelations are fairly standard and have been mentioned by developers currently working with early versions of the hardware. 2013 launch? Check. 3D support? It's in there. "Always connected" internet connection? Blu-ray drive? Lofty sales goals? Yes, yes and yes.The document goes several steps further, however. Running on a Windows 8 foundation, the new box aims to be even more of a living room staple than the current Xbox console, allowing users to record TV content in the background like a DVR. It also details improvements to Microsoft's Kinect camera system: better accuracy, improved voice recognition, and support for motion tracking for up to four players. That's not all for Kinect. Initially spotted in May by Nukezilla, the alleged roadmap discusses a "glasses for Kinect" initiative called "Project Fortaleza," a pair of Wifi-enabled, augmented reality glasses, according to the document. Marked for a 2014 launch, they would allegedly be radio/4G-based mobile devices that users could take with them, much like Google's Project Glass. Via Xbox Live, the document says, the glasses would offer "real-time information on people, places and objects." In 2015, claims the document, Microsoft plans to shift focus to cloud gaming -- a move that could signal the next Xbox (or a smaller set top box afterward) as the final hardware product from the group, as the document says consumers will "never need to upgrade hardware again." Of course, this could all be an elaborate hoax put together by someone with too much time on their hands. Microsoft, while refusing to comment about the document, did have it taken down from the sharing site Scribd via Covington & Burling LLP, a major IP law firm that represents Microsoft. That move, of course, has given the rumors springing from the document more traction.Microsoft has experienced these sorts of next-gen console leaks before. In the days before the Xbox 360 was announced, details from a market research company study leaked out, showing some of the ideas the company was considering for its next-generation system. Ultimately, the company decided to go in a different direction. Source: Here
  9. What are some of the funniest sayings you've heard the Covenant say? Mine would have to be Halo 3 a Grunt saying," Run away, oh no he's chasing us, we are going to die! " I'm sure there are even funnier sayings that I probably haven't heard, share them with us.
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm back from a most wondrous and fun vacation. Though I was away from the forum for quite some time, I am sure that nothing to major has happened . Glad to be back here on the best site on the entire web !! - ZB-85
  11. To all this may concern: I will be gone from June 9th - June 16th on vacation. I will not be on the entire time so, try to be as welcoming as you all can be while I'm gone. See you all when I come back from vacation. Till I come back, ZB-85
  12. Wow. I can't believe I finally hit 2,000 posts. It seems like yesterday I was just hitting 1,000. I want to say that the time I spent here posting, talking, and playing with you all have been such fun times. I have greatly enjoyed all of your company , even when the come in. It is so good to know that there are still people who care about what you do and how it is accomplished. I will not name any specific people, cause there wouldn't be enough room on here for all the names and things that they have done for not just me, but for the entire forum. I would like to thank you all for the great times and I do hope that we have even more to come. A Great Friend To You All, ZB-85
  13. I thought that this would be a nice topic to put expressing our love for this forum. I know that at least everyone has one thing to say that they love about this forum, so lets hear it. Even if it is the tiniest thing, its still better than nothing. Warning: If you have nothing nice to say, do not post hatred or any demeaning things about the forum or its members. There are so many things that I love about the forum, but I will just start by saying a few of them. ​I love how all the members are so kind and helpful to even the newest of members that joint I love how the instant the newest news in gaming is out, the News Group jumps right in and makes a topic about it. I love how the Moderators are fair to all members, and even discipline at time where it is needed. Now, lets hear what you love about this forum.
  14. Pretty simple. If you could have anything from all of Halo come to "life". What would you want it to be? I would want a Warthog from Halo 3. Now your turn, and remember to have fun.
  15. ZB-85

    Top Movies

    I was talking in the shout-box earlier today, and I thought, "A top movie list". So, tell us what your top 5 or top 10 favorite movies. Here are my Favorites: Leon the Professional The Gladiator The Eagle We Were Soldiers Remember the Titans Now, feel free to tell us about your favorites.
  16. ZB-85


    I just got this little idea that would be pretty cool for a thread. So, my question is: Where are your ancestors from? I thought it would be pretty cool to know. I'll start off: Spain Wales Norway Ireland Now, feel free to tell us where your ancestors are from.
  17. We all had thought of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some might have been a cowboy or a astronaut. But what do we really want to do with our life now that we're older. Maybe a policeman, a singer, or whatever career you plan on taking. I plan on going into the military when I turn 18 years old. Then, after being in there for a few years, allow them to pay for college and take a course on Criminal Justice. I plan to go into the Secret Service after graduating. Feel free to tell of your other childhood dreams as well.
  18. Here are the Easter Eggs for Halo 3: ODST. Have fun trying to find them all!! Halo ODST Easter Eggs Dancing Marty At a big open location when you are in a banshee fighting AA-wraiths and blowing up spores, there is a dark section you can travel to off to the side of the map with a ramp to the left that you can climb up. If you go to the top of the ramp and then jump down to the adjacent walk-way a dancing Marty appears. Mary O'Donnell is the man behind the music in Halo and a nice little music track is played too. Buck and Monkey Man While watching the ending credits move the right stick to the left and you will be able to pan over to Buck hanging out with a monkey. We think that this may be a reference to Halo 3's first mission where the Easter Egg of the Monkey Family. You can see in the picture below. Teddy Bear Somewhere on the Streets of Mombasa you will find someones lost teddy bear. It can be quite tricky to spot so I will leave the hunting up to you. Suicidal Marine This is a nice little easter egg in the sense that it's somewhat of a tribute to an egg that was in Halo 3. On uplift reserve there are two marines having a conversation, one going crazy and suicidal, ranting about being trapped in a zoo by the covenant. The neat thing about this one is that the marines voice is the same as the marine in Halo 3 who is suicidal over the flood. Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher If you are playing on Legendary with 4 people there is in one of the highway basement things where 4 rocket launchers reside. They were probably put in the game to make Legendary run through's easier. Weapon Cards There are a couple of these in the game but the easiest of find is on Tayari Plaza. Make your way through the game until you find a flight of stairs where there are some Elite and Brute bodies at the top. If you can hear Buck saying "What happened here?", you are in the right place. The Superintendent should reply with "Final notice, bill passed due". Continue upwards to a balcony with a dead Brute and Elite. To the right of the Elite you will see the card. The cards seem to show a number of never before seen Covie weapons. Various Graffiti In the streets of Mombasa you can find various graffiti messages scattered around the place. Some are harder to find than others and require looking in some of the little back alleys. Webmaster Cereal- WEB-O'S Inside the first building your going into on the begging mission on the campaign, before you exit into the courtyard full of grunts, there should be a couch to your left, around said couch are various breakfast foods, i.e: orange slices, a bowl, a plate and a spoon. Along with these is a box of cereal with the webmaster on it, and of course a bowl of the cereal. The box reads: Web'O's "Your mom loves 'em!" Sorry, but I don't have a picture of it. The easter egg is very easy to find though, good luck! Silly Face on Windward There is a silly face drawn on a wall on Windward, and NMPD HQ. Go to the side, or part, where an arrow is pointing off of the building. It will be section with landing pad 3. Jump off right where the arrow is on the wall, turn around, and you'll see it as you fall to your death.
  19. ZB-85


    From the album: Yummmmmy

  20. ZB-85


    From the album: Yummmmmy

  21. ZB-85


    From the album: Yummmmmy

  22. Pretty simple, state your favorite quotes or sayings In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, father's bury their sons. & So Others May Live Now your turn...
  23. I was wondering this for quite a while and I thought that you guys and girls could help. I got the Red Ring of Death about I don't know how many times. So it never let me do the solo campaign. So, if you beat the Halo 2 campaign on cooperative instead of solo, would that still count as beating the game? All input is welcome .
  24. I was just browsing the forum and I noticed how much the News Group is putting out. I and the forum would sincerely like to thank you: Archangel Tyrael and adamj004, for all the news that you guys find. Whether its for Halo 4 or for any other game out there. A few minutes after the news comes out, you guys are always the first ones to put it up. So, the forum just really want to thank you guys for all the news and info that you gather for the community.
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