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  1. Oh, that's right! I forgot about the Didact's mutation and Chief's artificial evolution. I also agree that perhaps the Didact survived his long fall. Although we don't know if his armor is capable of operating in vacuum.
  2. I agree with this. He might still be alive, but whether he's been composed or not I'm not sure. On an unrelated note, does anyone else think he looks like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars?
  3. What? No they don't. They're called scales, kid.
  4. I agree. I like Roland too. He's funny.
  5. And traditional race too, please.
  6. Where are the friggin' Race playlists? Surely I can't be the only one who's noticed Race wasn't in there!
  7. I agree. The fact that Cortana is gone saddened me, and I'm sure it broke Chief's heart. I wonder, what does the future hold for the Master Chief, and for the UNSC?
  8. Reached Colonel about two weeks ago. About halfway to Colonel Grade 1. -Sarcastically- Whoo hoo.
  9. Hopefully we'll be able to place barricades, plasma batteries, landmines, propane tanks, pallets, crates, and sandbags! 8D
  10. One does not simply get better from being turned into Newt.
  11. That was the Mammoth. But yeah, it might be drive-able in one or two multiplayer maps. I think we all hope so.
  12. Buttons and switches! Buttons and switches! Functioning doors and maybe ladders!
  13. I hope we can place more natural objects than just rocks.
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