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  1. I was looking at it on my phone at work so I thought it might have been the debris from the Infinity crash. Elite Minor, nice observations I hand't even noticed the caption haha. I wonder if the scene in this particular trailer was to depict a past event or an event that takes place during Halo 4's timeline...
  2. I'm at work right now but when I return home let's delve into this mystery. I'm going to do some heavy research tonight.
  3. Thank you. I hope it hasn't been discussed already. If it has, someone please point me in the correct direction so I can be a part of the conversation. Otherwise, lets get talking. Who might they be? Judging by the fact that there is only one figure in the image, and it was supposedly going to be in the live action sequence, might he/she be a main character that tags along with the Master Chief throughout the campaign?
  4. I am not too sure if this is old news (I apologize if that is the case), but a link over on HBO lead me to a few pieces by a man who created concept art for the live action trailer that aired at E3 before the live stage demo. The last image on the page is a concept piece which depicts a dark-skinned man who lacks any clothing save for a loin cloth. His right arm is raised and his hand is pressed to a downed portion of the Infinity's hull. Could this imply that there are humans (or other forms of humans) living on the interior of Requiem? Concept Art Link http://www.jbachdesi...on-trailer.html
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