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  1. Congratulations Edward !! I am sure that you will be an excellent Member of the Month !!
  2. Welcome Back VitaPwn . I look forward to talking to you soon .
  3. You will be missed as a Moderator, but I am sure you will be greatly welcomed to the status as a truly Legendary Member. You will forever have my greatest respect not only as a gamer but as a person, whom I have gotten to know quite well. Keep on being AWESOME Absolute Dog, I know that won't be to hard for you .
  4. Congratulations Azaxx!!! I am sure that you will make us all proud.
  5. Sangheili Storm I would be a Sangheili Storm because its not the highest of ranks but still has a lot to give when your in a fight. I would be an Elite cause a less chance of dying than a...Grunt
  6. Combat Form...It is the most annoying.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0GXYX5hNec Hands down the greatest moment in the game for me. I don't know how many times I've listened to this line .
  8. Okay...Can you then just make this picture down to size for an Avatar bDNXP.gif (500×211) don't worry about the other ones.
  9. Classification:Profile Pic Format: GIF Size: Minimize to size Style: None Primary Colors:None (For some reason GIFs moving doesn't always work on my provile...just wantedto warn you) IMAGE [1] Legends_1337_Bubble_Shield.gif (500×281) [Don't know if it moves] IMAGE [2] bDNXP.gif (500×211) [Don't know if it moves] IMAGE [3] tumblr_lxk2f4d8Wr1r2r04fo1_500.gif (480×272) [Doesn't Move} Background Writing: None Font: None Extras: None Locations: None
  10. They are all so so good but I chose Halo 3. The song Finish the Fight was absolutely .
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