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Found 5 results

  1. In the First look into halo 4 they mention that there are two books coming out: one from Karen Traviss, and one from Greg Bear in the Forunner series. Greg's books is not coming out until after halo 4 is released. I have two theories on why this is. 1st on is obvious that he will not have enough time to finish the book before the game comes out. In the first look they said that there is a specific reason to why it is comming out after the game release which leads me to think for my 2nd reason that is has specific information that cannot be found out until halo 4's release such as: who is the enemy, what happens to the ship at the end of Primordium (mabye it will show up in halo 4) things like that. Now also what do you think the new Karen Traviss book will be; sequel to glasslands or not, plot, what will relation be to halo 4(possibly with the spartans) i want to see what you think.
  2. I'm starting this off lightly because it seems many people have not read the forerunner saga yet so if you have not read Primordium then you might be lost....
  3. I've been reading a lot on different discussions about who is the new enemy? and people keep giving their opinion on who it will be and what their motive is the biggest issue I have with their opinions is that they don't have all the facts They take the information they know from online and tell their opinion on something they have barely touched their feet into the halo universe is vast and has gone across many platforms from game to book to comic book to legos.....yes legos count having read almost every aspect of it and watch every video i can i have a very different opinion than most do !!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! in one of the books they talk about a dark enemy locked in a jail that was put there before even the forunners came into existence they said that anytime they came across this ancient civilizations structures even the forunners were unable to break destroy or alter anything bout them this enemy was release at some point in the book and he begins trying to escape one of the rings from what i gather they got him onto a shield world which was the Didact's world he built in secret in response to the halo's being built the artificial intelligence then has "custody" of him and although they have been able to keep him from escaping they have not been able to kill him or stop him so i feel he basically has taken over most of the computers in the shield world and has been fighting with the convenant who were sucked in there and the shield world even if its systems are compromised will not allow anyone to leave that is why you see a lot of things getting sucked into it often because it can't allow outside interference otherwise it could risk exposure to the outside universe this is just my thoughts on my information most of it is debatable but i do strongly believe the enemy is the Captive although the forunners couldn't break the mysterious prison that held the Captive the humans were able to find away basically we broke enough away where we could have a look inside and have a talk with "the captive" and only one person talked to him and they basically said yea shut the thing back up again we cannot let this thing out also lets bury it so no one can find it yea so thats my thoughts on the enemy
  4. SPOILER ALERT! This Video reveals info about the beginning and first level of Halo 4. This info is real and straight from the newest Halo novel, Halo: Primordium. Frank O'Conner said in an interview, that the story has already been told through the books, and Halo: Primordium would give some big insight on Halo 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPANfSjrLU4
  5. I know this books comes out for you yanks tomorrow so I thought I would create this thread now and you guys can pitch in once you have read it. Only read this if you want to have the story explained to you. Two of the most significant parts I thought anyway were the bits I have included below (I'm only spoiler tagging this for a while to not ruin it for everyone who jumps in) *** Now these are two very interesting aspects of the book and they change everything we knew and provide great insight into the precursors and flood. If you have read the book then lets start discussing some of these quotes and post your own. Let the discussion begin.
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