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    Hiding from the director and his agents, for now atleast...
  1. Hello, I am SGT Warchild, or Agent washington if you know him better, I had joined a long time ago and usually stayed for a few months and then went back MIA, I am back again, and hope to see old friends and new members Hope I didn't miss much
  2. As said, the cheif has a special rank in the military, and strong ties to Hood, in First Strike, he takes command of an ONI officer, an ODST, pilot, and SGT Johnson, the ONI officer was wanting to ship technology to Earth, but Chief had orders to take it to the covie fleet and kill their leaders, which was his ORIGINAL mission before reach was assualted, he has aquired and commendeered assets with his orders before, I'm sure he was following his true orders to destroy any enemy of the UNSC, as his outh to them states. Oh and not to mention the respect of the entire crew, they would mutiny if they had to to protect Cortana and the chief, he is a War hero and Hood's favorite soldier, had they destroyed cortana, Hood would of deranked and imprisoned the Captain. Lasky CANNOT be punished by the Capt. as in the thursday war states, the head ONI dispised the capt. and preffered lasky and even said the capt. did not gain any respect from the crew, Hood ordered the Capt. as per the agreement to build the Infinity, she hated this and kept in constant contact with Lasky. The pelicans have slip space capabilites now, there was a cache found of forerunner tech that increased slip space capabilites in the thursday war
  3. The halo 3 or reach sniper rifle, I'd have Halo 3's vehicles with the ones already in h4 too +falcon
  4. I while running after a guy trying to finish him on, I hit an invisible rock in the middle of the path That rock was a camo spartan with a 1shot kill shotgun Funniest thing i've ever SEEN, was sniping on wrekage on the top hill, and then a warthog it launched out of no-where without a driver and everyone ducks and a guy's hit right in the head and the hog just falls over the cliff while we stare at our dead teammate going "wtf?!"
  5. I haven't had much problems with quitting, my entire CTF team left me, I was at the match start with only a few people, i was genuine badass in ctf So they chose me as the only one on blue team cause of my CTF K/D, red team had about 6-8, When the match began I was like "Wtf?" but got pumped, I'm killing all of em'! I said, I ended up beating the other team, by the time I had the last flag JIP kicked in and we had full teams, I'm pretty sure the guys that lost against me just left. I was about 1am, and apparently not many play CTF, after that it was harder to find newer members
  6. I highly doubt it but I got the helmet for my 360 on Bungie day with an offline xbox and never got it downloaded onto it, still possible for me to when I find a good internet company?(no-one post offers for companies tired of them all barraging me when I can't get it where I live+tight budget)
  7. The players quit mostly when their Elites, many believe that they are inferior because they are larger than Spartans and have draw backs, when i play the most useful weapon is just the plasma grenade, and when I finally got a sword they had shotguns O_O its about them being picky is all, but it still makes no sense to just quit a game for a minor flaw *they could just choose different game type* then again idk how but I find Spartans are better at spawn killing also so many quit since they find it unfair
  8. Don't worry, I'll be sure to annoy you in a calm, not as negative as I have been manner In other words not at all I like this place too much
  9. WW3 will be a cluster**** I want my guns beside me if/when we're **** on
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZII9BY24AE ....................let your bullets strike true my friends
  11. I like these ideas, especialy vamparism, and jet pack I love and wouldn't want it to be gone, I use it alot when banshees are in play to jump above their bombs, I could handle it being gone if banshees weren't around but its scorched into halo so I'll continue likeing the jet pack, besides its defect is that its easier to shoot you down when used and I would like sprint to be a perminant because halo is HUGE, and when i lose a vehicle I'll want a sprint!
  12. 3 days one reply? Thats not satisfactory!
  13. I've thought up a magnificent new series strictly shedding light on Noble-6's past up from him being taken from his home to his spartan training all the way up to Reach's part of the story begins was thinking 1 story for his leave of his home 2-4 for his training and I'll start working on his actual Spartan Life for as long as I can, each 3 pages long atleast. I've got the absentee from his home done, now I need ideas for the rest, and to try and remember to type the next story instead of writing it, it will take so long to type 3 pages, I'd rather make the story up as I go and now I'll be bored for an hour. So community I would like your ideas for the series, make sure your ideas are in the topic so I can get opinions from others on the idea. So far I've gotten these ideas: His real name will be Kien-Kirr, a name I've loved since I first saw it, it means Warchild in English. He has a father, an Admaril, which puts him in the Spartan program. He is the FIRST Spartan-3, personaly trained by Kurt before the others arrived to get a feel for training spartans, in other words a test subject for the program. Since he was the first and personaly trained hes more of a lone wolf as Carter said he was in Reach. He was the closest to a spartan-II, on occasion he would use Kurt's Mjolnir armor for his missions which were more secretive such as stealth ops. Even ops into the Rebels to keep some peace and not start a 2nd large war to fight. Kien was as deadly as his name, proving he was truly a child of war as his name stated. Since he was Kurt's protege he was put through harder challenges and recieved more direct attention, when Kurt trained the other spartans all together his attention was to the whole group, making sure they built their skill and streanth at the same level per. Through his seperate training he far exeded the other Spartans. He was the best he could be, he wasn't the perfect soldier, only a BETTER one, no miricle shots as many would think a spartan would since it wasn't real life, I believe spartans wheren't the kind to make 10 head shots in a row or fight of 100 elites at one time, nothing near 100% magical. I'm through with my ideas I've got so far but I still need to find a Spartan-III number for him, could someone provide what numbers the Spartan 3's began with? I need to make him the first spartan-III so hes going to have the number the III's began with, someone please povide this for me. If you actualy looked at the ideas and made mature comments, and didn't say childish ones such as "uhh thats too mutch to read" thank you, and if you did. Go piss off!
  14. Nice ideas, haven't thought of reaching out to the communtiy for aid in stories, I myself am trying to shed light on Noble-6's past, I'll go and make a topic for it. Goodluck on your story
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