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Name and describe what your ship and spartan would be


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Basically you need to describe your ship and then your Spartan below that -

I know this has been done before but It was a while ago so I wanted to see if anyone had some fresh ideas.


this is what you should use


Ship Name :

Basic design : (including hull length and don't go ridiculous like 5000km long ive seen it done)

Weapons :

Armour :

Number of crew :

Vehicle bay contents :

On-board/any AI :

Any other information :

Previous deployments


Spartan name :

Preferred Weapon(s) :

Armour Types : (ie helmet, torso etc)

Armour Colour :

Emblem :

Biography :

Any other information :

Any encounters with MC :


I will post mine after 3 have posted their's




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Ship name : Backward Unto Dusk

Basic Design : Like any other standard UNSC frigate ship except on a massive scale: hull length 50km :)

Weapons : Canons on every side, 1 every 10 metres. They're in a 3 row grid format, also one big rocket launcher on the front.

Armour : Pure Titanium :D!

Number of crew : 35,000

Vehicle bay contents : 1,000 Sabres, 100 Pelicans and 25 Longsword Interceptors :)


Spartan name : Gramps-2911

Preferred Weapon(s) : DMR, Sniper Rifle and the UNSC Combat Knife

Armour Types : Helmet : Scout, Torso : Hayabusa, Shoulders : Both Hayabusa and the rest just standard UNSC sniper armour.

Armour Colour : Fully black with a red visor

Emblem : Background : Cyan circle, Foreground : Hornet, Primary colour : Red, Secondary colour: Gold

Biography: N/A He is one of the most secretive and least known about/anonymous Spartans in the whole history of the UNSC.

Encounters with MC: He has had at least 4 encounters with MC as they have been trained together :).

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Ship Name : The Negotiator 

Basic design : Venator-class Star Destroyer. Length: 1,137 meters, Width: 548 meters, Height/depth: 268 meters

Weapons :  Eight DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets, two medium dual turbolaser cannons, fifty-two point-defense dual laser cannons, and four heavy proton torpedo tubes

Armour : 3,200 SBD

Number of crew : 7,400

Vehicle bay contents : Various ships and vehicles

On-board/any AI : None. 

Any other information : While designed primarily for ship-to-ship combat, The Negotiator can take secondary roles ranging from starfighter carrier, to military transport and battleship escort.

Previous deployments : None.


Spartan name : BeckoningZebra1

Preferred Weapon(s) : Battle Rifle, Magnum

Armour Types : Mk VI

Armour Colour : Dark Red, Midnight Visor

Emblem : Two swords overshadowed by Mk VI helmet

Biography : [Classified]

Any other information : [Classified]

Any encounters with MC : Possibly.

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Name: The Intervention

Basic design: Somewhat larger than the size of a drop ship. A slick design to deal maximum damage and get out of dodge fast. Also usable for pick up and drop off.

Weapons: A machine gun with explosive canisters mounted under the cockpit. A few missile pods underneath the wings, dumb fire and lock-on. A dual chaingun at the rear to clear a DZ ans an AA-gun at the top to deal with anything that decides to attack me from there.

Armour: Titanium-A

Number of crew: 4-5 (Pilot, co-pilot/gunner, AA gunner, rear gunner, me) with an additional of 10 troops (any class)

On-board AI: Not introduced from the get-go. But can be uploaded.


Primarily used to drop troops behind enemy lines and to fend off any attacker that gets in the way. Can be used as a fighter aircraft after drop off.


Spartan: PNUT

Preferred weapons: DMR, BR, Magnum, Shotgun

Armour: See signature

Emblem: See signature

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Class: Infinity

Role: Command, Exploration, Attack/Defense

Length:  5,694.2 Meters

Width: 833.3 Meters

Height: 1,041.2

Engine: XR2 Boglin Fields: S81/X-DFR

Slipspace Drive: Mark X Macedon

Hull: Titanium-A3 (4.9 meters )



Affiliation: UNSC Navy

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 My ships name would be named: The Cookie Ship, what a creative name :troll: The weapons on my ship would include rocket launchers, spartan lasers and chain saws. So if your gonna come riding along side me I will slice you :P. The armor would be made up of gold. Me and Silent Orbis will be the captains of the ship, with around 10 people on deck. I'm gonna have jet packs and boats so I can beast you. My spartans name would be Cookie Jr. I will be using a DMR and Assault Rifle, noobing it up. 

 My encounters with Master Chief having been swimming with sharks, eating cookies, bacon, cake. Getting chicks :laughing: and killing the entire Alien population. MY armor would be something like this:


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Ship Name : Cookie

Basic design : It's a cookie ! Never heard of a cookie before? Oh haven't? GET ONE , THERE OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Weapons : Squid gun from despicable me , DMR's , Assault Rifles , Shotgun's , Magnum's  etc.

Armour : No idea but it's weakness is milk! Curse you milk! :3

Number of crew : 8,300

Vehicle bay and contents: Chestnuts... and  Yang xiao long.

On-board/any AI : Cortana

Any other information : none.

Previous deployments:A box of  cookies..


Spartan name : TheMaskedMan.

Preferred Weapon(s) : Assault rifle, Magnum .

Armour Types : Recuit armor

Armour Colour : Ocean  blue visor

Emblem : A green eagle with a beam of light against it.

Biography : That's classified. A name means nothing on the battlefield , after days , weeks , months you have no name.

Any other information : That's classified.

Any encounters with MC : Maybe.. :3

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yer sorry just doing it


BASIC DESIGN : Prowler class stealth corvette/235m in length

ARMOUR : Graphine lined titanium plating/ Stealth ablative coating/ Light distorting texture buffers/ matte black colouration/ forerunner alloy

ON-BOARD AI : Trixie [hipstaa feline-human hybrid looking ai]

WEAPONS : Hornet mines/ Havoc nukes/ Pulse laser turrets/ Directed EMP guns/ port and starboard ballistic based turrets

CREW : [47] 13 ship control personnel/ 7 ship defence personnel/ 11 marines/ 9 specialist personnel/ 3 experimental utilities personnel/ 

[4] SPARTAN Fireteam Dusk

VEHICLES : 3 warthogs/ 2 mongoose/ 1 pelican/ 2 mantis [upgraded for stealth ops]/ 1 Mantis Mk II

PREVIOUS DEPLOYMENT : 2nd battle for earth/ Battle of requiem/ 2nd battle of requiem

OTHER INFO : Travels with smaller Minerva class prowler, UNSC ASTRIA/ They scout ahead of infinity detecting orbital activity/ provides orbital assistance on the ground



PREF WEAPONS : DMR/ MAGNUM/ Is finding the Suppressor useful

ARMOUR : Gungnir helmet/ War Master shoulder plates [L+R]/ Hazop Chestplate/ Contoured [arms+legs]

COLOUR : Grey [primary]/ Yellow [secondary]

EMBLEM : Crosshairs

PREV DEPLOYMENT : Battle for earth [as a marine]/ Battle of Requiem/ 2nd Battle of Requiem

BIOGRAPHY : Born on harvest, he worked in the agricultural industry like most other boys his age. When he was 16 the covenant attacked and glassed harvest. He escaped with his sister in the evacuation, but the rest of his family perished in the attack. He then drafted for the UNSC marine force. He showed exceptional skill in marksman training and covert intelligence, so much so in fact, that ONI took an interest in recruiting him. However he turned their offer down, preferring to stay in the marine force so he could directly fight the covenant. After the war, when Infinity was being constructed, he was contacted by Highcom to undergo the new SPARTAN Program. He agreed and soon after went through the necessary training and procedures to become a SPARTAN. He now resides on the UNSC ASTRAEUS and undergoes Spartan operations and, when necessary covert operations behind enemy lines. Due to Fireteam Dusk's versatility and skill in the field, they have often been entrusted with new technologies to field test for the UNSC, notably the Mantis Mk II and reverse engineered Forerunner camouflage systems


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I think I would like a Defiant Class Starship, complete with with standard crew and every thing else.

It would be called "Excaliber" and will cut through the enemy like a knife through warm butter, complete with Cloaking System, Shielding, Cannons, Phasers and Quantum Torpedoes.


My Spartan will be a Spartan II, possibly one of those on the outer rim that were left there, or maybe the last surviving Spartans from Onyx

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SHIP NAME: Turntable


SHIP DESIGN: Large experimental flagship. About 8,000 ft. in length.


ARMOR: Mix of Forerunner/Covenant/and human tech. Quality and function is as good as anything can get.    E-L-I-T-E


WEAPONS: Primary Bass Cannon (like a mac cannon but with sound waves played as music). Bass Cannon is recharge based (with low cool down) and can one shot the infinity. Lesser secondary weapons include plasma beams, forerunner disintegration rays, and mini macs.


ON-BOARD AI: Octavia (Elite Unshackled AI with scruples and feelings, as well as high end taste in music).


CREW: 500 Deck Crew/Soliders, 200 Engineers, 75 Emergency Crew, 75 Docs, 9 Spartans, 12 Captains, 1 Admiral. (Also has 150 allied sangheili honorguards led by 1 sangheili general)


VEHICLES: Finished Experimental prototypes as well as standard UNSC and Sangheili war machines. YAY! MANTIS!


PREVIOUS DEPLOYMENT: The naval battle that surprised a Prophet and ended his life during a firing of the base cannon on his cruiser. The Covenant fought around us from that point. We are usually stationed at places we want to scare the covenant from making direct contact with, we arrived at reach after the covenant burned it and left, it was a shame.....


OTHER INFO: Crew must obtain a training record of 150%  of the average performance to qualify a station on it. It was a team project between the Sangheili EMpire and the UNSC to improve political relations between the two species and encourage teamwork. 







SPARTAN: Vinyl Scratch


PREFERRED WEAPONS: Assault Rife, Spartan Laser, and has taken an interest in Sangheili Energy Swords. Their General on our ship offered training and I took it.




Helmet - Usually doesn't wear one, prefers headphones and sunglasses, but if I do, always Halo 3 SCOUT.


Torso - Halo 3 SCOUT


Shoulder Pads - Halo 3 Scout


Legs - Standard Halo 3 Leg Armor 




Primary - White


Secondary - Cyan


EMBLEM: A Single Black Eighth Note with White Circle Background


PREVIOUS DEPLOYMENT: Most battles that the Turntable was in. Mostly naval battle history. Briefing fought around REACH in naval. Battle for Earth. Battle for Requiem. Stationed on saber for Second Battle of Requiem. Prefers Scouting parties.


BIOGRAPHY: Born on Earth, had a fun childhood and started turning a Dj hobby into a career. Always had passion standing up against evil. When the fight came to earth, couldn't resist fighting. Was enrolled in a special secluded program for marines, but leaders saw advanced strategic thinking and the determination to complete any mission. Was secretly enrolled in the spartan program. Set 4th place record for Master Chiefs King of The Hill score. Extensive artillery and explosive experience. Like scouting, and surprising enemies with a sift solid and LOUD blow, leveling any fight in favor of the UNSC. Still speaks to family back on Earth and always seek friendships and tries to settle disputes peacefully.


ENCOUNTERS WITH MC: Upon enlisting, he complimented a personal remix I made that I was listening to in line when he was standing there waiting for the Admiral and a second when I fought on Earth with him after he found out I came 4th closest to his King of The Hill score.


My Spartan:




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