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  1. This place... I've been here before...

  2. They have thus far never released or confirmed any details about the release other than... soon They have bi-weekly updates about whatever is going on though if you want to check up. https://installation01.org/
  3. Got into the last MCC PC flight :D

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom
    2. Melody


      I did as well, played quite a bit.

  4. Is it me or did all the images and galleries break?

  5. If only the EU would get some of those events...
  6. "Ich brauche ein waffe" ~ Meister Chief

  7. PSA: if you have an inactive G2A account, consider deleting it. G2a has for some reason decided to charge a dollar month for inactive accounts (180 days inactive)

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom
    2. Unease Peanut

      Unease Peanut

      A sketchy grey market for game codes and keys

    3. Akali


      I personally don't use them because they refused to work with the bank after my account got hacked and I lost over £300. Only used it once but I regret ever using it

  8. Hey Vitamin. I was lurking and saw your cool idea for a giveaway. Where do you get these from? Maybe I'll go over there when I'm bored.
  9. Scotland smells like popcorn...

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    2. Ranger Intel

      Ranger Intel

      This is an educational community.

    3. Akali


      I can't smell (:

    4. I_Make_Big_Boom


      That's where Red is from right

  10. Looking dapper in those shiney new suits gentlemen.
  11. Did you lose power or turn off whilst updating? That sort of thing might cause the software to corrupt and get stuck in a loop or endless update. Disc drive shoudln't have anything to do with it, but it might. You never know nowadays. If it won't stop the update process try to hard reset it (hold down power button for 5 sec) or disconnect power completely. Maybe unplugging the network cable might help. If everything fails you might want to look into factory resetting your Xbox. Take note that you'll lose all saved data in the internal HDD in the process of this. Only use this as a last resort.
  12. There is is http://343i.org/3kh 343i's response to Eldewrito

  13. I could be available any evening, weekends work best. I can't plan ahead too much though and I don't have a solid schedule.
  14. From what I've seen on site and in de i01 Discord there will be armor variants. For example, you can unlock Recon by completing all "Beanmaster" challenges (specified on the i01 site). How all others are unlocked remains a mystery for now I think.
  15. Frankie explains how the MCC turned out the way it turned out http://343i.org/3jw

  16. So... the MCC has not been written off completely yet. http://343i.org/3ju

  17. PC will indeed always be stronger and whatnot. Even so I still buy an Xbox for casual gaming and the ease of plug and play. You buy a game for the console and you know it's gonna work, can't say the same for PC where you'll need to check your specs against the recommendations and then find out you'll need to configure and upgrade or whatnot. Not that this happens everytime, but there's always doubt. How about hybrid master race?
  18. The Banshee can be taken down easily. Every map that features it has at least one power weapon to take it down. There's also the Plasma Pistol EMP and focussed fire with your primary weapons will bring it down too. I think you just need to
  19. Disclaimer, we're not the real 343i, just a fan forum. As for the MCC, you should just give up hope. The last update they pushed out at least got the game working somewhat as intended but forget about fine tuning and matchmaking balance. Just play it for casual fun and nostalgia and don't get too competetive with it as it'll never work out for you. Halo 5 ranking however works just fine. Keep in mind that you'll not always be matched 1 on 1 with your skills. The system is also forcing you to up your game a little after a while to prove and increase your rank.
  20. The rank indicated in numbers doesn't say alot about skill, more about the amount the played. The rank indicated in Gold and Onyx etc are the ranks based on skill that get reset every 2 months (explaining why some people might be listed as unranked in their Service Record as those stats get wiped and saved on Halowaypoint). Also underneath the "unranked" rank the game is trying to determine what skill group you belong in so it will pair you against all sorts of skill groups and will calculate your rank depending on the results. If you get matched with high skill ranks after 5 matches or so you're apparently doing well enough in those placement matches for the game to think you might be able to handle them.
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