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  1. đź‘€ I better be seeing all you on Infinite once it drops

    1. Yoshi1176


      Yoshi passed away this morning. He will be unable to join 


    2. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Dibs on Yoshi's Employee of the Month badge 


      And hell yeah I'll be on Infinite. Can't wait 

  2. I mean if Halo Infinite has modding tools this is totally doable. Youre just moving the camera around. Doesn’t mean it will look good. Halo CE had first person driving for passenger seats. The only reason 3rd person is the standard in games is because it feels better.
  3. Yoshi is a corn flake

  4. I have to agree here. I want all the weapons to come back I like what they did with REQ weapons too. I just hate the REQ system. I also would love them to see some of the weapons from Halo Online become official
  5. I want to rewatch it but stopped after one of the Halo 4 seasons. Hows the story now?
  6. Wasn't planning on doing this anytime soon. This post is merely to gauge interest and what timezone/region/day is best for everyone.
  7. DELPEN!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The finale cutscene of Halo 4 when Commander Lucky Pal tells Chief soliders aren't machines. That was sad
  9. Hosting a get together event for all of us here. Would love to play Halo again with everyone once more: http://343i.org/3kb

  10. ElDewrito the fan made mod that birthed out of the failure that was Halo Online had its final release awhile ago. Its loads of fun to play and the requirements are low. The game feels like a polished Halo 3 and I love playing it. Would love to gather as much forum members as possible and have fun on the servers sometime in April. Gathering data at the moment to make this happen. I would love to do the same in the future with Installation 01 and Halo 2's Project Cartographer. Things you need + Discord + And a PC capable of running Halo Online which is going to be 99% of PC's r/HaloOnline contains everything you need to get started: https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ Let old and new forum members know about this too! I think this is the best way for all us to play Halo once more. No $500 console required! The event will be spread across multiple days. It won't happen at a single time.
  11. I would love if loadouts or armor abilities really made each class unique down to player stats. Maybe its just my recent affinity for Overwatch and team based shooters but man would I adore the ability to have TF2 in Halo custom games.
  12. Now that I live alone buying a game went from feeling like a dent in my finances to a massive gaping hole

  13. Halo 6 at this year's E3? Or nah?

  14. Need a clan to join for Destiny 2! And someone to help me complete this weeks nightfall to finish up the Rat King stuff.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Twinreaper


      I'll need one for PC in a few weeks

    3. Fishy


      Ye, we have a Clan Bnus. I've beat the Nightfall about 12 times already.

    4. Zelda


      We have one too. And Fishy stole our clan tag. Lol :-p

  15. Destiny 2 has been an absolute blast to play. Cant wait to play with you all once Hurricane Irma is gone!

    1. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      I'm loving it. It's a refreshing change!

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