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  1. Helix Amell


    Seeya Xavier. Come back soon.
  2. They swapped places.

    1. MCPO Mayh3m

      MCPO Mayh3m

      Strange, I know...

  3. Since you mentioned you watched The Walking Dead, what's your opinion on Merle during Season 3?
  4. Don't what to say..but congratulations!
  5. 10,468 profile views...wow

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      Unease Peanut

      Oermahgerd I almost beat Twam! QUICK GO TO MY PROFILE AND SPAM F5!

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      Sorry that I have the highest

  6. I also did 2000s for you so it's all good man.
  7. Ok instead for the 70s do the breakup of the Beatles event with the song Bee Gees-How can you mend a broken heart or try David Bowie-Life on Mars Ok, for 90s do the event of rioting in los Angeles after Rodney king verdict. For the song try Nirvana-come as you were. 2000 world celebrates 1st millennium. For the song who could have phil collins-look through my eyes.
  8. Easy, for 60s choose Jimi Hendrix-all along the watch tower. This relates to the Vietnamese war and moon landing. For 70s you could go with David bowie- starman, now all you need to do is to find an event that matches up to it. For 80s, you could have the event of the collapse of the Berlin wall.Find a song for that. Or it could be for the 80s you could have U.S shoots down Iranian airliner. For a song you could have Kenny Loggins-Danger Zone
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