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  1. 👀 I better be seeing all you on Infinite once it drops

    1. Yoshi1176


      Yoshi passed away this morning. He will be unable to join 


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      Dibs on Yoshi's Employee of the Month badge 


      And hell yeah I'll be on Infinite. Can't wait 

  2. I mean if Halo Infinite has modding tools this is totally doable. Youre just moving the camera around. Doesn’t mean it will look good. Halo CE had first person driving for passenger seats. The only reason 3rd person is the standard in games is because it feels better.
  3. I have to agree here. I want all the weapons to come back I like what they did with REQ weapons too. I just hate the REQ system. I also would love them to see some of the weapons from Halo Online become official
  4. I want to rewatch it but stopped after one of the Halo 4 seasons. Hows the story now?
  5. Wasn't planning on doing this anytime soon. This post is merely to gauge interest and what timezone/region/day is best for everyone.
  6. The finale cutscene of Halo 4 when Commander Lucky Pal tells Chief soliders aren't machines. That was sad
  7. ElDewrito the fan made mod that birthed out of the failure that was Halo Online had its final release awhile ago. Its loads of fun to play and the requirements are low. The game feels like a polished Halo 3 and I love playing it. Would love to gather as much forum members as possible and have fun on the servers sometime in April. Gathering data at the moment to make this happen. I would love to do the same in the future with Installation 01 and Halo 2's Project Cartographer. Things you need + Discord + And a PC capable of running Halo Online which is going to be 99% of PC's r/HaloOnline contains everything you need to get started: https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ Let old and new forum members know about this too! I think this is the best way for all us to play Halo once more. No $500 console required! The event will be spread across multiple days. It won't happen at a single time.
  8. I would love if loadouts or armor abilities really made each class unique down to player stats. Maybe its just my recent affinity for Overwatch and team based shooters but man would I adore the ability to have TF2 in Halo custom games.
  9. I am happy to hear this. I want Halo 6 to be amazing even after how bummed I was with Halo 5.
  10. I am going to agree with Azaxx saying Halo will never recover but not only for the reasons he mentioned but additional ones too. Gaming culture has changed. That is basically it. What made Halo 1-3 so much fun was because you were forced to play and talk with strangers and that resulted in weird experiences. Wanted to play Halo CE multiplayer? LAN parties or LAN events! Wanted to play Halo 2 multiplayer? Matchmaking with everyone being in the same voice channel! Same with Halo 3. The XBL Party system ruined the magic of meeting new people and having a sense of community. You would meet someone in a Team Slayer and talk about the game or fun custom games you have played or get one of those MESSAGE TO ALL RECENT PLAYERS custom game invites. This is no longer the norm. Another reason? Xbox is no longer the dominant platform. PS4 has destroyed the Xbox One in this ~"Console Wars"~ and Halo can never recover if they make games that keep losing fans faster than they can bring new ones in. Halo has such a bad PR image at this point it would have to take Halo 3 on Steam with full mod support(something that radical) to fix the brand. More reasons! The shooter market is extremely saturated with tons of good(and bad) games to chose from. Not only that but Halo 5 is riddled with such disrespect to the consumer(The REQ system and no free DLC updates isn't a justification) Want to use that prophets bane? Well you only have one left so don't spawn and die right away! Halo 6 has such a heavy burden on its shoulder. Halo 4, MCC and 5 have done such damage to the brand that Halo 6 would have to address every single concern AND be able to convince all the people who left the franchise to return AND convince people to buy an X1 so it has a playerbase as big as H3. So yeah no Halo will never return to its peak days. Unless they seriously release Halo 3 on Steam with full mod support because everyone will go nuts over that.
  11. So you mean Bots? The term you're looking for is Botmatches The only reason bots existed in old multiplayer games was because back then playing with other people was hard and also to train you for actual matches since the skill curve was so high in old arena shooters I am not a developer for Installation 01 but I think they're using the Unity engine right? Bots are pretty hard to implement but maybe once the core features and balance of the game has been finished Bots will probably be next. If you're having trouble aiming and being accurate watch this video:
  12. I am forever bummed we got the story we did with Halo 5. I mean it pratically killed my love for the franchise in one play through of the campaign. I mean ideally I want the flood to return while we're also battling Evil Mega Cortana(Since this is the story we got now). Maybe Cortana helps the Flood and we get Robo-Flood. Yea I just really want more Flood/Precursor stuff I love me some ancient alien civilization trope in my sci-fi.
  13. The awful REQ grind is the reason I stopped playing Halo 5 because Warzone was my favorite mode but not having any good REQs to compete with just was not fun anymore. I remember picking up Halo 5 during the late fall and thinking how much fun it would be to play Warzone again. It was an awful experience. I had next to nothing in terms of REQs or my kit to compete with everyone's "Prophet Of Recon's Lock On Fuel Rod/Carbine Hybrid". I know people say "oh just play arena" but I don't find arena fun or engaging. It bums me out knowing Halo was my favorite franchise but I get more enjoyment out of Battlefront 2015 just because 343i refuses to address the REQ problem because the REQ packs bring in such a huge profit that it will no doubt be returning in the next installment. Heck even the Blitz mode in Halo Wars 2 reeks of REQ.(Although I don't know enough about it so maybe its different) I should add that the post launch support for Halo 5 has been the best in series so far and maybe part of that is because of the huge profits REQ packs provide.
  14. We're no clan but what you're describing sounds a lot like what 343i offers. Most of us here are pretty good at Halo(especially P34nut) Whenever youre on the shoutbox just ask anyone if they're up for some Halo 5 matchmaking! I know this isnt a clan offer but some our members have clans they dont disclose so just ask them directly while playing.
  15. Not only that but the models of the Elites in Halo 4 and 5 are huge compared to the player model. They would have to take the Halo Reach approach but then theres no canon to justify it why they're fighting(Unless you say its a Warzone training simulation) We will never have Elites like we did in 2/3 but I could see them returning in Halo 6 ala Reach style where they have different characteristics/
  16. Going to Gamestop after we picked my older brother up from school and watching him play the game and whenever he was bored I would play. Turns out a 7 year old is not very good at Halo!
  17. Time to reflect on arguably the best year the gaming industry has seen in awhile. I thought it would be fun for members to share what games they really enjoyed playing this year. Maybe one of us will find a gem we did not know existed! Criteria for Nomination: 1.) It must be a Full Product Launch, Early Access Launch, Total Converstion Mods, Remasters or large DLC Launch released from January 1st 2016 and onwards. Thats it really. Nominate up to 7 games max in your post you think deserve this very luxurious and unofficial reward. On Friday Nomination will be closed and the 3 games with the most nominations will have a voting thread. Be sure to include a short description of why you nominated said game/DLC/beta/mods/remasters 1.) DOOM WHATS MORE FUN THEN KILLING DEMONS TO AN AWESOME SOUNDTRACK. Seriously amazing SP game with mediocre Multiplayer(done by Creative Affinity) . The Soundtrack is a true gem. 2.) Overwatch A Class based shooter with great hero variety and plenty of post launch support. This game is made me avoid any other Multiplayer game since its release and I still can't stop enjoying it after already dipping 100+ Hours. 3.) Killing Floor 2 I am a huge fan of the first game. Wave based shooter with classes and boss battles? Great fun with friends although it lacks the mechanical depth of the first game but has a great deal of visual and presentation polish. A must have PC game honestly. It launched into beta last year but was fully released in November. 4.) Starbound The full game was released this year and it is a huge amount of fun. Great mod support, beautiful pixel art, and the No Mans Sky game you didn't know you wanted. Its basically Terraia in space. 5.) Eco Global Survival Its a Minecraft clone with a focus on ecosystem simulation and the effects of Human C02 emissions As someone who loves animals and the environment I love when games attempt to simulate the real world and educate others with engaging mechanics. Hopefully this isn't a kickstarter flop. 6.) Oxenfree THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL. LOOK AT IT. Short story based game with good writing and sometimes good voice acting. I really enjoyed my time with this game and you should pick it up. 7.) Fallout 4 Nuka World I don't want to spoil much of the DLC but I loved it. Wish Fallout 4 was more of an RPG though so it gets the bottom of this list.
  18. I think this really sums up about how I feel currently about the franchise. I cannot say I enjoy Halo currently. I miss my Custom Game lobbies of my Halo 3 days where the community was carefree and you could be invited into a custom game lobby and make entire new friends(2 of the people I've known since I played Halo 3 in 6th grade I am still friends with and I am sophomore in College now) It really feels like the tone of the community has changed and it does not feel as personal anymore. Playing Custom Games with other people is just an exercise in silence unless those people are your friends. The gameplay is fun but the whole REQ system rubs me the wrong way. It isnt fun to play Warzone and not have access to awesome vehicles or weapons because you didn't get enough COOL KID PACKS. I absolutely love Warzone but I wish 343i could settle for a middle ground. Then there is the story. Halo 5's story was hugely disappointing and made me very uninterested in the story of Halo. Halo Wars 2 has piqued my interest and I want to have faith that 343i will redeem themselves like they did with the gameplay of Halo 4 to Halo 5.
  19. 1. MC, love me some big green hunk in armor 2. Yoshi in the Yoshi games 3. Villager from Animal Crossing 4. Rookie from ODST 5. Whoever you play as in this gem:
  20. Our odds aren't looking the best against the Mafians. But just like a real Warzone match we can still destroy their core! Stay vigilant Pro-Town!
  21. Fishy lies every game I vote SD. Good job Ruby getting at least one Mafian. SD has four votes now he is basically dead.
  22. Buns

    Elder light

    This would be beautiful in a Machinima! I might download it just to check it out myself. I'm not very good at forge but would you mind if I made a map based off of this? I'm getting some inspiration I might give it a shot for some forge practice.
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