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  1. So I can only wonder if this was bait to start an argument.... Oh and Halo 3 sucked to me. So I wouldn't ever want to see them copy it as future "games".... But hey DD liked it so there is that.
  2. I don't really have one, but I do check in every few months just to say hi and stuff. Well at least I some times do. Most of the friends I made on here I cant game with anymore so its kind of a giant whatever for me.
  3. The Flood (because unfortunately I know they will be brought back if only for fan service) realize after their constant failings that they need to come up with a new plan. This plan involves turning in to Lemmings. The Lemming onslaught will begin and humanity and the Covenant will be over run with the hordes of special education rodents. All weapons are ineffective at quelling the hordes save one.... the MC and his blender of doom. Lemmings are compelled to see an operating blender as a portal to another dimension (or some such nonsense) and are more then willing to jump in head first (for freedom!). Thus the MC is forced to go from planet to planet with his mighty blender, cleansing them of all Lemming existence. Unfortunately this angers the Owl Gods, who used Lemmings as a food source (mmm tasty) and they trapped the MC on an abandoned world. Sending in the Owlnator to finish him off the MC stands little chance till fossil face (Arbiter) and lucky to be here (Locke) show up with buckets of mice. The distraction allows the MC to moon the Owlnator, which as we all know blinds all owl kind, and deliver a payload of KFC mixed with those stupid plastic rings that choke animals to death. Normally machines such as the Owlnator don't need to eat anything (much less a pathetic bird such as the chicken) but it is KFC after all and nobody can help themselves around KFC. The trick works and the Owlnator is strangled to death by the plastic rings of doom brought forth from the distant past (nobody knows how strangling a machine works but just roll with it). Then as the Owlnator falls Cortana magically bursts from its stricken face and says: "Sup?" How she appears, only Jebus knows. So the universe is saved by the MC yet again, only this time against the Lemming hordes and angry Owl Gods. Reunited with Cortana allows the MC to access his disco moves and they party all night long.
  4. I wasn't impressed personally. The levels weren't bad (though the Flood still sucked in my opinion) story wise. It just didn't make me care all that much. It became a jarring transition between the MC and the Arbiter while playing through that kind of disrupted the flow of the game to me. That all being said it was the games saving grace in my eyes. The Covenant perspective was unique to see, even if I wasn't all that impressed with it. Put it a step above Halo 3 (not hard to do in my eyes). All in all, it could have been worse. Could have been much better too.
  5. In Halo CE they were a fantastic twist which was completely unexpected at the time. They were great. Then Halo 2 came along and I couldn't stand them. Not because they were difficult (they weren't) but they bored me. They didn't add anything to the game for me and in my eyes didn't belong in the rest of the series. Could have done just as well if not better with out them. Halo 3 was the same. But then again I am at odds with most everybody when it comes to the Flood.
  6. Really? I do a search to see the most recent uses of my forum name on forums I have had membership on and this popped up? I am surprised that anybody but Fishy remembers that I did that. It was enough to bring me out of hiding (I really haven't been here this whole time) just to make a comment about this. Oh and yes I would put a Halo Wars 2 disk in the microwave and watch it create a light show. Far better use of the money spend on such a thing. VF out.
  7. In the next 5 years, possibly... Though you must factor in them creating Halo 6 and any other side projects they may or may not have going on. ODST and Reach were fun games and a "remastering" is a possibility. Giving them a face lift is about all I see happening however. From their current settings I don't see many mechanical changes being made, which is why I use the term "remastering". Would I want to see something like this happen? Not really. Reach is an alright game but I don't get really excited over it. ODST would be one I would look forward to though.
  8. I didn't really care much about any of the "abilities". They were there and that's where my interest stopped. If people used them then oh well.
  9. It really does depend on the mod. If you are modding the single player campaign then I would say why bother? You defeat the purpose of playing it by modding it at that point. In multiplayer it is a curse and a gift. In customs it can be ok but only if its tasteful. The majority of the time though I see people modding in order to breeze through multiplayer with little effort and still come out on top. That to me is not ok.
  10. I have an issue in your comparison between Suros and Red Death. Red Death provides healing after a kill. Suros on the other hand has a chance to heal with each round on the bottom half of the magazine. That provides tons of chances to heal, with out even needing to kill anything. That is the difference between their two abilities. Thought I would make that clear for you.
  11. Destiny isn't an MMO Caboose. It uses the same formula but it can not be considered an MMO due to the populations on each playable area at any given time. The max is what, 20 I think... Not nearly enough to qualify it as an MMO. I know it is a technicality but there you have it. As for what I prefer, Titanfall would have been my first choice except it is purely multiplayer which ticks me off to no end. If any game deserved a single player campaign it is that one. I hear its sequel wont have one either, which crosses it off my list of games to get. You should really choose which Halo game you are talking about, or at least the collection of games (referring to MCC). Get back to you on that one. Destiny, for all its flaws in its storyline still has my love. I enjoy just running around and killing things. Tons of time was spent just looking out at the horizon on the maps. It is by no means a perfect game, far from it in fact but I enjoy it more than the other two.
  12. No amount of updates will fix that trainwreck of a game.
  13. Ash, I invested money into the game only to have the content released for free. It doesn't matter to me the amount of time that has passed or how many people still play the game. I paid for content which is now free. Either give me my damn money back or something of comparable value. I don't like wasting my money and this is exactly what these "deals" do. What is there not to understand about that? Also no game is irrelevant as long as somebody is still playing it. Plenty of people are playing older games (such as myself). Hell I still play games on my Commodore 64.
  14. Yeah I am not going to bother arguing with you since it is only my opinion. I would rather not be pissed off at you too.
  15. Yes Ash I do have an issue with games with gold. Sure it is nice to get free stuff but the people who spent hard earned money on the product damn well better get something in return for it being given away for free. I cant afford to spend money on games that just come out a while later for free, nor can I do that kind of thing with DLC. I don't care about the population of a game, if people enjoy it then they will play it plain and simple. Giving out the product for free after selling it to hundreds of thousands if not millions is insulting. At least make them pay a buck to play it. Some sort of investment on their part. I mean you wouldn't buy a new car and then not be upset if the same model, factory fresh, is given away for free a year later. Same kind of idea here.
  16. Let me know when the armor actually does something other than make you look "pretty".
  17. Just a few short notes. I dont really want to break down your essay as it is yours. The mistakes are yours to make but still I will help just a bit. First off, do not ever end your essay with "In conclusion". It is about as middle school a paper can get any most any professor worth their salt will dock you for it severely. Secondly, break up your paragraphs a bit. You have information in there that warrents its own paragraph. While it might relate to the specific point you are arguing at that moment it tends to become too congested. By breaking up your paragraphs you help increase the length of your essay while providing the reader ease of use. Last but certainly not least, expand a bit more on each of your sources. Dont leave it at a sentence or two. Use your own words to explain what each of those pieces means for the reader and how they relate to your topic. This allows you to get better detail in your essay. Thats all the help I will give you. I try to let people stand and fall on their own but, well sometimes a little advice doesnt hurt.
  18. This ticks me off. I paid good money for my season pass only for the damn thing to be given away. I could live with it being cheaper. I could even live with them giving away one of the DLCs for free but the season pass for free, that is just an insult.
  19. What is your opinion on Mr. Bigglesworth?
  20. Depends, does the Chief have Cortana? If so then I would take option 2. If not then probably option 1. He became so dependent upon her later in the series.... Would you rather play games that are PvP only or PvE only?
  21. At first I nearly had a fit of rage due to the abomination that was the live action DB movie and thought they were going to try and sequel it. Animated I am alright with. Though I am confused, are they just ignoring the transformation state that Cooler achieved (which was supposed to be beyond Frieza's final state)? I thought that was canon but hey I don't pay that much attention to the series. Vegeta deserves a more leading role in a movie. For too long he has been a "sidekick" and that needs to go away. After the ending of GT (which again I don't know is canon) Vegeta was the man in charge. Seriously he deserves some time to be the main attraction and redeem himself.
  22. Still wont live up to Metal Gear Solid. I still prefer my SNES but I have just about everything from the original Atari and Commodore 64 all the way up through the PS3 and 360. Cant afford anything newer at this point.
  23. I don't really care for it since it is nothing but a cosmetic change. If it actually did something then I might pick a favorite. Otherwise I suppose whatever my character is wearing now is alright. Oceanic helm and some other crap...
  24. I am 360 exclusive and I will not have an XBone for at least another year. I cant afford crap as I have bills to pay. And I am fairly certain people have noticed my annoyance at the lack of any 360 support on here these days. Also just as a notice, if you are only hanging out on the XBone you wont be on my friends list any longer. No offense towards you but if I cant came with you or communicate effectively then there is no point in having you on there. Edit: Keep in mind I am not telling you what to play on, nor where to host your events. That is your business. If it doesn't line up with what I have then oh well. My exclusion doesn't actually matter, even if I do get aggravated with it. That is life and I will deal with it on my terms.
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