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  1. Remember that one time you got chosen to be MoM, mom? That was some cool stuff. We are the first full family to become MoMs.

  2. Are you free on Friday? Let me know asap

  3. you suck and you're pathetic

    1. Caboose The Ace

      Caboose The Ace

      Don't talk to Bot like that!

  4. I disagree. I think @@The Director is going to help @@RedStarRocket91 usher in a new goldenrod age. Because they are great.
  5. can you something about it?

  6. can you tell me how to get the halo channel out of my halo ce masters game?

  7. I have a question. it says your 3 years old? do you mean you are 3 or you behave like a 3 year old?

  8. how do you look up your profile stats or do you not have that

    1. The Director

      The Director

      Those would be on Halowaypoint.com, this is a community forum.

  9. Welcome to the Community Alex Matossian :welcome:

  10. Welcome to the Community Natorgader :welcome:

  11. Welcome to the Community TrU3 SaNgH3iLi :welcome:

  12. Welcome to the Community Justin Heath Myatt :welcome:

  13. Welcome to the Community haloking78 :welcome:

  14. Welcome to the Community Delta Trion :welcome:

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