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The UNSC Odyssey Recruiting

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The UNSC Odyssey

Attention Spartans and Soldiers of the UNSC! Are you ready to join a clan that embodies the spirit of courage, unity, and relentless determination? We value camaraderie and mutual respect, fostering an environment where members can improve their skills, forge lasting friendships, and experience the thrill of battling alongside like-minded players. 

Become part of something greater than yourself.

We are a Halo Milsim, recruiting MCC Players (we will be on Infinite soon). We are split into 4 Divisions and many branches within:


U.N.S.C Special Operations
U.N.S.C Defense Force
U.N.S.C Naval Command
U.N.S.C Marines Infantry

What We Offer:

  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Members in all Skill Categories
  • A Rank Chain
  • Very complex and organized discord server
  • Flexible to all
  • Team Coordination and work ethic
  • Positive and Supportive Team
  • Positions, Activities, Events, Scrims, Divisions, Squads, and Much More.
  • Chance to experience a lot in one clan

What to expect:

Very detailed Lore and Background
Upon arriving in the server, you’ll be greeted and questioned so your superior can understand and know you from there. After that, you’ll be assigned to your respective recruit barracks, and then you’ll be explained what our clan is, our expectations, our members, how the rank systems work, and what we strive to do.
Further Details

We are a new clan with experienced leadership, motives, and ideas. We lack members for now but, we prefer quality over quantity. You are always welcome and we want you to experience the eventful journey of your career within the clan. We treat all members with respect and equality.

  •  Maturity/Positivity
  • No Multi Claning
  • Follow A Command Chain
  • Communication and able to be Active
  • Wear Uniform or Designated armor

(Note: if you are asked to, know that all recruits/newcomers are free to wear and put on whatever they want)

If you are interested, please dm (discord: vile141), and you’ll be on your Grand Journey.

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