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    Seeya Xavier. Come back soon.
  2. They swapped places.

    1. MCPO Mayh3m

      MCPO Mayh3m

      Strange, I know...

  3. Since you mentioned you watched The Walking Dead, what's your opinion on Merle during Season 3?
  4. Don't what to say..but congratulations!
  5. 10,468 profile views...wow

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      Unease Peanut

      Oermahgerd I almost beat Twam! QUICK GO TO MY PROFILE AND SPAM F5!

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      Sorry that I have the highest

  6. I also did 2000s for you so it's all good man.
  7. Ok instead for the 70s do the breakup of the Beatles event with the song Bee Gees-How can you mend a broken heart or try David Bowie-Life on Mars Ok, for 90s do the event of rioting in los Angeles after Rodney king verdict. For the song try Nirvana-come as you were. 2000 world celebrates 1st millennium. For the song who could have phil collins-look through my eyes.
  8. Easy, for 60s choose Jimi Hendrix-all along the watch tower. This relates to the Vietnamese war and moon landing. For 70s you could go with David bowie- starman, now all you need to do is to find an event that matches up to it. For 80s, you could have the event of the collapse of the Berlin wall.Find a song for that. Or it could be for the 80s you could have U.S shoots down Iranian airliner. For a song you could have Kenny Loggins-Danger Zone
  9. I think regardless what people may say about the game, it would be very wise if you could try to go on YouTube and look at reviews of Destiny. This may give you a better understanding of what you might expect before you get the game or whether you should just get it or not. Watching more than one video helps. But really putting all opinions of other gamers aside, it's your opinion on whether you think it's a great game or not and the only way you're going to find out and know is to play it. It's totally up to you.
  10. Do you watch The Walking Dead? Have you also seen the season 6 trailer and what are your thoughts if so?
  11. I can honestly say I don't know why I'm still here. I hardly know everyone or get along with them give or take even meet them in game events that I can't attend. But ever since I joined I always had a plan to change that for the better. I always said that. So I will.
  12. The main purpose of this poll is to get a brief estimation of the number of existing 360 minecraft players who still actively play. This will determine the types of game events I will make associated with 360 Minecraft. I highly encourage any of you to seek out and direct this thread to the attention of members who have not taken this poll and to participate in the voting scheme as well as sharing their thoughts. From here on this thread, you can share your thoughts but you must also vote. The poll is open to ALL members, including staff. I would love to hear from all of you.
  13. 1. Halo 2. Half life 1-2 3. Left 4 Dead 4.Minecraft 5. Mgs saga
  14. I've heard of couple of the new songs like defeated. They're not too bad.
  15. Wouldn't learning everything in all existence, further and beyond that take more than just one person's lifetime? I mean you'd have to live long, it doesn't seem possible. I for one would hate to know everything because you would be under ALOT of pressure of constantly be expected of knowing all the answers, instead of letting others learn themselves. Wouldn't it be a manic life? Sorry if my questions sound a bit dumb.
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