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  1. The only thing I can really think of myself, taking into consideration that you didn't quite catch the error code, is that you could try phoning up 343 customer support and if they don't have anything to say phone up Xbox customer support themselves. Get them to remove the transaction from your purchase history entirely and refund you. After that, try to make the purchase again. This is of course only if the transaction still hasn't worked properly. Hope this has helped. Good luck!
  2. Absolutely massive congratulations are in order for you Halo! One of my longest running friends on the website and the first friendly face that most new members see when exploring either the forums or the ShoutBox. Your dedication to the website is astounding and this is the most proud I have ever been for anyone in a new moderator announcement. I know you will do an amazing job of this and won't dissappoint!
  3. That sounded like a reference to Robbie Rotten more than anything else haha. :'D Nahh, Melody?
  4. No, bet you weren't expecting me... Jack?
  5. Banned because I need to make my first post again.
  6. I have got: 1x 14 day Gold membership 1x 2 day Gold membership 1x Just Cause 2 code
  7. That is also a very good point, from a media perspective they have also carried all of the steps that would hint towards him being killed off. Very good point TD and one I actually wish that I had thought about, it would be an interesting study indeed, if you combined both of our points together ! Maybe 343 aren't even trying to save the veteran side of the community and they are actually, quite literally just going to kill off Chief and move on to the newer generation of Halo fans (spawned by Halo 4) just for moneys sake. Very interesting point, thank you for bringing this perspective into it. It has definitely gotten me thinking and sitting on the fence a little bit more when it comes to this discussion now ! Either way, one thing is for certain: this game is definitely going to get the community to comeback and thrive again .
  8. No, I think this is all for dramatic effect. This is definitely another thing just feeding that second part of the 'Hunt the Truth' campaign . I don't think Locke would be massively chasing after Chief, only for him to just die after one game. We wouldn't want this to be unthought out mess like the SW prequels. It is my personal opinion that he will catch up to Chief at least once, maybe even twice and he will escape. I think this chase is going to span multiple games to be honest. It is pretty interesting to think of it from a media perspective actually. 343 know what they are doing here, this was all planned. This is one of the biggest things that has happened in the Halo franchise in a very long time, it has lied dormant for a while but now look at it. Since 'Hunt the Truth' it has gotten the whole community alive again, I mean look it has got the whole forum talking; with all of these (awesome btw) polls. This is a huge event and definitely makes for a lot of questions to be asked by the community. This game is going to bring the community back. And I have known this from day one!!!
  9. Banned for lacking conviction and because I'm real in my own universe .
  10. That is a very hard question to answer specifically as I do think that a new protagonist would be a refreshing thing for the series, however, it has been the Master Chief that I have been playing as over this whole journey I have been partaking in for eight years now. I would feel like a traitor saying that I would prefer to play as Spartan Locke. I mean I also want to see whether he is a nasty person that isn't worth wanting to play as anymore, I want to see what he has done wrong that has got a bee in the bonnet of ONI. However with that being said Spartan Locke seems like a fresh character that 343i quite clearly have plans for, I want to know why he is searching for Chief and what he wants from him. He seems like a whole new personality, I hate to say it; but he seems more human than Chief, could he be a more relatable character for the franchise? Would the game seem less lonely with him as a main protagonist? These are questions that can only be answered by playing as him.
  11. When things go unplanned it is always possible for it to be an absolutely amazing fluke, just like with some of my controlled assessment grades . However, it will always be even better if planned which is why this is a good thing ! While Halo 4 may have seemed to have been just 'compiled' together by a 3 year old that knows C++, it definitely had some sort of a plan behind it and it was most certainly just a lore foundation for the future games and this is why Halo 5 is so highly anticipated; because by the looks of thing 343i definitely know what they're doing and do know how to bring the fans back ;D.
  12. I'm sure 343 will balance them, Mister Chief wouldn't tell us lies now, would he ?
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