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  1. I tootally agree with OP and I might be coming back to give some feedback to Trevo91 once Ill get on my computer.
  2. Awesome thank you thank you everyone!! Haha I knew I might be the winner, I felt it But thanks for Choot 'em for making this awesome giveaway and making it very fun to complete the requirements! Also thanks all of them who participated in it. Haha sorry but I think Im going to have a good use for it because my old one is dying http://i.imgur.com/nWHnd.jpg I'll contact later, I need to go to my football practise now. "Stereo headset" wait what? awesome!
  3. The friday one is perfect for me, finally! GT Heke V just participating.
  4. There should be just a few DLS playlist so people without DLS wont mind.
  5. There was one DLC playlist in reach but it suffered low population and I think thats why it took off. But since everyone has LE game with all 3 DLCs there should be definitely a few DLC playlists.
  6. Is there going to be any game nights this saturday?
  7. Of course I have, I live in Finland and its quite a great phone.
  8. I remember my dad doing this one time long time ago but Im not sure, so I try to find the answer. Could it be possible to do this via bluetooth or something like that?
  9. Is it possible to share your mobile (nokia lumia) internet connection to your laptop? Like if you go far away somewhere and you want to use your laptop with your mobile internet connection. Hope you understood my english.
  10. Heke V

    Heke's photos

    Possible not worth seeing.
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