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  1. i just got a new (replacment of old) xbox 360 "S" Ive never played on XBL before and have "Genuiely" earned my credits offline up to LEGENDRY Rank. With this new xbox ive got live 12 month subscription and good and well so far...... When i wwent to play Online i was prompted to trade in my credits for online ranking or somthing, im not sure what exactely.... If i accept this and lost all my credits WILL my online and offline ranking DROP??? will my armour be locked again ??? I choose NO but wondering why and what will happen.. anyone out/in there/here know ???
  2. Ok i have got to the bottom of my troubles, the reason i cant update from the HCEA disc is that i had a new drive fitted a while back and its reading it as a error code " tampered with" thus wont allow to update either from disc or live. Back to the repair shop to try and correct this fault, which means i cant run any NEW games at all. ~pout~ P.s Thanks for the help/advice TwinReaper
  3. Mine is the Arcade Console (Never Been Chipped) Dashboard is 2.0.13146.0 6GB HD I know it isnt the discs because i now have 2 brand new just out the box. Neither will load the update to run the game. All other games still working. Hope this is what you need to try and help... TKS
  4. Well i`d love to take part in this thread but since my xbox cant read the update data from the disc.. its back to mu original Halo CE. After reading some of the posts in this thread, i have to say i dont care for the multiplayer maps or online gamming for me its all about the campaign and co-op. If these are as true as they seem from my reading then i`ll be happy when i can get the oppertunity to play the blinking game..... Grunts gona pay for this big time tonight GrrrrrrrrLoL I do have a question in the meantime...Assult on the control room level... Can you still steal the elites banshee and procced further in the level as you could do on the original HCE?
  5. I join this site to ask the same question... My xbox cant read the update data from the disc which is required before you can play, so i decided i`ll buy the game from Tescos and return Amazon their " Faulty disc".. turns out the game from Tescos is just same as Amazons.. so im left with 2 games neither of which works..... Does anyone have a clue as to why this game/update wont work??? All my other titles run/play fine.. im at a loss
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