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    I love listening to ALL types of music, playing the alto saxophone, swimming, and playing Halo. :D

    Ever want to do LASO challenges when one is available message me up on LIVE saying you from this site.
    NOTE: I can get bossy and yell during LASO so don't think anything of it.same thing with friend that i always play with.

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  1. Return of Flood, possibly the Primordium and hinting of Precursors. Also expansion on ancient humans...?
  2. Hard choice i grew up on Ps2 with KIngdom Hearts (my childhood) and GTA 3, Vice city, San andreas, and vice city stories. my friend had the gamecube/ wii so we played super smash bros and mario cart at his house i got xbox 360 cause of halo and left 4 dead 2, later Phantasy Star Universe (best RPG for xbox EVER). now with the new consoles coming out Im not sure if I should go back to PS with Kingdom hearts, final fantasy, or stay with xbox and keep playin halo, and left 4 dead 2. hard choice.
  3. Im not sure about yall but just lacks that feeling that i got when i did/still play halo 3. im not sure if its the maps or gameplay but halo 4 doesnt fee like a halo game to me anyway, with that off my chest, its a bummer they did not put a human flying vehicle while the banshee is still here. what 343i needs to do is add a more variety of maps. its just that every map feels/looks the same to me.
  4. 1) Insignia ((dont know yall but i like the name so imma go with him )) 2) Signature 3) GIF 4) max it can be by forum rules 5) something sharp and serois but cool at the same time. 6) your choice but dark. maybe purple, black, navy with a little bit of white. whatever looks best in your opinion. 7) (Precursor Image below) http://www.halotracker.com/images/Reachexpranks/HTR62.png (my Spartan on halo 4) https://spartans.svc.halowaypoint.com/players/pandamonium193/h4/spartans/fullbody?target=large 9) Ghost in the shell laughing man logo GIF http://i677.photobucket.com/albums/vv140/Arexack/laughing-man-animated.gif 10) idk, something that fits with the images above 11) my gamertag: PaNdAmOnIuM193 12) some cool font 13) umm... have the gif logo interact with the spartan somehow and have it move around a little bit and stay in one area for awhile 14) have the two precursor symbols in the top corners. the rest is all on ur creativity. sorry for the long request. havent had new sig in quite awhile. Plus i wanna see how you can put people's word into art, especially when people dont know what they are looking for. truly cool thing what yall do.
  5. Hi, I would love to find any RPG that is great for xbox. Phantasy Star Universe, a great game for those who don't know, was an RPG that was cancelled back in September of 2012 on xbox and that was really a great RPG on the xbox. Anyone have any suggestions. Another game I tried to play and did not like was Dark Souls. Me and a friend are gonna start playing Mass effect 3 soon. Preferably online but offline is quite acceptable Hope these help narrow the list. Thanks
  6. omg the suspense of this game is unbearable. I NEED IT NOW
  7. in BTB Anniversary 49-0 Grifball: 168-24 (i jizzed wheen tht happened)
  8. If you have a computer put your music in your library. Then put on a setting in windows media player to where the xbox can access your music from your xbox NOTE: your xbox and pc must be on the same connection. Sumthin like that
  9. I was intertested in buying another game until halo 4 came out. Can anybody name some good games for 360 BESIDES the ones I list below( I own these already) Halo Reach Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST MW3 Crackdown Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Phantasy Star Universe GTA 4 Any games besides these feel free to list and explain what type of game it is and what you think of it.
  10. #1 gravity hammer (grifball FTW) #2 SMG (halo 3) #3 mauler (halo 3) #4 covenant carbine #5 sniper rifle
  11. Nice artwork. Hope they have the moving main menu like in reach. its the little things that make the most of the game.
  12. Its a shame that the movie wasnt made. Im pretty sure everybody on this sight would give an arm and leg to see that movie made well.
  13. At least we know that there a 3 maps that can hold the grid. I hope each "big" map has its own unique features.
  14. All these new weapons. OMGizz!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The way 343i is taking there time to improve these small details shows their hard work and dedication to this game. I cannot wait for the campaign. Hope i can get it soon.
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