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  1. I just wanted to say I'm back. It's been almost a year since I've really attended this forum regularly, but I plan on posting a lot more. I've been on the Halo Waypoint forums, and was just recently permabanned for calling 343 lazy bast*rds because of how they recycled assassinations and armors. If that's all it takes to get permabanned there, then I don't want to be a part of it. Very few people on those forums are actually smart, but 95% of them are idiotic 343 defenders. With that being said, I want to talk about Halo 5. I'm not enjoying it nearly as much as I thought I would. The gameplay is good, yes, but it lacks a motive to continue playing. I become extremely bored within 5 games, and then take a break from it for like 4 days. The req system is disgusting. This type of "random" unlock system is what truly kills it for me. What's the point of having only HELMET, and ARMOR???? The req system would have been 1,000,000% better implemented if I could also unlock a shoulder, or legs and forearms... You know the drill. Therefore, they can cut all of the horrible, pointless, poorly designed armors *Cough SEEKER *Cough, while still having a plethora of armors to unlock through the reqs. I just honestly do not understand how these extremely poor choices made it through to the final game. I still play Halo 4 to this day because of commendations. All I have left is Forerunner destroyer, Covenant Destroyer, and Vehicles. I'm so close to finishing Forerunner Destroyer, which will unlock my favorite armor in the game. VANGUARD. So, in conclusion, I'm pretty much done with H5. I will try forge when and if it comes out. That actually looks pretty decent. But I'm moving on. I can't wait to play Halo 4 on backwards compatibility if it ever comes out. Oh and don't get me started on how bad the campaign disappointed me. Ok ok I'm done now.
  2. Are some retailers offering special items or in game content that others are not?
  3. So, It is Thursday, October 9th, 2014. Around 7:00 pm I get online to play Halo 4. The main menu comes up, and right after it's done loading DLC content, a message appears: 13 achievements unlocked for 300G. I'm like WTF. So I see which achievements I've randomly been awarded, and low and behold, it's the last 13 achievements in Halo 4 I've been trying to get for some time now (achievements at bottom). So I stand up saying over and over "What, what, how, what." I do not know how or why this happened, but I am glad that it did. I am wondering if this glitch can happen for all of the achievents in Halo 4. If you know the solution to why this happened, please respond. 1. Size is everything 2. Bigfoot 3. Didn't see it comin' 4. Bird of prey 5. I see you! 6. Clever girl 7. Flash of light 8. Pigs can fly 9. Dodge this! 10. Hello nurse! 11. That won't save you 12. Ashes to ashes 13. Scrapyard
  4. I am very curious. I can't imagine why 343 wouldn't upgrade Halo CEA to instant swich unless it is somehow not possible, or if it went completely over their heads. (Instant switch, of course, meaning the graphical switching ability from new to original instantly; featuring in Halo 2A) If you have an answer, please inform me. Thank you.
  5. They NEED more aesthetic pieces, for example: Undrivable burning vehicles, with smoke rising from the flames. I do love 343 for giving us wires etc. and they're on the right track!
  6. Oh my god thank you. You are a life saver! It worked!
  7. So I began on 8/07/14 and ended on 9/06/14. I've completed the whole campaign on LASO, but did not receive either the legendary ending, or the LASO emblem. Getting more into detail, I completed the whole campaign with only 1 other person, however that person did change. First was with a guy who ditched me after the fourth mission. So I did the next three with another guy, and then did the last level split-screen with my bro (he was using his profile, not guest). Note that I did use rally points on "Infinity" and "Midnight", due to lagging out. You can view my Halo Waypoint game history, and see that each mission has been completed on LASO. Any ideas or suggestions will be highly appreciated.
  8. If Halo 5 is not going to be the next title for 2014, would you rather want Halo 2 anniversary or Halo Wars 2 as the replacement? For me, it is strongly Halo Wars 2. I think Halo 2 Anniversary is a dumb idea because then 343 would always be working on two games at once: Halo 2 Anniversary with Halo 5, Halo 3 anniversary with Halo 6, etc. You see, it's dopey. If they do make a Halo 2 Anniversary, then they would have to make a Halo 3 Anniversary, and an ODST Anniversary, and then a Reach Anniversary, and so on. I think it'd be better if 343 stuck with Halo 1 Anniversary. That's it. Any more completely over does it.
  9. Play it with LASO if you're looking for a challenge!
  10. If Halo 5 has CSR 1-50 in game, do you think that unlocking armor by getting to level 50 in a specific playlist is a good idea?
  11. My Halo 4 dream armor would be: Helmet: Commando FRCT Torso: Protector DRFT L Shoulder: Commando FRCT R Shoulder: Mark VI Forearms: Contoured SHRD Legs: Contoured SHRD Visor: Blindside Primary/Secondary Color: Blue/Drab (I wish I could get a pic of this all together but I can't.) What is your dream armor?
  12. no reason to make a sequel? Just curious, have you played Halo wars campaign at all?
  13. I seriously think Halo Wars 2 needs to be the next Halo title because let's face it... Halo 5 is a make or break game. If Halo 5 fails, no one will buy Halo 6, and Halo will die. So if 343 hooks up with Ensemble Studios for Halo Wars 2, fans will love it, and it will allow more time to fine tune H5. What I think H5 needs is the best graphics anyone has ever seen, and some fresh new elements while sticking close to the old halo feel... idk. I seriously doubt Halo 2 anniversary will come out because it's stupid. The purpose of the 1st Halo anniversary was to celebrate the release of Halo. That's it. If they continue on to Halo anniversary 2... then there'd be Halo anniversary 3, ODST, Wars, Reach, 4, while coming out with H5, H6. It's stupid. Lastly, I have small evidence as to why a Halo Wars 2 may be the next Halo title. Megablocks has a new UNSC toy that's related to the Locusts in Halo wars. Why would they make that? Watch it here:
  14. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to play Halo 5 Day 1, or anywhere near Day 1. I'm going to buy Halo 5 Limited Edition Day 1, but not play it... Why... THE XB1. I refuse to buy the XB1 until it's slimmed AND Kinectless. So I will possibly never play H5 if Microsoft never comes out with BOTH of those things.
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