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  1. You don't think LE is just for "Limited Edition"? It makes sense and on gamestop they have the limited edition up on the internet.
  2. Finding a girl I actually want to date lol. Or just growing taller ha.
  3. Hey guys there's this Halo movie made by fans (but they're REALLY good) and the movie was supposed to be released in 2011 Fall but I heard that it hasn't been released yet because Microsoft wanted all the money they can get out of Halo (same reason as the official movie was canceled). Check out the youtube channel of Halo: Faith with behind the scenes video: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFaithOfficial/feed Here's a petition. I guess it's suppose to help make the movie release on youtube. Just enter the info to the left. http://343i.org/bu NOTE: I have nothing to do with the petition or making of the movie. Just a fan who wants to see this Halo movie in action! Oh and chekc out the soundtrack and other stuff around youtube. It's not on the channel, you'll just have to look for "Halo Faith Soundtrack", a playlist should come up.
  4. Still effin' depressed and disappointed about last nights performance. And to top it off the day hasn't bad the best start. #BadMood

  5. Dude...i NEVER sucked that bad at a park. I'm not mad, just INSANELY #disappointed and #stressed. I got to redeem my poor performance.

  6. Listening to music while building a skateboard @WarehouseSkate.com One more month and I can buy the baby! #CantWait

  7. I'm soooooo tired of singers in #AmericasGotTalent...i don't even want to hear the ones who suck lol.

  8. I miss duel-wielding too and it wouldn't be bad in Halo 4. I guess I really don't care if duel-wielding is in Halo 4 or not. I'm just happy there will be a Halo 4!
  9. Mongoose. WYR have a third nipple or 2 belly buttons?
  10. Can't wait to see some gameplay of it! Let alone can't wait until I hold it in my virtual Spartan hands! Thanks for the post
  11. lol I suck at maps.... I wasn't sure if it was in Mexico or not. And yes! Lol I knew I wasn't the only one who thought it looks like a Prophet! Chief! Earth needs you! We need you in the past of about 500 years before your events happened!
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