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Found 4 results

  1. A question for everyone: What was your initial reaction the VERY first time you time you saw the flood? I believe this is a great topic to discuss and share nightmares (or acts of bravery.) Please, share as much detail as you wish. You can discuss the building up to the flood, or how they affected you in later games, but please share your opinions. My first time: I may have been young, but I was still attentive. I was so confused as to what the Covenant dug up. I was scared that, well, the COVENANT were scared. Walking into that facility, seeing figures running in the distances, shots from nowhere, gross noises, it kinda stuck with me. Fighting out of the facility was the scary part. I had no idea what these ugly-looking beasts were and so I tried spraying and praying my way out. I repeatedly got lost and stressed. Oh lord, it stuck with me. >.<
  2. More pretty screenshots, this time with a nice reveal too! Yep, it's back! Now let's take a look at what they've done with Halo CE, 3, and 4! Feels odd having Halo 3 the least graphically impressive, eh? Halo 4 doesn't look quite so fake on the XB1! And now, enjoy more H2A stuff! Heh. Lucky he's not on Legendary, isn't he? And to think, here we were, not so long ago...
  3. On Adrift there are several viable routes you can take from the start. That is why I made this video to showcase these starts and get your feedback on which one you typically use and why? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZMa-WT1hRM&feature=plcp . . .
  4. Hello, this is James, Spartan XX7 [REDACTED] My online handle is SterkOks (surely if you see this it is me, unless someone copykittied me) and that name translates from Hungarian as Strong Axe. A navem Sterk Oks. Place of Birth: Sol, 3, North America, USA, Michigan DOB: 29/04/xxxx Interests: Being awesome, playing Halo, playing guitar, chilling with good buds. I LOVE HEAVY METAL. This is a fact you must know about me. My top five bands are Pantera, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, and Amon Amarth. I like retro metal, and a few songs here and there from more recent times but surely if it's 80's I'll like it. I got into Halo when a friend of my brothers gave him (my brother) his old copy of Halo 2. This was a few years before 3 came out, and I didn't like the game at first, simply because they nerfed so much that it wasn't fun to play. But as I started to play the campaign more and more I realized that it was a really fun game. It's sort of a funny story that when Halo 3 first came out I didn't want to play it because I thought that it was stupid, but I really enjoyed the second one. There used to be a store up here called iZone where all the nerds would go to play WoW (mostly) but they also had an XBOX and that was the first time I was exposed to Halo 3. I was shocked that there were Brutes in the first level (it did not occur to me that the Elites were friendly) and I was also freaked out by the bubble shield. I was in the start menu and I hit X, not knowing that it would deploy something that looked like a grenade.... Then the brute ran into the shield.... [for the record I FAILED at playing that mission, but hey, it was my first time] Then I rented the game, and after that convinced my mom to buy me it, and had been playing the campaign for the longest time. Then for Christmas 2009 my mom got me Halo 3: ODST and XBOX Live. Yay. Ever since then I have been playing Halo and loving it, being a fanboy even. I went to a midnight launch party for Halo: Reach, of which I bought (or my mom bought) Legendary Edition, simply because FIRE!!!!!! FLAMING HELMET!!!!! YES!!!!! Now in my room you will find a 60 inch TV, a dresser, and a Halo Shrine. In my 4 years of Halo I have played all the games, read the Halo Encyclopedia, done every easter egg, gotten nearly every skull (thanks a lot mission one of Halo Wars), read every terminal, gotten most the achievements, and loved every moment of it. I also designed the ideas for several stories of my own creation based on Halo, like for example a few machinima (never got off the ground), an idea for a story called Halo: Sanghelios, which was the events of Reach up to Halo 3 from the perspective of Rtas 'Vadumee and Thel 'Vadmee. That's basically my whole Halo story, ask me any questions you have and I'll be happy to answer and please, please, for the love of god, don't be an idiot. Thank you very much.
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