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  1. What do you guys think about Black Ops lll? I don't know if many of you guys are CoD fans, but the ones who are, how do you think the multiplayer will be? Will it be the same, or different? Also the Campaign. Who is gonna star in the Campaign and what do you think the story is going to be like/about? Post your theories below.
  2. We are Known as The Wolf Pack. If you new to gaming or a seasoned vet we are looking for those who want to be apart of a family of gamers who run together and play together. Only requirements are that you are 18+ (16 is the youngest if you are mature enough) Have a mic and know how to have fun with others. If you are interested the contack me on XBL @ Mr Omega Wolf.
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops III has been announced with a 2015 release according to a new trailer! It's Treyarch's turn this year, and the creators of World at War and Black Ops are coming around with the third entry into the series. Xbox and PlayStation's uploaded a short teaser with voices from multiple people in past entries of Black Ops tying into the third game. How exactly Black Ops II's multiple endings will tie into this story is unknown. The logo then morphs at the end, turning from I, to II, to III. They then announce a full reveal later on April 26th. No more details are known other than it will tie into it's past entries and that it will release this year. It can however be speculated that it will share similarities to Ghosts and Advanced Warfare's futuristic setting, sadly. Only time will tell in the future if it will live up to Treyarch's very good track record. I have to admit, I'm quite tired of Call of Duty, but I've always had a soft spot for Treyarch because of their abilities to tell a good story. I expect no less for Black Ops III, and even though it's almost confirmed it's futuristic, I'm still hoping for a Call of Duty in World War II. What are your thoughts on this announcement teaser? Let me know below! Thanks for reading!
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the third Weekly Site Wrap-Up! I once again have three exciting articles mashed into one amazing piece for your reading pleasure. So let's get down to business and start reading, shall we? View attachment: WNW 50314.JPG Showtime Vying for Deal with Halo TV Series The ever famous Halo TV series directed by Steven Spielburg may be shifting from it's Xbox One exclusivity according to Variety. Variety.com says that the show, as well as the deal with Showtime, have been underway for nearly a year and it's been a difficult process, as Halo is such a prime asset to Microsoft. As well, tensions arose because both sides have been charting new frontiers for a new show to air. Nancy Tellem had brought up the show profusely at the New Front presentation recently, but Showtime wasn't mentioned strangely. Representatives on both sides refused to comment on the matter as of yet. View attachment: halo4-hero.jpg Would access of the Halo TV series become easier and more fluid for you if it was on Showtime? Add your feedback and discussion below, thanks for the read! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC to come to Xbox First Activision's newest title in the Call of Duty franchise, Advanced Warfare, seems to already have exclusivity deals on the way with Microsoft and the Xbox. According to Xbox.com themselves, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC will come to Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms before Playstation and PC. This shouldn't count as a surprise, considering Call of Duty: Ghosts also had timed DLC for Xbox One and 360 platforms. The page reveals a wealth of other content as well, such as the name of the leader of this Private Corporation, called Atlas, the man's name is Jonathan Irons. View attachment: CoDAW.jpg Does this information dictate your decision as to whether you will purchase the game on Xbox or another platform? Let me know, be sure to debate below! Borderlands 2 Vita Edition Downgraded to 2 Player Only Co-op Borderlands 2 on PSVita was a highly hyped title, mainly due to the promise of a full open world game like Borderlands with four player cooperative play in the palm of your hands, unfortunately, this won't entirely be the case. On a blog on PlayStation.com, focusing on the testing of Borderlands 2 on the Vita, Justin Massongill, Sony's social media specialist, stated that the game was being downgraded even though they had aimed for four player parties. He said that "while they [sCEA] strived to include four-player co-op in the game, they made a decision late in their development cycle to focus on providing the best two-player-only co-op experience possible." This decision could impact the sales of the system's bundle with the game now, as many players mainly pre-ordered for the feature they had been promised. View attachment: borderlands2_review_massive_gamepage.jpg What's your take on this matter, will you still purchase the game on Vita, or do you have others reasons to avoid it? Discuss below, have a good day, and thanks for reading. That's your Wrap-Up everyone, and on time this week! Tune in next week for another batch of reading pleasures from yours truly, be sure to rate and comment on the article, and I'll see you next time!
  5. Sledge Hammer decided to show us sumthin' sumthin' During the Game Developers Conference 2014 Sledge Hammer showed us an in-game character model for their new Call of Duty game. And here it is Ahh... The glorious power of the next gen consoles. Looks amazing doesn't it? To imagine only a few years ago we were still playing Tetris Sledge Hammer is working on this next Call of Duty for this year with the next gen console as the basis. Let's hope they take some time to polish the game and not release it too soon. Are you going to buy the next CoD game? Leave answers and comments down below! Thanks for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/8833/eerste-beeld-call-of-duty-2014
  6. More information about the new Call of Duty is available! In a recent post by Game Informer has some more details on the next Call of Duty title. One of these details is that the game will be running on a new engine. So no more recycled animations from previous titles! (I hope) The next thing on the list is that Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare will feature a co-op mode. Only Sledgehammer is not releasing any more details on that. Maybe another Spec-ops or Extinction like mode? Now there is a lot of new info on the campaign story which I will list down below. The storyline takes place in 2054. (So it was future warefare anyway... Who came up with the alternative WW1 setting?!) And it will all begin with a global "9/11" like disaster. A large amount of big cities are under attack by a terrorist organisation called the KVA. You will be in the shoes of Mitchell (voiced by Troy Baker). He's an American soldier that is asked by Jonathan Irons (Kevin Spacey) to join Atlas corporations. Mitchell accepts the offer and is rewarded wih an exo-suit. (Easy rewards. exo-suits confirmed) You will only hear your character speak during cut scenes. So yet again you will be the strong silent type. At the end of every mission you will be able to upgrade your exo-suit. With this suit you will be able to: -Be invisible -Climb walls -Dodge objects -Get in to cover quickly -Super jump Kinda what you expect of an exo suit. Only I expected to be able to do more with it... Grenades are also customisable. For example, you can either set it to normal detonation or use it to see where your enemies are at. Will you now actually be able to take down a AC-130 with a flashbang? (Unprofesional I know...) There are also a couple tiny facts. The soundtrack will be made by the man who also composed soundstracks for the Metal Gear Solid games. And all the DLC will be on the Xbox first. The multiplayer has yet to recieve some more details. But Sledgehammer has stated that "Youll be able to imagine how the single player features can be used online." So exo-suit in multiplayer confirmed? What do you think of the next CoD with this new info? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/8994/call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-heeft-nieuwe-engine
  7. Yep, a new Call of Duty game is due to release this year Surprise Surprsie After enlightening us with the picture shown above there's now a rumour about the actual name of the new Call of Duty title. There was already a code name for the current project Sledgehammer was working at which was 'Blacksmith'. But that was not to be the name of the game (Which is Patriots) but the name of one of the main characters. The settings of the game (Note that these are still rumours) are to be in an alternative Word War 1 setting and the game will have a fantasy element in it. There is also rumoured that one of the characters from the previous Call of Duty titles will be in there, but in an alternative dimension. The game will feature sigle player and multi player. Although Single player can be played co-op, it does not support split screen. Finally the campaign will take 6 hours to complete and there might be two sub campaigns. The game is rumoured to be released on November 14th for PC, Xbox One and PS4 only. So no Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U! None of the above has been confirmed so far. Don't take this too seriously because only a while ago the game was rumoured to be in a futuristic Modern Warefare setting. What are your thoughts? Leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! [uPDATE] Another screenshot of the game has been released! Looks fancy huh? The official title of the new CoD will be released Sunday. Sources: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/rumor-2014-s-call-of-duty-game-is-called-patriots-set-during-world-war-1-and-coming-to-xbox-one-ps4-pc-update/1100-6419317/ http://nl.ign.com/news/8952/call-of-duty-nieuw-tijdperk-breekt-4-mei-aan
  8. Hi, I am Logic Venom (Xbox Live Gamertag: MayhemMachine97 ), I am the leader of Team Logic. Team Logic was recently created after the demise of BoS Clan, a clan I co-led and co-owned. As one of the former leaders of BoS Clan, I have moderate experience on running a clan. I recently created a clan called Neco Asylum but my co-leader left and chaos ensued, I am now restarting the clan as Team Logic. I am creating this clan to start off with a new team and a way to meet new people. Some of the things we plan to do are: - Active Forums - Weekly Events - Competitive Teams and QS Teams - Elite - News and Event Team - Graphics Team - Gamebattles and Clan Battles - Team Logic YouTube Channel - Multiconsole and Multigame support We play: - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Xbox 360) - Halo 4 - Minecraft (PC and Xbox) On the requirements' side of things, we don't ask for much. All you need to have is: - Need to be mature (age doesn't matter) - Needs to have a mic/headset - Decent to High Skill Level in FPS games IF INTERESTED PLEASE REPLY WITH THIS!! Gamertag: Gender: (optional...it wont change if you can join or not) Country: Mic: Yes/No Or you can send me a message and/or friend invite on xbox live Here's mine: Gamertag: MayhemMachine97 Age: 13 Gender: M Country: USA Mic: Yes How can I contact you with any questions? Message me on XBox at MayhemMachine97 or at my Skype at Flamestorm_97
  9. Greetings Reader, I am the Founder and current Admiral of United Nations Gaming, which is a gaming clan, based on a wide variety of games, such as Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield, and many others. However, as I am currently the only member, I have opened recruitment to anyone who wishes to join. If you are a dedicated, loyal, honorable, and charismatic gamer, I want you. I reserve the right to suspend, or terminate the membership status of ANY member, at ANY time. If you wish to join UNG, feel free to send me a Private Message on here, e-mail me at [email protected], send me a message on Xbox Live, (My Gamertag is PuRpLe MadNeSSx) or apply to UN Gaming on Call of Duty Elite. When you become a member, it is expected that you: -Change your Clan Tag/Service Tag (CoD and Halo) to UNG -Include UNG in your CoD emblem -Keep in touch with other members -Be ready for clan battles I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. So I have been wondering for a while, what exactly do you think call of duty advantages are based off? Is CoD based off skill? Do you need to know how to play, and know the layout of the map in order to win? Or is it off what to use? Do you need to know what weapons to use, what perks, and killstreaks? That way you can find the cheap kill weapon and use that? or is there any other way anybody would like to share with me? I currently am confused on this topic.
  11. Hey what up everyone!? Iv'e had an idea for a long time that there should be a game made in the Halo universe using the same play style as Star Wars Battlefront. You play as either the UNSC or the Covenant from a first person shooter perspective. As humans you would mostly play as marines which would allow for a very realistic rendition of the Halo universe (quicker kills, true effects of plasma, blooming crosshairs, unstable crosshairs, lower jump, slower sprint). Not only is this a perspective I would enjoy playing, but I think it would draw a lot of CoD fans/Battlefield fans to play Halo. Obviously the really dope part would be playing the covenant from a first person perspective... or at all. Anyway, I personally have an idea in my head of how I would make it, but what does everyone else think?
  12. | United Nations Gaming | (Website URL incomplete) | Created on 11/19/2012 | Founder: PuRpLe MadNeSSx | United Nations Gaming is a globalized online gaming community, that almost anyone can join. We are a brand new community, and are in need of members to get things up and running. From now until May 20/ 2013, membership is open to those who can speak basic english, and are willing to help organize things. Once we have everything up and running, we will need translators for members who don't speak english. The open recruitment also grants an automatic rank of either Captain, Commander, Master Sergeant, or Lieutenant. We need people to help the following up and running: -Website -Recruitment -Separate Branches for Halo, CoD, Gears of War, Battlefield, etc. -A Facebook page, twitter, etc. (I can handle these) -Squads (E.G UNG Hybrid) -Clan Battles Anybody interested in joining should message me on Xbox, as I do not check my messages here very often.
  13. I understand that Halo 4 is trying to make a name for itself and be better than all the other FPS games out there but if I'm honest being a hardcore Halo fan I am very disappointed with the game in general but mostly with matchmaking. Here is a list of reasons I'm sure people will be able to relate quite easily: 1. Why bring ordinances into the game? and no weapons on the maps? - My first point is that this is too much like Call of Duty if i wanted to play that i'd buy it 2. Players should still be penalized upon leaving a game early by loosing say 100 SR points 3. Joining games i don't know a single person who enjoys joining a game that has about 2 minutes left and I'm not really that pleased with joining games that have already started even a few minutes ago it leaves you clueless as to how the match has been played so far - this also is another Call of Duty idea 4. The leveling system is also pretty bad, I mean it was awful on Halo Reach but I thought it be more likely to be like Halo 3 leveling where at least when you played a game opponents were your level - I'd like an evenly matched game based on my skill level not an easy game or an insane game - i have come across several high ranked players will K/D's of less than 0.6 stop matching me with people who cannot play at all! I can think of more issues but they are more for the game in general not just matchingmaking
  14. This thread is contributed towards the video game Black Ops 2. Those who read this are reading back-to-back spoilers, which is my term for saying, spoilers that change the campaign. There are different scenes, and 2 different endings, (this entire paragraph is a spoiler.) When you play as Farid, you have a chance to prove yourself loyal. Menendez wants to know who the spy is, if you shoot Harper, you prove loyalty. (Farid is never mentioned again in the game.) If you choose to shoot Menendez, he blocks it and calls you a traitor, then shoots you; Harper stays alive. (This impacts the campaign, 'Karma' dies in a future cut scene, and Harper helps you out a lot throughout the campaign.) Another mission, you play as Menendez, you have the choice to kill or wound Admiral Briggs. ('Karma' is killed if you chose to save Harper, or Karma is saved if you chose to kill Harper. She is mentioned twice if she lives after this scene.) Salazar pleads Menendez to just wound him. If you choose to wound him, China blames America for everything because the drones belong to them. (Admiral Briggs is never mentioned again.) If you choose to kill Admiral Briggs, China decides to work alongside America. (Depending on if you saved Harper or not; Harper will kill Salazar on sight when you see him again when he's captured.) Final Mission, at the end you have the choice to either kill Menendez or arrest him. If you choose to Arrest him, a year later he escapes a containment facility and goes to meet Frank Woods, he then tells Frank “I knew Josefina lived the entire time, when you threw that grenade. I saw her files, she died from the fire.” then he cuts his throat with a pendanant. If you chose to kill Menendez, David and Woods go to the cemetery for memorial day to visit Alex Masons grave, David says he's done with the military, just for his father. Later, a riot breaks out in America, and a revolution begins, the White House is burned and the military is crippled and the PDF rise. (Which are Menendez's private military/terrorist group.) At the very end of the cut scenes, Menendz and Woods play a song just for fun. This cut scene is non-cannon, but it happens at the end of the game after the credits, no matter what. Woods gets out of his wheelchair and Menendez says “Wha-?” and Woods says “Oh that old piece of garbage? I'm just to lazy to get up and walk around.” This ends the game. Thanks to those of you who have read this. My first playthrough was by killing Harper, wounding Admiral Briggs, and Arresting Menendez. My second playthrough was having Farid die, killing Admiral Briggs, and killing Menendez. I do not know if this changes the campaign ending results, but give it a try if you wish! I just posted what I have done. There are 2 more alternate cut scenes involving DeFalco, and another involving Kravchenko. This video is the alternative endings.
  15. skummgummigubbe


    i'm trying to get some more HALO 4 into Black Ops 2
  16. Hi i'm GooAfyed i'm asking for everyone to Please follow me on these links you won't be disappointed i promise! Im new and i'm trying to get "KNOW" somewhere haha, Also i'll be doing giveaways and challenges against my followers because i never lose and 'm extremely funny to watch when it comes to game because i won't everyone to see something new i'll be streaming and making montages shorty message me if you have any questions and Thank you for helping <3. www.Twitch.com/GooAfyed www.Twitter.com/GooAfyed www.Facebook.com/Goo.Afyed www.XboxLive:GooAfyed www.Youtube.com/GooAfyed Stay, GooAfyed
  17. Hello Gamers, I am leader of Bad Company in TFA and I am recruiting. We are a medium competitive clan, with a very friendly and funny community! If you have any questions the please message me on Xbox or go to our website and sign up and use the Contact me option! Gamertag: R3dxSkittle Website: http://fallenangelsclan.webs.com/ Thanks and have a Great Day!
  18. So, my dear community, pardon my spelling errors, back keyboard. Who else like how every game from now on is C.O.D. Loadouts that we can set, instant spawn timers (which have really screwed the Extermination medal), and such a poor variety of maps that I can't pick which one sounds remotely fun. I miss the old Halo3 multiplayer, the given loadouts, set weapon spawns, and equipment (which with a one time use was more effective than most if not all armor loadout possibities. Don't get me wrong I am not just complaining and I am far from a Bungie fanboy (I hated halo reach with a passion after playing a few other games before hopping back in). I just miss halo being halo. I wonder does anyone else or am I talking to the deaf here?
  19. Hey, I am the president of a gaming community called United Nation MLG Klan's. We do have clans (which we spell it as Klan's) for XBOX 360/LIVE games only such as Halo Reach, Halo 4, Black Ops, Black Ops II, MW3, and possibly MW2. If you are interested and maybe want more information and/or join the gaming community (UNMK), please check us out at our website by copying and pasting the following link below: http://unmk.shivtr.com/ Thanx and hope to see you soon! -Sincerely, President of United Nation MLG Klan's CXxELITEmilexXN- XBOX LIVE gamer-tag
  20. There are an alarming number of ways in which 343 attempted to build a successful game by mimicking COD: 1) loadouts 2) grenade indicators 3) killcam 4) ordinance drops 5) point system, instead of kill number 6) ** Spartan Ops, comparable to Spec Ops Halo 4 nerfs good players, and tries to make the game interesting to new players with easy kills and unlockable abilities. In reality, 343 has ended the unique and competitive experience that was Halo. This "evolution" is just an attempt to outsell COD. Bungie is laughing their heads off, as 343 attempts to outperform COD by imitation.
  21. As a Halo fan since the realease of Halo 1 I applaud 343 for its work on Halo 4. 343 has made a balanced, fun, and authentic Halo mutliplayer experience, but it feels too "balanced". And by balanced I mean it has COD-esque skill nerfing features. I will attribute the COD to microsoft's substantial investment in this game and their hope for a return on that investment in a market that features that other first person shooter being released right before the holiday season. There are 3 critical and easy changes to make for multiplayer. 1) Make games turn on kills not points. -Who wants to lose a game of regicide to a guy with less kills than you but who managed to kill the king a few times? This logic makes no sense, why reward the playerwho kills the guy with the giant indicator over his head rather than the player with the most overall kills? In general the point system should not determine the outcome of games, but rather be used into leveling up the meaningless ranks currently in place, much like the *cough* COD system *cough*. The points just make it impossible to determine on the fly what is needed to be done by players to win the game and detracts from the overall competiveness. By the way, what happened to Free-for-all? 2) Ordinace drops are an un-needed feature -Ordinace drops are just a thinly veiled "killstreak reward" system, laughably even ordinance drops are not based on kills but on points. Ordinance drops are just flat out not needed and stand in the way of players using some of the best designed, balanced and thought out weapons in the game. Not to mention making vehicles too dominant in gametypes which feature them. What should be brought back is good ole fashioned weapon spawns on the map, go ahead and put designators and timers on them if that is what it will take to get this feature back into match-making. Weapon spawns on the maps add a whole new level of strategy and teamwork which was erased by ordinance drops. This same concept applies for power ups like speed, power and overshield. So what if players will be able to "camp" weapon spawns, the abuses of the weapon on map system do not overcome its benefits to gameplay. 3) Give players real skill ranks 1-50 -This is probably the most needed feature of multiplayer. The 1-50 rank system, in the actual game, next to your name changes the entire dynamic of the Halo multiplayer experience. When your rank depends of the games you win rather than on the points you get, a remarkable thing happens...teamwork and co-ordination actually awaken from their COD induced slumber and impove gameplay for everyone. Rank XP that goes up when you win and goes down when you lose is such a critical component of the Halo online dynamic it makes me sad to see what the last 2 games have chosen to do with ranks. Once again so what if people will abuse this sytem? The same arguement applies for the American welfare system, just because some people will abuse the system does not mean it should be taken away. Plus grouping players based on ranks is an tried and true way to effectively ensure more balanced and competitive gameplay. As opposed to the prevailing lone wolf "preserve my kill death ratio" mindset that now regins supreme (because as it stands to determine how good someone is, you must look that the kill death ratio of that player rather than a 1-50 skill rank that has weight behind it). In conclusion -Halo has always been and should always be a different animal than COD. COD has perfected the formula of nerfing every player down to relative mediocrity with its features ensuring a very balanced game ideal for players who frankly are not that good at the game itself but can use its balancing features to get kills despite differences in playing skill. Halo on the other hand, originally anyway started players out on an equal playing field letting skill and luck decide the outcomes. There is no place for COD skill nerfing features to be present in a Halo game outside the goal of attempting to cater to a wider base of consumers which is exactly why Reach failed so miserably. The Halo franchise is a living example of "if you build it, they will come". If you give gamers a platform where everyone begins the game at a standardized baseline and let each player set himself apart by their gameplay then that very thing will happen. Not everyone was created equally when it comes to Halo and the franchise should not compensate for that, the weak will die off and move on to easier game will the strong will survive and dominate Halo, while the vast majoirty of people will enjoy a fiercely competive multiplayer experience unlike any other FPS on the market. In conclusion it is the competitve nature of Halo that sets it apart in the market place, players should be able to show their hard earned Halo rank and have that mean something as it did in Halo 2. Ranks and the competition for them were a driving factor behind the quantity and quality of gameplay, a challenging 1-50 ranking system is the ULTIMATE tool for gameplay longevity by presenting the vast majority of people with a never-ending quest for the rank number they want next to their gamertag. The competiveness of the Halo franchise should present players with the unique opportunity in the FPS market to set themselves apart from everyother player online through their own gameplay (wherever that may fall in a 1-50 system), and it should be incumbent on players NOT the game mechanics to adjust for in game balancing. The field of play is here, just change the rules so that players can once again create the Halo multiplayer experience that the franchise has been celebrated for.
  22. I loved Halo multiplayer; starting with Halo:CE, then Halo 2 on XBL, then Halo 3. Obviously I was incredibly excited for Halo 4 to come out; only to find that my beloved multiplayer had morphed into another Call of Duty clone (As if there weren't enough of those in the COD franchise already). I think you made a mistake to go in this direction, and so does everyone that I have spoken with. (The unanimous agreement has been that we would rather play Halo 3 multiplayer, if only more people were in the matchmaking). Please, Please, Please make all of us old-school halo fans happy by releasing an old-school playlist that closer reflects the style and pace of the multiplayer in previous titles. Force starting weapons to the AR/plasma pistol; weapons / equipment spawn on maps the way they used to; turn off all ordnance. Put these changes into a playlist or two (Oldschool Slayer, big Team Oldschool, Oldschool Skirmish), and I think that they would be instantly popular. As a sidenote, I was disappointed that many of my favorite weapons and vehicles did not make an appearance, and that there were no promethean vehicles added, but overall I enjoyed the campaign, although it was difficult to follow the story sometimes with parts of it told through terminals that I had to exit the game to view; really broke the flow. Was it that hard to include those in the game? Looking forward to the next chapter in Halo 5; DoubleTap
  23. This Halo (Halo 4) is 1/3 Halo 3, 1/3 Halo: Reach (aka how to get revenge on Microsoft and have them pay you for it) and 1/3 Call of Duty. I only like the first 1/3 of this equation. I love CoD. But not in my Halo, which I love more. If you have no sense of humor, please discontinue reading. 1) I dislike spawning into a game that I am losing and have no chance of winning. This was never a facet of Halo. It is, however, a mainstay of the CoD Franchise. There is no benefit to staying in a game where you are losing or outnumbered in Halo 4. There is no deterrent to leaving. You gain NO extra xp for being a gamer with self-respect. Just like in CoD. Also I have begun more games down a man in Halo 4 than in all of my previous Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo: Reach games combined, in just the first four days since its release. It's like they paid Infinity Ward (not Treyarch, those boys know how to make a game) for their MW2 matchmaking formulas. 2) I dislike the ease of which you die in this Halo with the DMR (it appears even more so than in Reach) and overall. Halo (prior to Reach) was all about skill, individual battles and balance with the conventional weapons. In Call of Duty you can kill quickly when you spot someone on the map, well before they have time to respond. This seems to be the way that they are bringing it in line with the CoD engine. Every time I kill someone unfairly with the incineration thingamajigger, I'm sure Cortana dies a little inside. 3) The vehicles are not easy to kill. On a map with vehicles, there is not a plethora of weapons to destroy them with. I have stuck the Ghost twice in succession and not killed it or the driver. Usually there is just one rather clunky Spartan Laser to fight over. And they spawn too many times in a game. I've had the Wraith 3 times in a game. 4) If I wanted to play a game where I had lag/connection/matchmaking issues, I'd play Call of Duty. 5) If I wanted to play a game where I died repeatedly on my spawn or spawned in the crosshairs of the enemy team, I can just pop in Call of Duty. Seriously the spawns seem to have been generated by monkeys flinging their own poop on a large copy of the map. They can't actually claim any intelligence went into the spawning can they? My impression of the only meeting they had discussing it went as follows: "That spawn makes no sense and it stinks in here. He's..." "Silence! The monkey poop has spoken." 6) The sniper Rifle stays zoomed in even if hit. This leads me to my closing statement. The people who made this game were NOT Halo fans, at least not before Reach. They either were CoD fans, or were trying to get people who buy CoD to buy this game. There is no point in buying future Halo games unless you loved Reach (WHO ARE YOU? Seriously who liked halo 2 and 3 and then Reach? If you liked it then you are at the 'Gump Line'). If you love CoD and want to play a futuristic Call of Duty, then this is your game BLOPS2 will be out soon. So get your brooms out, it is time for Shennanigans.
  24. So what does everyone think will be in the future for CoD? I mean they have hit the future with BO2. Will they keep on going and blow up the world? Or will they go back in time to the Stone Age? My thoughts are that aliens will be introduced within the next 2-3 CoD games . 200 yay
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