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  1. I pre ordered and Bought it at gamestop got a duscount for buying halo 5 colectors edition
  2. How do you know The actual mesurments if they say its 1:1 and on halo wiki it says its 29 inch i pretty much say thats right mesurments, im cloaser to The actual needler than you ever will be ... why cant People just be glad for other is it that you and other is so ******* jellous that they cant even say " they look way to big but damn they are cool " No just bash and hate
  3. Needler (Halo: Combat Evolved)Length: 72.5 centimetres (28.5 in)Width: 20 centimetres (7.9 in)Height: 60 centimetres (24 in)Needler (Halo 3)Length (o/a): 57.8 centimetres (22.8 in)Length (barrel): 16.25 centimetres (6.40 in)Weight (empty): 3.74 kilograms (8.2 lb)Weight (loaded): 4.3 kilograms (9.5 lb) Needler (Halo 4)Length: 73 centimetres (29 in)[3]Width: 21.6 centimetres (8.5 in)[3]Height: 53 centimetres (21 in)[3]Weight| 3.7 kilograms (8.2 lb)[3] http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Type-33_Guided_Munitions_Launcher As you can see The needler is smaler in halo 3 than any other game and The replica is from halo 4 so 29 inch
  4. Im sorry and its an anoying issue but sorry to say we are not The official site you need to head to halo waypoint
  5. Was that The only thing you had to say ....fun It is right size look on halo wiki on halo 4 needler its 1:1
  6. Ok so i just got my replica needler on scale 1:1 and a few told me to post it here so here comes It have working lights sounds and movement Here it is on 29 inch long and 21 high and im 5 foot 8inch If not one is enough why not two (one is my sisters )
  7. Nice to see some updates, but is it supose to be that The forge contest participant and The forge contest winner have The same emblem
  8. Im not sure but i belive you cant recive a new Code but to be sure head over the The oficial site of 343 that is halowaypoint. This is just a fan forum
  9. Im sorry to say that we are not The oficial website we are just a fan site, you have to turn to halowaypoint But know that this is comon, my sisters statue has locke's leg unatached at The hip
  10. Ill join more likely add me on The list GT skummgummigubbe
  11. Id love to join a team im not pro but i will not be need to be caried
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