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Found 16 results

  1. How come the FOB's are not customizable? And the marines uniforms, type and weapon, it seems like a great idea as you rescue more marines and unlock FOB's one could add turrets, specialized and defense buildings (i.e. medical, barracks, weapon lockers, artillery,...). Custom the marines to different specializations (i.e. medic, heavy, light,, guard,...) and also be able to assign them different roles. Kinda like a fusion between halo wars and halo infinite. To be honest i expected something else from an open world Halo.
  2. Hello, Halo is my favorite video game franchise (ever since my old Xbox Live account) and I've had 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' since day one of its release which was November 11th. I technically had it even before the release date because I pre-loaded it well in advance but even though it was on my Xbox all the way up to now, I never launched it on my system because I kept hearing news from people (including my friends) that the game was 'broken' and 'causing glitches'. As a precaution in order to not damage my console, I didn't want to play it and risk 'causing glitches' if it meant that my Xbox One would be affected, and I also didn't want to play it only to possibly get a bad K/D, since everyone told me the issues were mostly multi-player related. I kept reading and hearing that 343 would fix the issues, but didn't hear about all the free bonuses (including Halo 3:ODST, the Relic map, 1 month Xbox Live Gold, exclusive in-game avatar and exclusive in-game nameplate, all for free) being given to players who played before December 19th, until I woke up and got on my computer on the 20th, one day after. As per the phone conversations I had with a few Xbox Support representatives, I'm addressing the issue here. I'm requesting an exception to qualify to receive this content because I had the same inconvenience of not being able to play this game and I would have played even the multiplayer had I known that would give me what everyone else is getting as compensation for the game's issues, which I should be eligible for since it's meant for people who experienced problems with the game, but I avoided using it in the first place to avoid experiencing the problems in the first place. Also, since I had pre-loaded the game since the release date, I would have still been unable to play it anyway. If this is not the right place to get support from 343 to solve my issue, I'll appreciate any information or input on how to proceed on this issue. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.
  3. Hello, lets talk about a hilarious glitch in combat evolved. It is called the Headless Master Chief Glitch. How To See It: First go onto halo combat evolved mission "The Pillar Of Autumn". Recommended on legendary or heroic to be able to skip training simulation and cryo tube intro. Once the cutscene where master chief steps out of the cryo tube finishes quickly turn around and crouch jump into the cryo tube. You will see a headless master chief which is a product from the "revile" cutscene where you can see his whole body but you are his head. You may need to try this multiple times because the cryo tube only stays open for about 3 seconds. Another glitch that may happen is if you stop crouching before you fully get into the cryo tube you will either be pushed out of the world or on top of the cryo tube. I hope you enjoy!
  4. I just experienced a major issue, during a multiplayer game I went to manage my controller settings and when I exited to return to the match there was a dialog box in the bottom right of my screen saying, "connecting to your game" however the match was still going and my Spartan was being murdered by the other team. And the only way I could exit the menu was to quit the entire game on my console and return to dashboard. I hope this can be looked into and fixed.
  5. are there still glitches in the game? if so how many do you guys know of?
  6. Hi all, Here's a thread to compile all the small bugs and/or glitches we find. (If there already is one feel free to scold me and move this post or something) 1. When using Active Camo the helmet outline thingies in the corners and top middle don't camouflage. 2. The mission which you start in Requiem's core, when you walk up to the terminal, the subtitles say that Cortana tells you to plug her in. I did not hear that voice line.
  7. So me and my friends where playing spartan ops last night liike we always do. it was kinda laggy like always (sorry 343 but your spartan ops serves kinda suck). but it got espically bad when we hit Ep 3 Ch 2. It was totally fine when we first started. But then weird stuff started happening.... Frst thing that happened is we all got trashed by the Elites and it spawned us in the very back of the complex map by the bushes. Well as we were getting wrecked by the frst wave and getting are death rate up one Ryan sawned outside the map, dont ask home I dont know. But as me and Kilo died we spawed wth ryan... Outside and under the map. Well we were presistent to get back on the map instead of quiting and evantually did after about 20 mins of fiighting threw the glitch. We felt proud, very proud indead. But then the all round weirdest thing happened after we finished the current wave of grunts and Elites. The next wave was mini! at first we thought they gltched to nothing and that they were just floating guns, but when we zoomed in on the guns we saw mini Grunts and Elites that werent even big enough to hit with bullets! We were determined to beat this lvl at all cost we had double Xp going so we didnt want to waste it! but long story short after mass amount of frags and stickys we finally beat the spartan op! so my question to everyone that reads this, has this ever happened to you? Mini Covies or glitching of the map of the spartan op?
  8. Hey everyone. So, I have a friend who needs a Xbox 360. I'm thinking of getting him Halo 4 edition. I heard though, that special edition consoles have many problems/glitches. Now, I want my friend to have the best first Xbox 360 experience ever! So, you guys probably got the idea. I need advice and info.
  9. About time. After years of work this is one of my greatest projects come to fruition. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. For those of you who doubt the legitimacy of this trick, please watch the explanation videos: -Mator
  10. HLG, An Alternative Way of Winning As many of you know, but most of you don't, HLG is Hidden League Gaming. The goal of HLG is to score above their opponent and then hide for the rest of the game forcing their opponent to either quit or sit through the game clock. Members of HLG are known as "Map Breakers" because the most common way they hide is to use a glitch to get out of the map, or out of the normal line of sight. "We do not hide because we have to, we hide because we can. Welcome to an alternative way of winning." Origins of HLG HLG, similar to MLG (Major League Gaming), was made popular by the game Halo. It has since spread into other online Multiplayer games such as CoD, Battlefield, and even Team Fortress. HLG, while not being an actual organization (it's more similar to Anonymous, where anyone who has skill can be affiliated by simply saying they are) was started because of MLG's rise to fame. HLG was made popular by derankers and boosters (who, in some cases are actually better players than some people in MLG) in Halo 3. HLG vs MLG The reason for HLG's popularity was the same as the reason for MLG's popularity. Players would say something like "I'm MLG pro" and such, and would get stomped in the game. So, HLG PRO was dubbed. HLG PRO is actually an acronym rather than an abbreviation. In the case of MLG pro, pro means professional. In the case of HLG PRO, pro means "******** off Randoms". Unlike MLG, HLG was made as a joke, but turned into a rather large and competitive group. Players in HLG compete against each other on occasion to find the "best" hiding spots in a map. HLG's original purpose was to "troll" those who take gameplay seriously and claim that they are "in" MLG. Considering the majority opinion of those who back MLG on HLG is that they are "camping little girls", it seems to have worked. HLG "Skills" Many are of the opinion that HLG takes no skill. This, however, is not the case. To be effective in HLG, you have to be able to take and maintain the lead in a game while also find and get in a hiding spot. A competitive HLG game has more "moving parts" than a competitive MLG game. In an MLG game, you have to use teamwork to either capture an objective while defending your own, or to kill the enemy team more often then being killed yourself. In an HLG game, you have to be able to gain and maintain a lead score, while simultaneously hiding where the other HLG players will not be able to find you. Both types of gameplay take a coordinated team effort to win, and enough skill in the game to be able to maintain a lead. HLG Evolution Over the years, HLG has evolved from "I heard about this glitch from a friend, we should try it out", to a coordinated effort to reveal glitches in multiplayer maps. These days, HLG players find glitches and make "how to" videos on how to exploit them and post them on youtube. This is thanks mainly in part to ease of access for technology, and the competitive nature of players who have decided to be in HLG. Some of the older HLG players do not like this new trend, as it reveals their secrets for all to see, and either exploit or counter. However, this boosts the "skill" required to play the HLG way, and "separates the men from the boys" as it were. The uploading of HLG videos to youtube not only gives players a chance to counter HLG gameplay, but it also gives the companies running the games the chance to patch the flaws in their maps. This gives HLG a bit more "legitimacy" than it had when it was just rumors. HLG evolved alongside MLG, so it made sense when HLG clans started popping up. For more information on these clans, and how to join, visit http://hlghq.wordpress.com/hlg-clans/ Thanks for reading, hope you learned something. -The Director
  11. Hey guys! Episode two of the Projet Alpha! (halo reach glitches videos) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEgSPB1coh4&feature=plcp&context=C3696827UDOEgsToPDskKKeVhaJYhQqDqls0sbvnuG
  12. Okay here is what happened I was on my halo 3 doing glitches on the level ''The Covenant'' I had just did the secert marine and found a nother glitch through that one. So after i did that I took a hornet and went on to the scarab checkpoint. Once I entered I killed the brutes on board. Then I walked down to the lowest room in the machine. It looked like a bunch of blue squares on the wall. Then I walked over to grab the plasma turret. I walked past one part of a circular wall thing beside the stairs, and it said '' hit rb to use scarab'' is this a glitch?? I moved back to see if it would return but it didn't, so I would like to know if this ever happened to anyone else , also I would really like to know what just happened and No I dont mod or hack im to lazy lol. edit: I also think u need to blow the walls off the bottem of scarab with hortnets rockets, and yes it is possible to do that with the hortnet just takes a little bit.
  13. PREFACE: Upon the release of CEA I'm sure there are quite a few of you out there who have been seeing/doing tricks and glitches in the game. I mean, they're fun and interesting, right? Well, I know of great place for you guys to find tricks and glitches to try in anniversary, and to catch up on your tricking lore. It's called the Halo Stunting Video Archive, and can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/h1stunting There you can find over 280 Halo: Combat Evolved tricking/glitching videos, spanning all the way back to the first real "trick" video ever released, , which was released 01/30/2002 by Randall Glass. I keep the channel up to date with the latest tricking/stunting videos and try to create handy playlists that you can use to find certain "sets" of videos on topics which you are interested in (Like ) Check it out, and if you like what you find click the subscribe button to stay up to date with the latest Halo 1 tricking videos. If you want to help out let me know. You can help me find videos, update video descriptions, and make playlists for the channel. There's always more work to be done, and I would certainly appreciate any help you can offer. Enjoy. -Mator FAQ: Stunting? Stunting is synonymous with tricking and glitching. The word was first used by Halo (PC) multiplayer trickers/glitchers in 2004-2005. You'll see I use the words interchangeably when talking on forums. This is because they really all (generally speaking) refer to the same sort of phenomenon, oddities in video games. However, when you get into the nitty-gritty they are different (like apples and oranges). How many tricks/glitches do you think there are there in Halo: Combat Evolved? The answer to this question really depends on what you consider a separate trick/glitch. Using the same general method you can produce hundreds tricks in different areas of the game, but does that make each application of the method a new trick? The answer to this question will help define the answer to the "How many?" question as something between 1000 (considering only fairly unrelated phenomenon tricks) and 10,000+ (if you consider getting into each and every rock in campaign and multiplayer a separate trick). Why did you make the archive? I made the Halo Stunting Video Archive because I love Halo tricking and because I had seen so many great videos disappear over the years. So I decided to take the initiative and make an archive where all such videos can be found and preserved (for you and those who follow!) There's so many videos! Where do I start? You can just go random if you want, that's always an easy solution. Or you can try to start with some of the really old videos. Check out the playlists for , , , , , and . These videos are mainly from before 2005, and will give you a good background on some classic tricks. Once you're through with those check out , , , and some of the more modern video playlists ( , TFA, Ladders, etc.). OTHER LINKS/WAYS TO GET INVOLVED: Interested in getting involved with the "pro" Halo Tricking scene? Or want to find out about some more of the history regarding tricking? Check out some of the links below! Active community sites: http://jumprs.org (Mainly created with trick-jumping in mind, but also home to stunters/trickers) Closed/highly inactive sites: http://www.highimpacthalo.org (One of the homes of halo tricking, now closed) Other sites: http://halostunting.wikia.com (The Halo Stunting Wiki, another one of my projects) http://halo.bungie.org (Where it all began, and still active too!) http://z12.invisionf...uNkY/index.php? (TSM forums, influential Halo PC stunting clan) A few other resources: T2T Website/Magazine Article (one of the greatest halo tricks ever accomplished) 2003 Hog Jumping Guide created by Juggertrout My personal YouTube channel
  14. HLG (Hidden League Gaming) is not dead in fact every day we hide. You may be thinking that we are lame because we don't fight, but we fight as well. It depends what mood we're in. Sometimes the normal game might get boring, but not for us. We have a blast every day and there are so many of us. There are so many spots you wouldn't have thought of even existed. We have so much fun and it's hilarious when we hide on certain people. So come give us a chance and look at some of our videos. You will learn so many new hiding spots and glitches, and hey maybe if you're any good you could join us. We're kind of full and like the team we have right now, but you could impress us. Our team is called HLG (Hidden League Gaming) PRO (******** Randoms Off). If you want to laugh, learn some glitches, and learn some hiding spots then go to this link now: http://youtube.com/hlgprofessional
  15. i started playing halo when i was young but i do not recall playing halo CE campaign ever. the earliest halo game i recall playing was halo 2. that being said ive heard that The Library on legendary is the hardest level within the campaign. id this true (if not what is in your opinion)? is this true? and also will the campaign have the same glitches, easter eggs, etc. inside of it? last comment. Weekly Challenge: LASO The Library Legendary 12 skulls. Who would dare? first post btw.
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