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  1. I'd like to say THANK YOU 343 GREAT FRIGGEN JOB!!! Ive read all the books played all the games more than 10-15 times each with that being said its safe to say I know the history of Halo like a movie you've watched way to many times. I crave the story line of Halo. Yes the multiplayer is great too but its always been the story that kept me around since day one. So ill admit I was really nervous when I herd Bungie was out the door and 343 was moving in (Franky gave me hope <3)... Almost scared. Now Im glad to say with allot of confidence that I am so happy to see that the Halo universe is in GREAT hands when it comes to the story and how its played out in Halo 4. At the start I was annoyed with what looked like a live action cinematic. It honestly took me around a minute to figure out that this was a beautifully created masterpiece. The amount of emotion in the faces of the characters and even in the master chief him self was mind blowing and inspiring. As the game continued on I was constantly surprised and just as I thought it would go one way it went the completely other direction leaving me guessing all through out the game. PERFECT! Around mid way through the story line I was so drawn in by the way things played out that I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. The last few missions seemed to drag on at times (the tower battles and gondola) but i'd say that would have to be dew to my tendency to not like repetition and also the fact I couldn't wait to see where I was going next. The ending was AMAZING!! Ive seen allot of people unhappy with the ending, shooting it down as "Horrible" I'd have to disagree! The way things went and the journey you took to arrive at the last battle and the last cut scene its self, all lined up and drew the player into the story and did a amazing job at portraying the emotions of the characters and the events. It's hard to believe Cortanas gone... It makes me wonder if in Halo 5 we will be thrown a curve ball by her returning or if we will be introduced to a new AI for the rest of the games. Once again I'm left GUESSING . Ether way I'm confident the ending was planned this way with the Future of Halo in mind and that the way it will play out will surprise us all. Fighting my way through on Heroic as Ive done for the first play through of each game I found little to no bugs with the games mechanics. IMPRESSIVE!I With the size of this game and detail I was expecting to see bug after bug. I maybe noticed 10-15 bugs through out the entire game. The most noticeable was on the level "Composer" when the Composer is taken the ship slowly pans to the left and disappears before its actually out of sight. Seeing as the ship its self seemed to be a low detail object almost 2D its honestly a very tiny but very noticeable technical error. There was a few small "blips" or "pops" I noticed at times in the objects and terrain, which is to be expected with a game this size. I have to say these "blips" and "pops" were very tiny, almost rare and at times I only noticed them because I'm retarded and look for that **** when I play games. There was one very noticeable audio bug on what I think is the level "Forerunner" but I could be wrong. The bug is at the point where you need to activate the Cartographer to find Infinity. After the first power source is disabled, in the main room some Covenant spawn that you need to fight through. After killing these Covenant Cortana says something like " Careful the covenant are here". She says this in my opinion waaaaayy to late, it almost humerus. I found my self talking to my Tv screen saying " No shiz really?? I didn't friggen notice!!" Honestly I'm kinda surprised this got missed by testing as the bug was easily repeatable and noticeable. Other than what Ive described above as of yet after my first play through Ive yet to have any other complaints. Once again GREAT JOB! Now the AI surprised and also at times disappointed me as well. They're ability to flank and surround a player is very challenging and really fun! They take cover and move between cover in strategic ways. But the second the AI jumps into a vehicle they become almost retarded.... Banshee's getting stuck in dumb places and ghosts standing still in the middle of a wide open area, asking to shot is really a disappointment. The Marines and ODSTs do the same thing as well. This impacts the story in a huge way in my opinion making things feel less structured. Other than the driving aspects of the AI once again Bungie.... Oops 343* (Sorry still getting used to this) GREAT JOB!!! So my final verdict of Halo 4 is: IT'S A FRICKEN AMAZING GAME!! Detail and graphics including Cut scenes and in game rendering: 9.8/10 - ( Would have gave it a 9.9 but the pops and the bugs I listed above lost you the 0.1 of a mark) Game mechanics and playability: 9.98/10 - ( I never hand out a 10/10 there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect something is.) AI including On foot, In vehicles, strategic ability, and the "fun" factor: 9.5/10 - ( The Vehicular ability of the AI is disappointing) Thanks for the great game 343 You have my trust now don't give me a reason to take that trust away! Keep up the great work and get Halo 5 moving!!! <3 you guys. ~XvX~
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