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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a little late but it's been 1 year sinc e I joined the forum. From the first day I joined there was a lot of friendly members that greeted me and helped me out. It's been a great first year and I hope to stay here for a long time. I would like to thank everyone for being nice and helpful and the best that you can be.
  2. Hey guys we’ve all been expecting this so here it is! (This is abit late so..) Viewers: Get on with it scrub! Most people on the forums write a speech for their year anniversary, I however have something different to present, I will tell you my story: I joined the 343icf forums in February 2014, at this time I met JackOfHarts whom I developed a close friendship with and has been an unforgettable part in my life, and one of the reasons why I joined and even stayed. When I first joined, I went by the name TheMaskedMan (What an ugly name!) spent most of my time in the shout box or within the offbeat forums, I wasn’t very active. I was also very obnoxious too and I’m sure everyone reading this will nod their heads and agree. Back then I didn’t enjoy my time on the forums as much as everyone else not because of just that but mainly I had trouble with real life issues and made me lack confidence, I even found it hard to post. I felt like I couldn’t get back on my feet. But it changed. I met some of the coolest people on here who inspired me to do things unimaginable that I believed I couldn’t do before. And there was those who I clashed with, but those taught me some valuable lessons which I still hold onto in real life and so I thank you deeply. You’ve made me into a better person. And from that most importantly I found purpose and that is to do what I can for this community. A friend told me that through dark times anyone can get through this, and I believed he knew what he was talking about. Here are a couple of people who I would like to say thank you to: JackOfHarts- A Great friend who defines meaning into dedicated. AnimeAddict- A friendly person to talk to, who is passionate about making signatures, I am proud of you for not giving up on your passion, regardless of past mistakes. Perhaps make a signature for me sometime? C; YangXiaoLong: Keep it real brotha! Melody: An outgoing & friendly person to talk to. GSD: Bark Bark. Arf Arf :3 Halo5Follower: A great asset to the community. Catzooka at the ready. Axilus Prime: Master swordsman :3 we need to get to know each other moar. Fishy: A good friend who is there for you. And a great writer too. Unease Banana: We need to get to know eachother more SelfDestruct: My explosive bud, you know how to party in the SB Bnus: Still up for that Jurassic park game on Reach ;3 Twinreaper: You've done a great deal of helping other people, including myself. I owe you that. Let's have a good one for 2015
  3. My month has come to an end, Blake BellaMoMa had her time, but now it's time for a new MoM to take the throne. I'd like to thank all of you for being the great members you always have been, I appreciate all the praise and support I've received from you all this month. I am looking forward to seeing a new member achieve this honour, there are many of you that deserve it. Tomorrow marks the end of my reign as MoM, but it also marks my 1 year anniversary on this forum. It's been one helluva year. I'm glad I joined this forum and met all of you guys and girls. It's been a year of great community events, memorable moments, and good friendships. Thanks to all of you who welcomed me when I first joined. And thanks Twam for creating and running this community, and to all the staff who spend their time and put effort into this community. I don't have much more to say, so I'll end things here. Thanks everyone for being great people to talk to and kill things with, and I'm sure I'll be here for years to come to say the same thing again. The MoM of September 2014, Shinya Kogami.
  4. It has been 1 year since I became a member of these forums. It was on this day, one year ago, that I was welcomed into the shoutbox by 343ibot, and greeted by a variety of members. The forum was much different then, a close knit group of friends, always in the shoutbox, always ready to help each other. But a new chapter began that month. AD left, taking a personal leave of absence, and many members were sad. I remember looking at his goodbye post and going , "Whoa, who is this guy? His must have been a giant!" But that was before I knew of Twam, who really is a giant. A new wave of members joined, in search of a Halo community following Halo 4. The older members remember the names: TsicksSense, Mr. Payne, Angel of Death, and a long list of others. The forum has been changing since that day, and that summer was a great time, despite SJ, Fire, and Archangel Tyreal, and other leaving. AD came back in July, and his work has been greatly appreciated by me since then. Many members have put effort into the forums, mainly displayed by the staff, but by others as well. Staff, thank you, you have kept this forum running, and make it a great place to be a part of the Halo community. I can't give out personal shout-outs except for 2,, otherwise my keyboard would be covered in the blood from my finger. 1. Twam, thank you, for all of your hard work and time spent keeping the forum updated and running. 2. Luke, if you're still out there reading this, thank you for welcoming me on day 1, and making me feel like a part of the community. We had a respectful discussion in the shoutbox, and were able to move on without it hindering our relationship. -Sikslik7
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