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Found 7 results

  1. Yep it's that time again. Let me start off by saying this took me by surprise, I thought I would have to wait forever to achieve this, but either way I was more than happy to wait patiently and keep being the member I set myself out to be. I'm very grateful to be chosen as September's MoM. It's kinda been a goal of mine for awhile and I'm honored to hold the title of Member of the Month. The forum and the members has really taught me how to treat people with kindness. Like I said before we are really one big family here, we all have our likes, and our bickering, and a passion in video games, anime, etc. The thing I truly love about this forum is the community, members, staff, even the people who come and go, everyone of you strive to make this site the best as possible, and we have seen throughout the years to know this is true. This forum is a special place to me, and I hope it is for you too. So first and foremost, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the mods for keeping this place totally awesome. Azaxx for always having interesting conversations with even though I pick on you too much. Thanks Senpai~ Tony Stark, what is there not to say about you? You're an awesome friend, funny and kind, you should pop in the shoutbox more often, please? xD. Drizzy_Dan Haven't really talked much, although we both share a anime passion that makes me happy, and the PM is always giving me new suggestions I'm always eager to watch, you seem pretty cool. Btw Death Note is amazing! Ash, I remember when we were purples always teasing Azaxx and causing mischief, we had some good times messing with people in ToD and in the forum all together, and now you are blue and I'm really happy for you. I miss talking to you, you are very smart and kind, hope being a moderator doesn't put too much pressure on you. GSD, woof, woof! Here have some bacon. :3 I need to v.s you in a game of Halo one day, I'm not afraid to lose. xD. Church, I believe I've talked to you a few times. The fallout 4 hype is real. o.o Nice to see another fallout fan to talk to. DocO07, Good luck with your Military Service, it takes a lot of bravery to fight for your country and I respect that. Hope to see you around here more often, I would love to talk to you sometime. The Director, someone I can always count on if I have trouble understanding something, or to simply ask a friendly question. Keep it up TD. RedStarRocket91, possibly one of the funniest drawings of a spartan I've ever seen, it has a certain charm to it that I absolutely love. Keep being awesome RSR. You all do your jobs very well and professionally, I'm really happy I got to know most of you, and I hope to talk more to the rest of you in the future. Friends: In no order. ^^; Yang Xiao Long - Hey Yang! Yang what can I say, you are really a great friend, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate the friendly shoutbox conversations we have, and when it comes to teasing you in ToD I can always count on you being a good sport. ~I'm not totally evil yang! I just want the forum to be decorated with Hello Kitty and pink is that too much to ask?! >.< Jack of Harts - Always a friendly face on the forum and a good friend. Jack there is a lot of things I can say about you, from your funny humor in the shoutbox, to picking on Caboose for the funnies. You have always been the light of the shoutbox, or should I say mint of the shoutbox? xD Fishy - Such a good friend, he's caring, compassionate, and very friendly. I have yet to uncover the mystery of the artistic fish, Fishy you are a joy to talk to and be around and one of the members on here I honestly look up to. Keep being awesome Fishy, I really appreciate it. ^-^ Wam - The king of trouble, and a great friend. :3 I will always know you by Glitter Destruct! Hehe~ Hayley Kenway - Possibly one of the most interesting news articles I've ever read, you're a good friend always in the shoutbox sparking my interest with something clever and newsy. xD.^-^ Yoshi1176 - Your love for a poofy-hair TV show television host has always interested me. xD. Yoshi you are funny and always a good friend to have around. Delpen9 - Always has something wacky and enjoyable to say, I guarantee you will never be bored with him around. Keep doing what you do Mr. Penguin. ^-^ Halo5 Follower - All hail Keko. :3 How have you been mate? Winry Rockbell - Where have you been? We should totally talk sometime. I hope you are doing well. Sweet, funny, and always energetic. Kawaii Trooper - Friend! :3 May the way of the ninjas guide you. :3 Such a great friend, oh and your Hello Kitty halo helmet is too cute! Congratz on your Event Management position. Caboose The Ace - Possibly the most outrageous, and funniest member on the forum. Keep messing with Jack, it's cute. But in all seriousness, you are really funny and always using that smiley, you will fight tooth and nail to make your point across. Caboose, you really are a character which is why you made my list. Keep being yourself Caboose. Archangel Tyrael- Cupcake It really is a cute nickname. Thanks. Twinreaper - Such a sweetie. Thank you for being an awesome friend Twin! <3 Everyone Else - I apologize if I left anyone out, but I want you guys to know that you all are special to me. You guys keep the forum alive and thriving! Each one of you has a special place in my heart as friends. Thank you very much, all of you. For being there, and supporting the forum and the members. You all are awesome in your own ways. :heart: ❤ All hail the cuteness! *MoM Wish: If it's not too much trouble I would like my own Eevee emoticon for the forum. *
  2. After so many long and draining battles, so many heated debates, so many spambots defeated... I HAVE RISEN TO THE PINK!! >:3 But really, none of this could've been possible without all of you, who make it worth coming back here day after day!! (Unless Caboose is on degrading Halo's character development >.>) 3+ years... 3+ long years.. Some of you who have been on here for a month, to some who have been here longer than I, all of you have made me feel at home in the shoutbox with lively conversations and our shared affection for HELLO KITTY! Or in the forum threads with so many enjoyable games and Halo discussions where I can feel at home (in my grave.. 'cause I usually die right away >.<) Before I get into how much I love round 1 executions.. I have some people that really need to be thanked for all they've done to help me get to this point! Azaxx ~ You've been there since the beginning, and you've always been a good friend, even if you have fallen to the evil aura you now posses. You may have changed since back then, but i'll never forget how caring and adorable you were, and still are (on the inside). I will always remember Nagisa-san.. ;-; Austintacious ~ Ebola. Axilus Prime ~ The one who always does something crazy and awesome, who plays with swords in school, and now hosting a mafia. Always there when I truly embrace my blonde nature, and laughs non stop. You will never let me live that illiterate thing down, will you? BATMAN ~ You know how to make a girl feel at home, with fire... And drinks.. And good music. Always a pleasure to talk to, even after you stabbed me to death. (I will get my revenge!) Black Wolf ~ Ever since you joined the Rwby PM, I've always enjoyed our discussions and the characters we've created in there. Bnu.. Bnus ~ Bnus Bnus Bnus.. You have been a good friend and not someone who loves Last Of Us. Never leave ;-; I remember the days long ago when you were another colour. #bringbackbluebuns. Oh, and you owe me a day of pink. Church ~ Not just a name change request station, but someone who really cares about the community, and has been around for almost as long as me. You know how to get a conversation going, especially when it involves Austin, and a certain disease. Connor Kenway ~ At first I thought you were related to Edward, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Always nice to me in chat, even when you tease me. ~.~' Go team Tracer! Delpen9 ~ Saber is best girl! :3 Onsokumaru ~ Onii~chan!!! I couldn't believe that you were legendary when I first met you, now I know why. Super kind and sweet, always one to brighten my day when you pop in the shout box. Dr Biggles ~ You are one of the few on the forums I would not want to meet on halo as enemies.. Though I wonder, what are you a doctor of? Drizzy_Dan ~ The double D..... That aside, you are a super kind and fun mod who always lightens the mood, either by discussing anime, or banning Jack! :3 Edward Kenway ~ News is love, and you are one to always bring to us. I really enjoy your articles, and your weekly wrap ups. Equinoxe ~ It's been awhile since I've seen you, and I'm glad to see you back. Frankenzer ~ I will always see your name and think, Santa.. You always make Mafia interesting, and I never know what side you're on, a valuable ally, or a challenging opponent. GermanShepardD ~ Halo5willbecool ~ I hope it will be too, and also I enjoy our SB encounters. Hercu.. Fishy ~ Always one to make my day with you book series, and any crazy ideas you do (like your name/SD). And for the last time, I never said I was having a baby! >.< Jack of Harts ~ Jack.. Jaaaaack.. I'm eternally grateful that you have taken the burden of being the mods punching bag, I don't think there is anyone else who could withstand such punishment as you do. Stay strong, stay black. Kakashi_Hatake ~ Grif, always such a delight to see in chat, I've never met anyone who is more upbeat and happy about life before.. Ever.. But really, you are fun to face in mafia. Legdend1221 ~ Tanks for being a good friend :3 lilsilmarillion ~ Even though I've only known you for a short period, you are such a friendly person, and really kind in chat. Lisanna Strauss ~ So few posts, but so much trusted. The only person I know who can keep Twin in check, never leave my side. LODT Cal18 ~ So friendly from our first meeting, and always so kind when greeting me in the SB. Halo Mega Bloks are the best! Lu... Self Destruct ~ Maestro ~ What is lenny? Where did it come from? Maggie ~ *gives pink* Melody ~ Ever since I first met you, I knew we would become great friends. From cute things to Hello Kitty to Eevee, our love for these has only been rivaled by our kind dares we give to others in ToD, especially Yang. Mr Kittens and Gibberish ~ This name always makes me smile, though I will always know you as Ruby. RedStarRocket91 ~ You are not illiterate, this I know. It was fun being the first Rockette though. ;P rrhuntington ~ The best mafian ever. ;P Rue ~ Roses are red, vio... Ah, you were always better at poetry. Such a good friend! ShadowFiend216 ~ Now I can finally type your name.. Though I will miss those special letters. Spyro ~ Your "discussions" with Orbis were always so.. Enlightening.. Other than that, always a joy to talk with. The Director ~ Not just a name changing tyrant, but a very, very knowledgeable name changing tyrant. You always kinda felt like a big brother to me on here. (hope that's not weird >.<) Total Mayh3m ~ Such a sweet guy, always looking out for me, even when I had first joined. TM <3 Twinreaper ~ So evil, yet so sweet. I still remember that poem! Unease P34nut ~ When EK isn't around, you bring the news, and the halo skills. One day I will challenge you. >:3 UNSC SPARTAN II ~ A fellow lover of Rwby and a great friend, always so kind in the SB and in the Rwby PM Vaulting Frog ~ Always behind his trusty couch, and always super sweet and caring to me. Vitamin Pwn ~ One of the first mods I ever met, always upbeat, and a fellow Fairy Tail fan. Yang Xiao Long ~ Bnus Bnus Bnus.. Aha. You're always a sweet person everywhere on the forums, and such a trooper in ToD. Thank you for inviting me to the Rwby PM, and for always being such a good friend! Also, I only do those Eevee dares, because I care. Yoshi1176 ~ Not a green dinosaur, not a gree.. President! You are a strong leader of the USF, and I thank you for letting me partake in the congress. I thank you for all your contributions to the forums, and I know 343i is in good hands, with a bright future in store. - Twam ~ Almighty Twam, I thank you for creating such an amazing place for us all to come to, one that I can call home! I look forward to all the future updates and changes. (even if Red takes all the credit ^.^) - And thank you to anyone I may have missed, I'm so grateful that I could meet and get to know all of you, and that we could grow as a community! MoM Wish: I wish for a Hello Kitty smiley to be added. Thank you 343iCF!!!
  3. Hey guys it's October which means it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month again and we're all about BCAM here. To keep Austin's fantastic idea from last year alive, I've decided to post this. Make sure you visit the Sig Shop here so you can get your sig made over and BCAMmed out in pink! Also, if you'd like, you can donate to the cause here: https://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/breast-cancer-donations Save your receipt and PM a Moderator to obtain the BCAM Donator Award!: Look forward to upcoming BCAM developments around the site in the near future.
  4. This is my first time posting the announcement of a Member of the Month and I'm glad I have the honor of giving it to this member. This member has shown utmost dedication to the site lately, even if he is purple! Color does not determine rank here, it is quality and that is why he is getting our site's most prestigious Award. For being a wonderful and friendly member with undying dedication to the site, and for perfect punctuality when it comes to his original idea of the United States of the Forum Elections; Ladies and Gentlemen: SPYRO
  5. iTz Vplus2

    Fishy Avatar

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Matching avatar for the Fishy Sig
  6. iTz Vplus2

    Fishy Sig

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Most colorful sig i ever made
  7. I just got to 100 post so i want to make a dedication think like other people did for 500th post and stuff. I'm really happy by the way. I would like to thank: Donut: for being one of the reason's i came back to the forum and stayed. And teaching me to get better at halo. (by shooting me in the head) Azaxx: for being nice and not ignoring me... and being the other reason i stayed on this sight for more than... five minutes. Ms. Mystic: For being nice/scary and making me not be a moron to everyone. I would be a lot more negative/impolite if it wasn't for her. ZB-85: for being nice and saying 'hi DJ' every time i commented no the chat box. Luke: for being nice and saying nice things about me. Noah: for being awesome and funny, and for talking to me. EVERYONE ELSE: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you. I'm really happy and thanks. (looking back i should have waited for my 200th post)
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