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Found 3 results

  1. Welp, it's that time again. The time for another member to be chosen as the following month's best, top-notch, out-of-this-world person within the next several days. I have been here for only 3 months, since 3/20/15, and I would like to say something. As a Greenie, I'd like to say that this forum is terrifying amazing. Many of you have become my dearest friends. I've seen and noticed that just about every single one of you guys and gals, are really talented, and amusing, and just plain awesome. I'd make a list, but to avoid Church attacking Fishy, I won't. You all know who you are. And I thank and love every single one of you. I seriously, really care about each and every one of you. As only a 3-month-old Greenie, that says a lot. Within next week, Staff, Moderators, even the community itself will choose the next MoM (But mostly the mods). It's time for the torch to be passed on. I'd like for my name to be changed back to my original, AhhOldWoman. Consider it a wish. --I love all of you.-- Even Caboose, kind of.
  2. I love you Twam. I love you Connor Kenway. I love you Ardent Prayer. I love you Ash. I love you Austinacious. I love you Axilus Prime. I love you Azaxx. I love you BaconShelf. I love you BATMAN. I love you BeckoningZebra1. I love you D-38 Boss. I love you Adam91. I love you Bnus. I love you Caboose the Ace. I love you Mr. Kittens and Gibberish. I love you Church. I love you Pbrabbit. I love you Cooliest. I love you DocO07. I love you Drizzy_Dan. I love you Self Destruct. I love you Frankenzer. I love you Funnier26. I love you GermanShepherdD. I love you Farmer Destruct. I love you Halo5 Follower. I love you Edward Kenway. I love you Helljumper425. I love you Jack of Harts. I love you JL. I love you Ledgend1221. I love you Maestro. I love you Melody. I love you Silent Orbis. I love you Delpen9. I love you RedStarRocket91. I love you Rrhunington. I love you ShadowFiend216. I love you SikSlik7. I love you Sniper0092. I love you Spyro. I love you The Director. I love you The Dumb Marine, that's also Intelligent. I love you Arbiter747. I love you Total Mayh3m. I love you Twinreaper. I love you Unease P34nut. I love you UNSC Spartan II. I love you Vitamin PWN. I love you Winry Rockbell. I love you Yang Xiao Long. I love you Zandril. I love you Yoshi1176. I love you, all of you.
  3. ~Chapter 4: The flood~ A girl walked into the room where a boy sat in a wooden, she appeared to be a teenager in the under half. She approached the boy in a distinct manner, as not to make him think he was in any trouble. “Hey bud. Whatsup?” was all she said to start a conversation. “Well, I scored an 82 in range and a 43 in combat. Have to wait until tomorrow to go for other training course.” He replied. “Oh. I got an 86 in range and 48 in combat today.” The girl said, smiling at both of their progression. “Okay.” The boy said. There was a hint of depression in his voice this time. The girl thought it may have been her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to start a conversation was all.” The girl said. Sorrow was in her voice, but it was more sympathetic than self shame of the topic. “If you want to leave, you may wish to do so. If not, that is fine. You may do as you please, I’m just going to sit here like always and wait until the next day. I have no friends and I have no family. ONI reports say my father was just enlisted into the UNSC, but I will never be able to get to see him face to face. Ever again because of this.” The boy had tears roll down his cheeks and towards his chin. Which then dripped off of his chin and onto his lap. “Look, I’m not going to leave you. I’m your friend. Alright? I like you out of everyone here. I have feelings for you. I don’t want you to think you’re lost.” The girl said, her voice trailed off with innocence on her breath. “It’s fine. I got this, alright? Just relax off me and cool down. Procedures are in four months. I want to get this done and I can’t do it without you. Recently I’ve been having moments where I can’t remember anything. As if I had amnesia. However, I remember them later. Just boldly. I’m not sure what to say about it. I just feel kinda weird you know?” The boy said, curiously and afraid. “Relax. You’re just being overworked with what’s coming up. Let’s just get back to training at midnight and we’ll be ready to go for the tests.” The girl said in a promising voice, as if to make the boy feel less stressed or whatever was going on about him. “Alright. Well, just leave me alone. I’m going to take a nap until a few hours before then. Come back if you even bother.” The boy said, he walked the girl out of the room and shut the door. He reached up to the top and swung the latch over, and locked it. --------------------------------- The Scorpion swung its barrel around the corner. Still nothing in site. Which was odd. Michael watched their three and nine. Bek had an eye on their six. The cave seemed to go on for quite a while. Green mist was in the air, everywhere to be precise. Yellow nests were clung to the wall. They moved as if they could breathe. Bek pulled up her magnum and shot one because it started to annoy her. A few flood spores fell out and scrambled around the room. Other than that, no other flood came into contact. “Michael, do you feel as if our every movement is being watched by someone. By something?” Joseph asked through the open hatch of the Scorpion. He kept watch at the ceiling. All that was there were some stalactites covered from the flood. “Nope. I just feel as if this is going to be an awesome adventure I get to spend with my best friends.” Michael said. He swung the flashlight over to the other side of the tank, he saw nothing still. “I feel as if we’re almost there. Like. I don’t see anywhere else to go. There’s a wall in front of us, this is a dead end.” Bek said. She was right, there was no where else to go. This was a dead end. Just a giant wall covered in flood tile. Joseph looked up at the wall. She was right. There was nothing here it was just a false route. He stopped the tank. “Michael and Bek, cover me. I’m going to get on a channel with Dexter to let him know this isn’t the right area. Then see what happens next.” Joseph reached over and turned on the radio. “Dexter, come in. Dexter, can you hear me?” There was nothing. A few minutes later, “Yes. I can hear you. Sorry about that. Was tracking to see where the signal was coming from. Anyways, what’s up?” Dexter put down his BLT Sandwich he grabbed for lunch. It was the first one he’s had in a long time. Boy, was it delicious. That bacon was just so fine and good. The right amount of grease and crisp. It was heaven for him. “We reached the end of the cave. There’s nothing in here. We haven’t seen anything, not even flood. I think the routes a fault. Must have been for Lan Chorus as well. What do you suggest?” Joseph looked up at the other two, they were on the lookout like he asked. Bek had the rocket launcher strapped to her back. “Well.” Dexter took a bite out of the sandwich. “Something happened with one of the other Pelicans. So the other team is going to investigate. However, just go ahead and regroup at the desert. Should be fine there. They’ll be back once they find out what’s wrong.” Dexter took another bite. He reached over and put the bacon he had on a tray and just put it in his mouth. “Oh, and take the tank with you too; if you can. Anyways, that’s about it. Have fun!” Dexter was off the radio. A loud scream erupted. Several loud screams erupted. “Oh no this isn’t good. We’ve been ambushed.” Joseph said as a flood combat form appeared up on the ledge in front of them. It pointed at them with it’s tentacle like fingers. Michael shot it down. Another scream erupted. “I think it’s time we punch it and get out of here!” Joseph said, he pushed on the pedals. The Scorpion moved as fast as he could push it. Flood tanks and combat forms appeared all around them. All they could do was fight their way out and hope they make it. Bek pulled up the rocket launcher and fire it at a flood carrier. It didn’t do much good, it exploded into a bunch of flood spores. Which then Michael took out for her. “Uh, I need to reload. Hold on a second.” Bek reached over and grabbed ammunition on the side of the tank. Joseph aimed the cannon at the tanks in front of them. They were basically hunters, just without their fuel rods. Their tough like hide made up for the armor. Joseph fired and killed one of them. The other started to sprint at them, he took it out too. “Ah, there we go!” Bek said, she pulled up the rocket launcher. Which was a tad bit late on her part. A flood stalker ran up and jumped at her. Pinned her on the ground. “Bek!” Joseph yelled. He turned his cannon around. It was too late. A flood spore jumped on her face and crawled into her mouth. All was heard were groans and the sound of choking. Joseph couldn’t stop now, he moved forward. Michael watched as Bek’s legs kicked and she screamed. After a few seconds, the noise stopped and the flood pursued. One of them looked like a Spartan infection form. In Bek’s armor. Michael shot it down along with the others. Joseph approached the exit where the stalactites hung from the entrance. He moved the cannon up and shot them as they just drove under. They fell down and destroyed any flood forms there. “Well, entrance is closed. Not long before more show up. Come on. Let’s go, into the Pelican!” Joseph said. He got the flight controls while Michael got the Scorpion on attached. “We might wanna go. They’re here!” Michael yelled. Flood forms of all type crawled at them from every direction. “Just a second.” Joseph got the systems online and functional. He slammed the thrusters and took off for the new waypoint. “Whew. That was a close one. Thought we weren’t going to make it.” Michael said. He crashed into the copilots seat. Tired as he was, he decided to rest. “Not all of us, just half.” Joseph said, then pushed forward. The ETA clock suggested three hours until arrival at the desert. ~End of Chapter 4~
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