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  1. Azaxx


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    2. Azaxx


      How ya been Ashlynn?

    3. Ash
    4. Azaxx


      Been good, summer has been a lovely sauna here

  2. Nice to see a refreshing halo title that will probably come out 3 years from now. ^^

    1. Melody


      *insert joke about Crackdown 3 here*

    2. Azaxx


      Would be nice to see a main title come next year

  3. A teaser trailer for that Spielberg series would be nice! ^.^
  4. Ash


    1. Azaxx


      Hey bud, good to see you again :)

  5. Wonder what E3 will bring this year~

    1. Fishy


      Depends which E3.


      Nintendo's where my money's at.

  6. Did you step down or something? I thought you were still staff. Didn't know if staff could have yellow Legendary status or not....

  7. Bethesda was alright, Xbox was intriguing, Sony didn't really do anything for me. E3 is so far lackluster >.>

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom


      We must not have watched the same E3.

    2. Caboose The Ace

      Caboose The Ace

      Sony had Hideo Kojima. Nuff said.

  8. If it's going to be anything remotely similar to the PlayStation Neo, then the developers will just make 2 versions of the game, in which when you buy/download the game, it'll give you the version that your console supports. Either that, or the new Xbox will just have PC like graphics settings.
  9. Winter is over, finally! ^.^

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    2. I_Make_Big_Boom


      Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

    3. Mr Kittens and Gibberish
    4. RAI Callion

      RAI Callion

      I'm glad the snow is gone, I hate snow when it lasts longer than it should..

  10. Hmmm, I was expecting like 18 spoilers I'd have to click through... You disappoint me TD ;P Also congrats SD, welcome back
  11. It took you 12 hours to beat legendary?
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