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Found 1 result

  1. So, where to start? I'd like to thank every single one of you for being great friends and all those who welcomed me to the forum when I first joined last October. I personally could've thought of several other Members more deserving of this title. When I first joined here, there were so many great Members to meet and talk to and plenty of interesting topics to discuss. It was the best place to be when everyone was predicting things and creating theories for the next Halo game. I loved this place ever since I had signed up as UNSC Spartan-II (Spartan will be back). I had something in common with everyone here: Halo, RvB, and RWBY. It was great meeting all these friendly Members and I enjoy coming online everyday just to chat to you all. I'd like to give a personal thank you to everyone I've met here. Self Destruct - The most explosive guy I know. The Dumb Weasel - Probably the only weasel I know. Church - You'll get the hang of that Sniper some day. GermanShepherdD - 1v1 me bro (Jk, I'd rather not get torn to shreds). Jack of Harts - You know how to deal with an MA5D Assault Rifle. Butch Flowers - This is the month where you can assault me with all your 'Yo mamma' jokes. DarkAngel - You put the Y in Team RWBY (and thanks for suggesting the MoM name). Mereel - One of the best Clone Troopers out there. Edward Kenway - One helluva Pirate. The Masked Man - Keep up the great scripts. RedStarRocket91 - The ultimate lady killer. Adam91 - Looking forward to your great News articles. Bnus - #Stinky Berriesboo - How are those Mini Waffles? EliteSpartan - The UNSC needs you. Mr. Biggles - Mad skillz bro. Unease N3wsnut - ...p34nut butter... Coldfreeze - One of the funniest guys I know. -Sparky- - Those assassinations though... Ruby Rose - RWBY's Team Leader, make us proud Gravy. Cooliest - Is there anyone coolier? 343iBot - Gives the warmest welcomes on the forum. Arachny - Fish food? BaconShelf - Lore Master. BubblePopX3 - Bubble gum, 'nuff said. Caboose the Ace - Founder of Blue Team. Dog - You 'da dawg. D-38 Boss - Dragon Man! The Director - Want to play some more race maps on Halo: Reach...no? Halo5willbecool - Yeah, it will. Glitch100 - Great work on you website. Jay El - You have possibly the best name change history on the internet. Axilus Prime - Awesome artwork man. Frankenzer - I know who to team up with when it comes to Halo Wars. Ledgend1221 - An absolute Legend. Drizzy_Dan - Always looking forward to reading your WSWs. Azaxx - Nagisa... AnimeAddict - Does anyone love Anime more? Halo5 follower - A really modest guy. HaloGeek - You're teach History better than my History teacher. Austintacious - Great videos, keep it up. Gemini Dragons - Cool guy. Delpen9 - Derpen. Helljumper425 - Awesome cosplaying man. Krissy Mallot - Enjoying the Halo Books? DocSpartanO07 - Dude, where've you been? Vitamin PWN - You taking all your Vits? Tucker - Bow Chicka Bow Wow! ShadowFiend216 - You're my personal sniper. Vaulting Frog - What's it like being a frog? Vigilant Intellect - Humans FTW. Yoshi1176 - President of the forum. BeckoningZebra1 - Keep away from the lions. Wonder Wombat - The real Arbiter. Rue - Great taste in music. ShockGazm - Shocky! UncookedMoa - Great Halo MVs, you could teach me a few things. Zandril - Diarrhea? Pbrabbit - Keep up your performing. rrhuntington - Don't worry, your EVAC will come sooner or later... Shun 'Kanamee - One tough Sangheili warrior. Taffbag - Where you at Taffy? Sikslik7 - Looking forward to your Events. The Stig - Friendly guy. The British Spartan - The UNSC could use you too. Twinreaper - The forum is here for you. TheSilverCenturion - Mr. Mayh3m Spyro - The forum Dragon. Onsokumaru - You've hosted some of the best events I've ever attended. Maestro - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Halo 5/ Disney Frozen 2014 - Dude, that's a long name. Silent Orbis/Alpha - The Silent Siblings Zaguroth - ...Swaguroth. Zoobkillerninja - That profile picture... And the Almighty TWAM - Thank you for creating this amazing site. I've tried to mention everyone I know in this list so please say so if I forgot to mention you. Thanks everyone, you're all great Members and I appreciate all the support I've received from all of you. Keep up the awesomeness. - Blake BellaMoMa
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