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  1. heads up i recomend slayer pro... please ^^^^^^my fav gametype^^^^^^^ if theirs squeelers im gonna mute them and ill prolly be in party chat but i can still hear through party chat coz of my "turtle beaches" and actualy ill be playing with another profile coz my origional got banned for my bio "i hated on religion and homosexuality" in my bio... yup
  2. I need atleast 5 players "comitted" to testing I'm testing a competitive map in 1 hour, before that i'll be finishing it's gametypes and spawning, i'd rather test it with tu gametypes i only have tu slayer but if you can bring (tu 1 flag) and (tu 3 plot) or suggest others that'd be great. username: mechaniki11a (meck-an-ick-ill-ah) I will not be able to reply through the forums but mesage my gamertag for the invite. TY
  3. all games with four difficulties the third highest (heroic) this is the way your suposed to play the campaign... of anything
  4. primary: light rifle secondary: assault carbine AA:regen field grenades:pulse upgrade:dexterity support:firepower (techxpert)
  5. the only thing that would make it work is if there were diferent versions of shade turret... anti air, fuel rod and a faster fireing plasma rounds like legendary shade turrets..... still weres the shadows didnt they have shade on them if thats the right name for the ghost carriers in halo 2
  6. the term is humaoid thats the basic shape stature etc the natives in avatar (navi) are humanoid the forunners were also humanoid this is why the oracle recognizes masterchief to be the reclaimer so its not a human skull but a human like skull most likely shown as a form of threat opening up like a cobras neck sapiens are a form of evolutionary humanoids the most human-like covonant are the brutes the most extreme humanoid becasue its so close to being ape like that explains y the skull is human-like not phisically human
  7. if the first thing you want to do is campaign your in the right place ive created this topic for those people like me who firstly want to do campaign but dont know anyone willing to complete it with them please state your country difficulty and best campaign status and a link to your gamertag 1).thats how much lag between players 2)how hard you want first time round 3).and how well youve already done 4)http// ive preordered halo 4, we all know campaign laggs so i was wundering if someone from newzealand or australia who's finished the fight in legendary (excluding halo wars) was interested in clocking halo 4 start to finish, because the first thing i want to do is finish the fight in legendary co-op for example-me: 1).newzealand 2).legendary 3).finished the fight-legendary 4).https://live.xbox.co...ag=mechaniki11a so i hope you can also use this to find your campaign lobby mesage me if you want to join me in campaign
  8. lol ive found that swearing is highly untolerated ... oops got my self a warning already so i like to say im an experienced gamer considering i hire out games clock them on higest difficulty (legendary, veteran, insane, imposible) but not LASO or god mode for vanquish sheesh the difficulty is so high its over the top because it changes gamplay to the extreme i also have a positive K/D in multiplayer due to smgs any way i know my stuff have my opinions, dont care for grammar the problem for me is having a good team im not looking to join a clan well maybe but im just sick of getting having a noob team geting ownd by spawn traping inheritors :wallbash: if you know what im talking about you probably know how i feel about them yea like that so any one up for reaching i mean not now but add, M me or sumthing cant wait for halo 4 im preordering the limited edition from mighty ape it looks to me the best deal i realy hope theres smg REEAAALLLLYY apart from that H4 so far so good if you see this and you play custom games please ADD me or mesage me thats as long as you dont play jenga.. eeew likes:dubsep, trance, screamo, post hardcore dislkes:i would tell you if i was sure it wouldnt come under hate speech
  9. thats a hard decision i mean id be if i had to decide what spartan id be that depends what the mission is id need a team of experts like a noble team forgeting the sexuality id be kat if she used camo and smgs as long as i had that team and noble six would be the medic while carter would have vehicular skills that would be a team
  10. theres actualy two more options thats carbine and light rifle id go for one of those considering the carbines amazing and the LR is a cross between BR and DMR
  11. smg is my element this is y i suck at reach id rather spray down your shield quickly pull out my pistol and stick a bullet in your dome honestly geting rid of smg in reach was the worst thing bungie couldve done and hopfully 343 are goin to pick up the peices smfg sfmg the saw is a good touch thow its been to long to finaly figure it out... an lmg that isnt a turret duh how hards that but i gotta agree with the above power weapons are easy its the basic weapons that need prescision like when theres 4 long range scoped rifles (BR, DMR, carbine, LR ) you could just up the smg and give it a scope like odst but no there probably wont be any weapondry reletivity or reality to h4 you know what i mean
  12. all wrong the storm rifle isnt the plasma rifle its the plasma repeater and whats this about no smg y can i still not play my way im the kind of person who uses smgs as a primary for 50% of my classes in games like mw3 blops and when there an smg in odst i already droped my assault rifle an smg is like an assault rifle but half the size and thats the point atleast have some sort of machine pistol im sick of all theese shooters that dont include small rapid fire weapons like gears, reach, vanquish, its always the slower the beter because it has more damage well y cant there be somthing the other way seriously
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