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  1. I've just noticed it's VERY to kill people in Spartans in Muitplayer. With the DMR, it's fast to kill people, with the BR it takes time. Assault Rife, I spray it on someone for a little while and I melee them, and they die! I don't even have to make his/her shields go down! And is it just me, or is the Beam Rifle overpowered? Like, REALLY overpowered?
  2. Today, me and a couple of friends of mine were sitting in class discussing Good and Bad Shooting Games. We thought Call of Duty died after when MW3 came out, and people who played it, bragging about their KD, weren't real gamers. And we also thought Gears of War took ALOT of skill to be good at, hell even decent! Then we thought BattleField 4 was the rookie, BioShock: Infinite was great, and the Best game in our minds and the only game we wanted to play was Grand Theft Auto V. Then we said "What happen to Halo" we talked about how Halo was once the top dog of all Shooters, and how Halo 3 and Reach was so much fun. Then when Halo 4 came out, some of my friends got, I got, and I was disapointed. The Campaign was alright, no where near as good at Halo: CE's. The Mutiplayer was a big problem to me. Then, MLG doesn't have tourtaments about Halo anymore and 343i kept taking out some fun gametypes and overpowering wepons. We only played the game for about 10 days, and decided to just play Black Ops II, despite talking smack about it. Now with Halo 5 coming out, this will be I guess the only shooter were gonna play, along with Ghosts on Xbox One, unless RockStar makes GTA V for New Consoles. I'm pretty sure Halo 5 will bring back gamers into the Halo Universe and play a couple of games of Slayer.
  3. I guess the ending was cool, but The Walking Dead made me more sadder then Halo 4 last year.
  4. Who was your favorite protagonist besides Master Chief ? Mine is The Arbiter. It was so much fun being a Elite for a change. Keith David did a great job with his voice. I also like The Rookie, simply because he was a Slient Character.
  5. Since they were against the Covenant , were they ?
  6. So Halo 3 is becoming Free in a couple days. It's great because I think Halo 3 is the best Halo game and everybody should play it. But since alot of great games that came out this year like BioShock: Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V. But since there's even more coming this year like Destiny, Battlefieid 4 and ... Ugh... Ghosts. Do you think anybody is gonna have time from playing GTA: Online or BF4 to play Halo 3 ?

  8. I could body act, but I don't think I'll have the right armor, I don't play Halo 4 alot !!
  9. There's so many Machinima out there. And many Great and Funny Machinima. Like Rooster Teeth, Jon CJG, So Fallen Flims, Arbiter219, etc. My Favorite Machinima series and Director is Arby 'n' the Chief and Jon CJG. I think ANTC is the best Machinima series out there. I just loved the voices and Jon's Comedy. Season 7 is the best one to check out. STAY AWAY FROM LA SERIES. I never really got into RvB. I really love all the old Halo 3 Machinimas.
  10. Thanks for the advice, but If I ever will Make Machinima, I wanna make it on my own, since I have control over everything. And I will never request help for body actors, just voice actors since I can't risk any lag in a important shot. And, I have nothing to record on, no HDPVR or anything like that or a computer. v.v
  11. I know! I would make Machinima, its my dream, but sadly, I don't have any software to record our edit nor can I afford it :'(
  12. Haha probauly sounds stupid and I was gonna post this in the General Discussion forum so it gets more attention, but I didn't wanna risk "Ooo, this goes in the invitation forum". But I'm a put it here in the Reach forum because thats wear the server is at. So, anyone wanna join my Non Combat Server ? Lolol. What I mean, is that .... sounds pretty dumb, but you just stand around and talk :3 . And the map your on is a Neighborhood map. Someone is in Charge of The Armory, in case someone joins and kills people. And for people to know who's in charge, the have to be a Elite. And in front of The Armory as gurd for people who wants to see The Armory. People spawn with a Magnum because I don't know how to make them spawn with no wepons. And you people have to treat like real life, like if a person is calling you, you turn around and look at them. Sounds pretty stupidI know but I always wanted to do this after watching alot of Machinima :3 lol.
  13. I know this is a point less thread but I'm just curious. I prefer Noble 6 as a Girl because Halo has to have a bad ass Female Playable Character (Kween Myrrah From Gears Of War, Zoey from Left For Dead, etc.). And I think a girl being the Second best Spartan in the UNSC is pretty awesome.
  14. Ever since Halo: Reach came out, every body hated on the Armor Abilities, moslty Armor Lock and Sprint. I could understand Armor Lock, but why Sprint ? It just makes you run faster, so why hate it ? All of FPS have it now, so why hate on it ? Some say it even ruined MatchMaking. I just don't get it.
  15. Would it be cool if we had ODST as AI on The Red Team and ODSTs on The Blue Team as well. Like, the AI will be on Legendary Mode and every time you kill them it's 3 points. They can be trade wepons and be the same colour scheme as the team, like if a ODST is one the Red team, it's Black Armor and Red Detail. They will be 6 ODSTs in battle, 3 for each. Each time a ODST kills a player it's 5 points, while if a ODST kills another ODST, it's 3 points. If there were a "Spartan vs. Elites" Gametype in Halo 5, then it will be 3 ODSTs and 3 Elite Minors. What do you think ?
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