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  1. Hello everyone. I recently joined this forum for games like Halo. I'm the owner of a small as hell clan named TDK (which I won't link in this post just in case its banned), but I usually play Halo Master Chief Collection. Whenever I get an OG Xbox I'll play Halo 2 on Insignia or XLink Kai. There isn't much for me to say for this so thanks for reading and this place should be fun lol.
  2. Hello all members here at 343industries forum. How are you all doing in these tough times?
  3. Hello guys, I'm new to this forum but I've been playing halo since the first one came out. 15 years later I still love the game and since the technology improved I was able to capture some video's on the Xbox One. I've made my first montage (ever) of my recent Halo clips. Check it out and let me know what you think: Enjoy!
  4. UNSC Warlord Book 3: Lan Chorus The Hunt Begins The Prologue... “Systems are clear. You may now exit.” Dexter, an engineer who was aboard the UNSC Warlord, deactivated the Cryogenic Pods that stored some of the ODST’s and Spartan’s onboard from the previous mission on Ballast. A few of them had decided to stay out, mostly the medics and pilots, the others are went into Cryogenic Pods until they were needed. Well, they were needed. Bek and Michael J Caboose exited first, and at the same time as one another. Bek didn’t have a helmet on unlike Michael. She lost this on her brink of life, back on Ballast. Osiris had tried to kill her; he beat her and kicked her until she bleed all over the face. As soon as she could, she managed to escape his grasp and head for an evac that Osiris originally had planned to arrive at the outpost where she met Michael. Osiris didn’t make it with her, she remembered as she watched the Scarab obliterate him into a hot liquid. Michael had faced something similar, where he was locked in the room, separated from the others, on Ballast’s underground tunnels. He was stuck in a room with what he found out to be a Precursor AI of some sort. No idea, he just called it a Robot like all the others did. Luckily, he managed to escape out of there and run into Alex, whom was later killed in the return to the tunnels by an Elite known as Lan Chorus. His brother was killed by the exact same Elite as well, whom had somehow managed to aboard the UNSC Warlord and thrown Destroyer into the reactor. Runner and Archangel exited next. These two didn’t get involved much on Ballast, but they were there. Runner, oh she was an excellent fighter when she did get involved. She was quick at the trigger and took down any enemy she saw in sight, heck she was even better than a few of the Spartan II’s on their team. Not to mention her agility on foot, about as fast a Spartan III. Archangel was a long lasted Spartan II, he was originally in Team Lord back on recruitment when he was first picked up on Reach with Bek. He was originally an ONI operative Spartan. When the situation calls for it, he’ll be the sniper. Archangel has helped the team secure various hard points and extraction zones. Without him, they may have been pressured with the Covenant forces. He knew Junior’s and Jackson’s fathers’. Lastly, Jackson threw open the door of the Cryogenic Tube. He stood proud, not very oriented at the moment, but he looked like he could just shake it off. Jackson was the team’s leader, or at least served at one at the time. Not only did he face a giant ‘Robot’ on his own, and use a mysterious weapon, which vanished after use, to destroy it. He also managed to get his team alive, by the use of Junior’s Warthog with upgrades that saved them from Covenant attack. “Good, glad to see you’re all here. Now as we go through configurations and other warm ups to get you guy’s oriented, I’d like to tell you a few things of why I awoke you from your slumber.” Dexter said as he went over to the shield console to ensure each one of their shields functioned correctly, except Runners. “Good, there better be. I don’t like being awoken for no reason. I enjoy my sleep when I can get it. Right now. I can’t get it.” Runner said as she stood back and watched each one of them alternatively took turns to get into position on the green marked tile. “Alright, that’s that.” Dexter said as he turned off the console and Jackson got out. He headed over to the focus ring console, to test how well each of them could focus on a certain area; if they could. “Commander Samantha wants us to go meet her. She sent a few other teams to do some recon while we took a break. She says she may have found Lan Chorus, but she’s not sure. They said there’s some clues on Installation 07 that may lead to other clues, and that we’re going to have to board the surface of that muck ring. It’ll be hell alright. At least UNSC Firestorm will be alongside to help us out. Heard they got a crew onboard we can get to meet. Just mostly some damn Helljumpers, and the others are Spartans. How they get along so damn well without another type of soldier beats me.” Dexter finished up the exercise. “Really? We’re going to Installation 07? I thought that was restricted and unable to land on? I guess I might be wrong, things could change over the course of the years.” Jackson stepped into the elevator with the others. They were all headed to the top floor to regroup with the others, then head up the stairway that took them into a door. The door lead to the UNSC Warlord Operation Deck. Which is where Captain Samantha Magarnold and Commander Moth were at. Where they waited. Frank and Junior were over in the corner at a dating table, they had a game of chess out in front of them. Frank was at the advantage, he still had his Commander on the board alongside two Marine’s who were soon to be able to transferred into ODST’s. Everyone approached their table, where they were interrupted. “Ah, I see it’s time to go then? No worries, didn’t care about the bloody game anyways.” Junior stood up and knocked the pieces over and out of place. Frank laughed in amusement, he was guaranteed to win anyways. Frank was a jolly fellow, he didn’t partake much. He just stood back and helped with what he could do, follow orders and what not. Although Jackson hated him because he was a pilot, he held no grudge or anger towards him. Jackson’s always been that way. Without him, they wouldn’t have got far. He was the main support on Ballast before UNSC Warlord arrived. He piloted his vehicle, which was a Hornet, took care of any threats that approached. Mostly hunters and Wraith’s. Both of which had trouble when it came against the mighty Hornet. Junior was a solid brick. Of course, his father died and he couldn’t have been there for him. Despite his father did kill Jackson’s own father, before he was killed himself. Junior did what was needed done. He took care of the team and made sure everyone was operational. No injuries, no losses. He did his best. Although his help in battle wasn’t much, he made sure everyone was on their feet. “Captain’s waiting, don’t think we want to upset her. At least I don’t, hehe.” Frank was happy they were on their way to see Samantha for their assignment. Actually, he was just happy he could see Samantha in general. The last time he saw her, he felt like he was in love. “Crud, I need to quit thinking about her. It’s getting old really quick.” Frank snapped out of his thoughts and ran up the steps to everyone who just started to enter the doorway to the Observation Deck. “Glad you could all make it. I’m going to make this quick and simple so you know what you’re doing.” Moth walked over towards the center of where they all stood. “We’re going to Installation 07. Now, we’ll need to be very careful. The flood still inhabit the installation. However, we will be accompanied by a fellow UNSC Frigate, known as UNSC Firestorm.” “Sounds interesting. I’d like to know more about them.” Jackson was ready to hunt down the Elite who killed Heli, a brave ODST that stood behind to fight the second Robot that they first encountered. “UNSC Firestorm may be a Frigate, but they will be helping with deployment and anything we need without wasting very much of Warlord’s resources. Firestorm has a few soldiers on board who have volunteered to join us. Just Spartan’s and ODST’s. However, you will have to board their ship before you can deploy on the surface of the Installation. Just be careful, Installation 07’s flood are unpredictable. There’s more in remote areas, then there are in others. You all need to watch you back.” Moth explained vigilantly. He just followed orders. “Now, that this is over with. You all need to return to your barracks and get ready for the jump. We should be there within two weeks. You all should get some practice in War Games and in the target range. I’ll let you know when we’re in view of the Installation. You are all dismissed.” Samantha told them as she walked back to her Headquarters. Frank watched her as she walked away. What a beautiful sight for him. “Well we heard the Captain, let’s go do some War Games. First maps on me, we’re going to play some Infection on Ragnarok with our loadouts we’ll be using on the field.” Jackson lead the team to the War Games room, where he set up the simulation. They felt the ship jump, it was time to get things done. War Games began. Junior and Michael started out as the first infected. The others were survivors. ~End of Prologue~
  5. Hello Everyone, I guess I should get started on UNSC Warlord. This time around we got a few newcomers, who haven't been here before. Now I know it might be confusing to some of those who have joined, however those of you who wish may might want to catch up on the other books, or you can play off where it starts. Book 1: Sanctuary is a 66 page book. Book 2: Odds and Ends is a 32 page book. Each of these books and their chapters exist here on these very forums, if you would like a reading copy. Feel free to PM me and I will hook you up with the books. I am proud to introduce our new forum members who have joined: xXTox1cXReaperZ Vitamin PWN Ash Gemini Dragons Fishy If you still want to sign up, just go on ahead and sign up here! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/40040-sign-up-for-the-hunt/ The series will continue where we last left, leaving Ballast. The last words said were mentioning the hunt of Lan Chorus, an Elite. His status has still been unconfirmed by the UNSC, but he has been labeled as "Assassin, Zealot, General, Field Marshall, Shipmaster, and other various names." Only 10 more days until the prologue is released! Stay tuned! I may send PM's again letting you know of the release of the chapters, or I may do something different this time. You all better be ready, polish those guns; clean that armor; get a few rounds of practice in at the training court; get to know each other; or if you don't want too, you can just wait until I share the story. Thank you everyone for making it this far!
  6. I'm known as IveBeenCensored on XBL and I've been a Halo fan since I spent much of my childhood learning the mechanics of Halo:CE and I grew into my teen years reading all of the Halo literature I could get my hands on. My collection of the Halo novels consists of every book up to Halo: Glasslands and debating the direction of the canon is one of my favorite things to do! I don't currently play Halo 4 as I've donated my 360 since upgrading to the Xbox One but I'm eagerly awaiting the next installments in the series. I hope to be acquainted with a lot you through my use of these forums!
  7. Salva892


    Hello. My name is Jozef Salvador Wicks-Sharp. I'm a 14 year old English gamer. The first video game I ever played was Halo: Combat Evolved and ever since I first played I was enraptured by the franchise. I have played Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Halo 4. My gamertag is Salva892. On Halo 3 I am a Recruit. On Halo: Reach I am a Commander Grade 1. On Halo 4 I am a SR-24.
  8. Hi there I'm SpiritCoyote IV, I am A friendly/honarable player who loves to host custom games for the halo community. feel free to join my lobbies when i host.{http://halocustoms.com/members/spiritcoyote-iv.10481/} I respect all players when i play with them. But the thing I love the most is being apart of the Halo Community. Thankyou for reading.
  9. Hello, I'm just a guy that loves halo, and wants updates on halo 5. I am looking foreword to meaning you all. Thanks!
  10. Hey all, I'm eeluminate, or eel for short. I've been a Halo fan since the original. My weapon of choice is the DMR and you can usually find me playing SWAT. I'm looking for more people to play with and possibly a clan as well. My XBL tag is: eeluminate.
  11. Leonanders


    Hello i am LeonAnders, and i am interesting being a body/voice actor in any halo projects as of now i have Halo CE Aniversary, Halo 3 ODST/Multiplayer, Halo Reach, and Halo 4. (my halo 3 is misplaced. :'( ) if you need help with anyhing other than body and voice i also design maps of UNSC and Forerunner Bases and Structures and i have some Forge tricks i know how to do in halo reach and 4 such as a kind of automatic door and elavators. If interested in my help please message me on xbox live at LeonAnders or you can message me here but as my personal computer is in repairs i might not be checking this site very often.
  12. Ugh, Hi I guess it's about time I introduced myself, My name is Callum, some people call me Cal. But I really prefer Callum 'cause Cal kinda sounds like a girl's name. But if you prefer to call me Cal, I guess you can. I have no idea how this introduction thing works.... Maybe I should tell y'all why I'm here if anyone is reading this, I don't know but why not, I love Halo and I wanted a place in which I could share my thoughts and listen to other Halo Fams on various ON and OFF topics so yeah that's that. Oh I also am willing to play any of the Halo's with you guys because your awesome and I'm tired of having to be a lone wolf because no one on my friends list plays Halo as much as I do. I'm also British so I'll have different spellings to others such as Armour and Armor. Yeah whoops sorry. All right well I think I'm done if there's anything else I've missed or you want to know just ask and/or let me know, okay Into = done .
  13. lol ive found that swearing is highly untolerated ... oops got my self a warning already so i like to say im an experienced gamer considering i hire out games clock them on higest difficulty (legendary, veteran, insane, imposible) but not LASO or god mode for vanquish sheesh the difficulty is so high its over the top because it changes gamplay to the extreme i also have a positive K/D in multiplayer due to smgs any way i know my stuff have my opinions, dont care for grammar the problem for me is having a good team im not looking to join a clan well maybe but im just sick of getting having a noob team geting ownd by spawn traping inheritors :wallbash: if you know what im talking about you probably know how i feel about them yea like that so any one up for reaching i mean not now but add, M me or sumthing cant wait for halo 4 im preordering the limited edition from mighty ape it looks to me the best deal i realy hope theres smg REEAAALLLLYY apart from that H4 so far so good if you see this and you play custom games please ADD me or mesage me thats as long as you dont play jenga.. eeew likes:dubsep, trance, screamo, post hardcore dislkes:i would tell you if i was sure it wouldnt come under hate speech
  14. Hi there, I'm Carin in RL. I been playing video games since Atari. I'm a punk, so is my hubby. We have 3 boys & a girl. We live in NY. I was high on Tier 1 for challange when my wrist broke. Played 1 handed & only went down 100 or so pages on the list! lol
  15. HELLO! My name is Juan Herrera Im from chicago now living in Wisconsin I have been playing halo since i was 6 when Halo CE first came out and have been keeping up with the games since. instantly fell in love, and now my passion is to work in the videogames/technology industry preferably 343i lol i love talking to people about the game and what they like/dislike about it etc. Thank you!
  16. Hello Everyone, its a pleasure to come on here and start meeting all you fine folks. Well my names Faide and I'm three things. A bonafide Halo fanatic, a noob when it comes to dealing with any serious opponents on the virtual battlefield and also an aspiring artist, which brings me to the next thing. I hope I dont sound like a spammer or anything when I say that I would like to show off the fan art I work on for Halo, these pieces cover a broad range of topics in the Halo universe ranging from the games themselves to the literature. And Forerunners. I love the Forerunners. Anything Forerunner is definately getting a look over if I can help it. (come on who can say that building big *** structures, weapons and galaxy doomsday hoola hoops isnt badass?) So if theres a specific thread on here where I can show off these pieces without spamming all over the forums I'd hope that I can show some of them and hopefully inspire you guys with them. Otherwise once again, a pleasure to meet everyone and gday from down under Oh and heres a little example of my work (Sorry about the watermark, gotta have some type of security eh?) Its an work in progress illustrating Charum Hakkor as described in Cryptum and Primordium. As I said, not finished yet but on its way there. and theres more to come.
  17. Greetings Forumites and Threadators Just realized there was a community forum here and I thought I'd sign up to put on display my brilliance.
  18. Hello everybody. I've been checking out some of the forums on here for a while and felt as though I should make an account so I could do some posting as well. If you'd like to play, the gamertag is jokersmoker64.
  19. I am new to the forums so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Joshua Evon Bieuz, but I prefer Yasyszczuk, and I am 14 years old, in grade 9. I live in Niagara Falls, Canada, but was born in Welland, Ontario. I am a gamer, and a very good one at that. I play games that are interesting, entertaining, and difficult. My favorite games to play are Halo, Fallout, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Borderlands, Saint's Row, CoD, and Zelda. I enjoy listening to music while I play, aswell as having a fan or something to keep the room cold, as I play better under these conditions. Don't ask. my Gamertag is PuRpLe MadNeSSx, so if anyone feels like playing, I'm available from 3pm-930pm. And all weekend.
  20. What's up guys? I'm kinda new here so if we can skip picking on the new kid, that'd be appreciable. My favorite game's Halo 2, I love Halo 4 (currently on the Plasma Pistol challenge for Recon SURG armor), I'm all Recon armor in any Halo that allows it (think of it as my legacy or identity), Halo: Combat Evolved was my initiation into gaming, I don't know how to make proper introductions (sorry guys), and there is no game I put in front of Halo. I was brought here the oddest way possible; being perma-banned from Halo Waypoint forums for bumping someone else's "Thank You 343i" thread (saw everyone else bumping so I didn't think it was a problem. :l) so, learning from past mistakes, I'm here to play it clean and enjoy me some fan opinion. Gamertag's Arr0wSync, I'm big on Miami Heat and Boston Red Sox aside from Halo, I can't choose between Marty O'Donnell and Neil Davidge, and I love playing customs with an overheating passion. What's up, bromigos? TL;DR: Love Halo 4. Halo is my home. Hope this place is too!
  21. Hey Folks! I'm xXRC BossXx But you can call me Boss. or RC. or Lord Supreme. I've been a gamer for, well, ever... I can still remember my first experience with Halo (Getting kicked out of a gamestop for laughing too loud when my brother ran me over repeatedly with a warthog. Halo 1 Silent Cartographer. Win.) I enjoy games, food, Drums, bass, Star wars ,Star Trek (Yeah... i can do that) and other things. My favorite game of all time is Star Wars Republic Commando which is where my Gamertag comes from. (D-38 Boss) I was a regular user on the bungie forums and I look forward to fun, conversation, and celebratory crouching. Seeya round!
  22. It's cool that this forum has an area devoted to introductions and goodbyes. Hello fellow Spartans! My username and gamertag are the same, Goldfish Lord, because I absolutely love goldfish crackers. I'm excited to discuss the past, present, and future of the halo universe with you all.
  23. Hey everyone I'm here today because I would like to find a group to play some Halo4 with. please let me know if you wanna play! i have a mic and I'd prefer you did too, thanks!
  24. Well, first off hello. My GT is Bheid Reborn and I would like to take a sec to introduce myself. I'm 29 and I've been a Halo fan from the start (even though the last few games left me wanting). I wasn't going to get Halo 4 due to the fact that the series had lost it's "magic" that kept me playing long into the night. I can now say that Halo has it's magic again, and I'm pumped to be backing playing Halo. For a bit more on me...... I'm married and have one daughter I'm a supervisor at a forging plant (we make automotive parts) I play all types of games, but prefer FPS and Racing games. ....well that's about all the info I'm up to share for now. Well time to get back to blasting people in Slayer see ya in the War Games.
  25. Hello 343i forums and other creatures of the void. I used to be apart of the old bungie forums. I mostly lurked and for good reason if you too have been apart of the bungie forum phenomenon. Anyways, I don't think this is quite the place to hand out my measurements and life story, but if you have any questions feel free to ask as I am quite friendly. Anything, ask me anything.
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