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  1. I started making Beer Pong in , made it again in H2A, and now I managed to pull it off in Halo 5 (about 350 scripts later). Players will need to control the speed of their mongoose as they drive off of a ramp and try to land it in all cups. Each cup will disappear when you land in it, so you need to eliminate each individual cup to win the round. I didn't use the Party Cups because they were too small for a mongoose to land in. This game works with anywhere from 2-16 players, and I have a 10 Cup Version and a 6 Cup Version available to choose from depending on number of players and skill level. Enjoy! Download Map: Beer Pong - 10 Cup Download Map: Beer Pong - 6 Cup Download Game Mode: Beer Pong by Turb I'd like to thank xXBarthXx and SoS Darth Algar for their contributions on aesthetics!
  2. Sarcasm? I built the game mode and helped my buddy with the design and size of the field and I let him build the map because I didn't have much time at the time. If you give it a go I think you'll thoroughly enjoy the gameplay. If you have some ideas for more aesthetics I can see if we can sprinkle some in.
  3. In this adaptation of the popular sport the ball carrier is unable to move, so they must pass the ball to their teammates to score. The ball carrier is given a slight jump advantage, so always jump before passing. The ball will reset very quickly if no one picks it up, and if the ball hits the ground in the end zone it will reset. Unfortunately Automatic Ball Pickup is not an option in Halo 5 yet, so you have to hold X to catch the ball. 4-16 players. Co-forge with Vincent Torre. File Browser - Bookmark Map File Browser - Bookmark Game Mode https://youtu.be/mFvp41Et0BI
  4. In this adaptation of the popular sport the ball carrier is unable to move, so they must pass the ball to their teammates to score. The ball carrier is given a slight jump advantage, so always jump before passing. The ball will reset very quickly if no one picks it up, and if the ball hits the ground in the end zone it will reset. Unfortunately Automatic Ball Pickup is not an option in Halo 5 yet, so you have to hold X to catch the ball. 4-16 players. Co-forge with Vincent Torre. File Browser - Bookmark Map File Browser - Bookmark Game Mode https://youtu.be/mFvp41Et0BI
  5. In this minigame players spawn on a platform with 26 rainbow-colored blocks for each team's side. The blocks are color-coded with explosive barrels in the distance. Each player is equipped with a sniper rifle. If a player on the Red Team shoots a Green Barrel, then a Green Block will despawn on Blue Team's side creating a death hazard. Barrels explode with 2 hits, and I recommend scoping in twice for accuracy and to see the colors better. Stabilizers are enabled, so if you are scoped in and the block you are standing on despawns then there is a split second where you have a chance to thrust to an adjacent block and clamber up. This is a round-based survival game where one team wins when they've eliminated the opponents. Load 343 Strongholds, then Rainbow Sniping. This minigame works best with 2-10 players, but it is built to work with 16. The round goes too fast with more than 10 players. To download, add TurbTastic on Xbox Live, Halo 5 Friends Roster, TurbTastic, find the bookmarked map variant & game mode and add to your bookmarks
  6. He also made the SNES version
  7. There's a guy that has a pretty good version of Rainbow Road from the Wii. Gamertag = MaxMatt753
  8. This racetrack is a remake of Bowser’s Castle from Mario Kart 64. Features include a fire-breathing Bowser statue, scripted crate Thwomps, and a lava bridge. Speed boost powerups work like mushroom boosts, and there’s another powerup near the end that drops crates on opponents just ahead of you. Since there are so many sharp 90 degree turns I added infection shields in some places which work like bumpers. Laps take about 1 minute and 30 seconds. The map is designed for mongoose racing and supports up to 16 players. Play with my race gametype for the best experience.
  9. In this minigame each player tries to survive the longest in their warthog. The platform is an 8x8 grid riddled with holes that players can fall through. Players that die respawn in a room filled with 16 switches, and each switch launches in a kill ball below (10 second recharge). The switches are color coordinated with the platform below, so players know where the kill ball will appear which allows them to target specific players. Switches are not available for the first 30 seconds of each round.
  10. Using the Race game type and scripting I was able to recreate Beer Pong for H2A. Drive your mongoose off of a ramp and try to land in the cups to score. If you make a cup it will disappear, so your team needs to make all of the cups to win the round. I have a 6 Cup version and a 10 Cup version. Halo MCC Epic Forge Maps #28 - Beer Pong (Halo 2 …:
  11. I already made one that won't load due to the high object count issue. So if they fix that I'll probably make a few. My main goal is to make a fancy team racing map with lots of scripting, but they gotta fix the stability first.
  12. In this minigame players must avoid falling the stage, but to make things interesting the stage becomes progressively smaller every 15 seconds. There are 5 rounds lasting 2 minutes each, and a teleporter will spawn in 30 seconds into each round enforcing a vehicles-only rule so you can't get off your mongoose or flip it over. The last player on the stage in their mongoose is awarded with a point and wins the round. Each ring is a different color and will disappear according to this schedule: cyan at 1:45, orange at 1:30, purple at 1:15, green at 1:00, gold at 0:45, blue at 0:30, and the red does not disappear. The game is free for all by default, but it is also a lot of fun if you enable teams. See the video below for some good gameplay. Campaign leaderboards, campaign scoring, Halo 3, Sierra, Heroic, Friends, Co-op, 17088
  13. Map: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/3dc3f2c0-5a7e-48f2-b2be-aaf304489eec Gametype: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/db66df4e-9181-4966-b8da-5d221f7ad589 This is my new minigame called Shuffleboard (map & gametype). It is based on the game where you slide pucks on a long table with sand on it that allows the pucks to slide gradually. In my game I used Warthogs as the pucks (possible with Multi-Team Ricochet). Initially I wanted to have each team competing for points on the same side so people could try to knock the other teams pucks off the board, but it's impossible to get the scoring to work right for that so I had to separate teams on 2 boards. Each team will start with 8 Warthogs on their side, and they want the Warthogs to land in the scoring positions. The driver is ejected from the warthog and teleported back to the spawn when they reach the Dominion Base Shield, so the speed of the warthog at the time you go through the shield determines how far it will slide. Gravity volumes are strategically placed to allow the Warthogs to slide. Red is worth 3, Orange is worth 2, Green is worth 1, and this is labeled in game by dice. The spawn is setup so that you can look through the floor to see where your warthog ends up, and you can see how many points each team is going to get. The center of the Warthog determines which zone it is in, and credit is given to each team at the end of each 1 minute round. The team with the most points at the end of 6 rounds wins the game. Each player has enough time to send about 3 warthogs each round, so it shouldn't matter if teams are slightly uneven as long as each team has at least 3 players. To ensure that the Warthogs are still at the end of the round there is something that will spawn when there is 7 seconds left and stop new warthogs from entering. Game this is based on. Overview of map. Players enter Warthogs above the board. Layout is designed so you can see where your Warthog ends up. Drive at about 75% speed when you hit the shield. After going through the shield you are ejected and teleported back to the spawn where you can make additional attempts if more Warthogs are available. 3 points for Red. 2 points for Orange. 1 point for Green. 6 points total here. If you go too fast your Warthog will fall off the end and earn no points.
  14. Map: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/0ec13b38-f518-4684-857c-98f977dff0b9 Gametype: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/4a56959f-8864-4a52-97db-ddf35f62226d This is my new minigame called GooseBall (map & gametype). It is a ricochet-based game where the only way you can score is by throwing the ball from the back of a mongoose. This is accomplished by surrounding the area near the goal with a players-only teleporter. Anyone that is on foot in the water areas (see first picture below) will be teleported back to their base (ball carriers will be killed to prevent the ball from ending up in a base). There is a neutral zone in the middle where the ball spawns that allows players to be on foot. Everyone starts with an overshield coming out of their base and is equipped with a shotgun. Players that are on a mongoose are roughly twice as strong as players on foot, so the only time you want to be on foot is when you are trying to pick up the ball. Goals are located on each end right above each team's spawn. Throw the ball into the goal by pressing the grenade button when you are close enough to make it. First team to get 5 goals wins. I recommend 8-12 players, though it is compatible for up to 16. Forge nerd stuff at the bottom. See screenshots below: Overview of the arena. Inside of spawn/base. Pair up whenever possible. Go to the middle, fight for the ball. Red team making a run with the ball. Slips by blue defenders and throws the ball in the goal. Nice block Zandril... Splatters are effective against anyone on foot due to increased falling damage. Mongoose collisions may also cause significant damage to players. Forge Nerds: Players on foot are teleported to one of these two structures. Only one structure is needed, but I didn't want people overloading the teleporter system. These structures have a kill ball near the top that will only kill you if you have the ball (complex interactions between gametype settings and trait zone settings). There is an invincible dominion base shield set to one team that is used to filter players from a certain team to the proper sender node that takes them back to their base. This had to be done this way as teleporters can't be set to work for only one team. When players are on a mongoose they are at a slightly increased elevation compared to standing, so I was able to use trait zones at different heights to give different attributes to players depending on whether or not they were on a mongoose. When you have the vehicles on map setting set to Mongooses (with the ricochet gametype at least) the game will not respawn vehicles that were originally mongooses, so I used 8 ghosts and 8 warthogs for the 16 mongooses. The "min count" attribute was set to 8 for ghosts and warthogs so they would respawn faster. There are extra dominion vehicle pads at each base as well.
  15. Map: Team Race - CoAction Gametype: Race - Teams of 2 I've been working on Team Racing for over a year now and have been stuck with using a King of the Hill variant until a gametype by Mr Sylux and Gabo came out with one that is much better (Team Race v1.8 ). This gametype is designed so that teams of 2 will be placed into position on the mongoose and will be forced back on if they get off for 3 seconds. There are issues if team sizes go over 2 so you may want to set the maximum number of players equal to the number when you start. The gametype doesn't allow progressive checkpoints like Race v1.1 so it works best having the first team that reaches the end wins the round. Now that I had this to work with I decided to build a map designed exclusively for racing in teams. Obstacles in the course are interactive and often require cooperation between the driver and gunner for things such as shooting down a barricade. The gunner is equipped with a Railgun and Sticky Detonator which will be used to disrupt other teams as well as interact with various obstacles and triggers throughout the map. Co-forged with TheRedEyedDevil. I'll explain all the features of the map by describing these screenshots: Overhead view. Shows the 8 starting cells for the teams. Starting cell. Gate goes down 10 seconds in. To change drivers have the intended driver get off first and the intended gunner get off right after. First section starts out really wide and funnels players into a more narrow section. First obstacle is a dominion base shield with a land mine on it that can assist taking down the shield. The green shield is blocking a slight shortcut and shooting this land mine will take it down. It will also cause a chain reaction. Dice before. Dice after. You can also trigger the dice by looking back and shooting the mine. Players can reach high speeds on this downslope. There is a jump at the bottom. The cones are a harmless guide. If you hit the jump with enough speed you will land on the bridge above. The lower section is very bumpy courtesy of the rocks. Players bounce on destructible shields in this section. Screenshot If you fall through the shields, then you need to drive up this ramp to get back up. The right side has a flashing red light as it will slow you down. The left side will not slow you down but it is blocked by a shield. The center shield is neutral and can be taken down by shooting the land mine like so. The other 8 shields will only allow one random team to pass through them. There are land mines on both sides of this block that will cause these barricades to drop like this. There are 3 ways to go here. The left side requires a lot of speed to make the jump. The middle takes you to a lower section where you need to get conquer a rollover. The right side is blocked by pallets and there is a booster behind them. Taking out the shield door on the bridge from a distance. Barricades and crates roll downhill in this section. The final bridge section is very long and is prone to lead changes.
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