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Found 92 results

  1. Name of Map: Seige Canvas Map: Forge World Link to MAP: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/filebrowser/Details/24452306 Recommended Player Count: 12 Game Variant: Slayer Gamertag: ksi church2135 the map was made when my gamertag was KSI Church2135, dont let the name discourage you lol, i left the clan and now my gamertag is Powerpunchplus. it is a symmetrical slayer map, best for 8-12 players, but can play well on big team battle. no vehicles, multileveled castle with multiple ways to get in and out of any situation. A moat on either side that can be used to get in the lower level on the castle once the front gate closes at 3 minutes into the game. mancannons act as catapults to shoot players into the second story window and a central mancannon appears at 2 minutes in to catapult players to the top of the level where the sniper spawns. twoway teleporters are at the sides of the bottom level to take you into the second level and on a platform that you can get to by a staircase in the middle of the second level there are two teleporters to bring your spartan to the top or the castle. this is a bigger map that is well balanced and fun the scenery changes around the player at certain intervals of the game to create new ways to get around and change up the gameplay.
  2. Hey guys I'm Going to be getting a hd pvr soon so if you want to join team ph0enix we will be doing mostly customs and some forging if your interested in joining message me on Xbox live: JA1E35 . Once I get my pvr I will start recording and posting onto YouTube! There will be some rules applied to join in: You must be over the age of 14. Swearing and insulting will not be tolerated. Always have a positive attitude! You must be online daily. If you have a hd pvr currently it would be awesome cause then we can start posting videos onto YouTube! Please reply If you have any questions.
  3. If you are looking for a clan to join hit me up! My clan name is Unnatural Cause and we are looking for new members. I will try you out to see how you play. This is a competitive clan so I am looking for good players always wanting to win. We will also be doing Gamebattles, but is not required. Send me a friend request if your interested. Gamertag: iRush God (Leader) or Gamertag: Budweiser X 702 (Co-Leader)
  4. If you are looking for ppl to play with I will give you a tryout to see how good you are. Hit me up on live! I'm trying to get a team together for Halo 3, Reach, and of course Halo 4. I am not looking for a clan battle at this particular time. We will be doing Gamebattles, but that is not a requirement. Hit me up!
  5. Download Championship: http://halo.xbox.com...etails/30559234 Have a score to settle? This is where you do it. Championship is my take on the ultimate Capture the Flag map. It also works great for Assault. It's perfect for both small and large team games. Each base has strengths and weaknesses. Each base has a set of well balanced, multi-tiered entrances. This map is all about the gameplay. At the heart of the map is the upper level Jump Block Crossing. Below that is the massive Magnet Rink. If you go for the jump block cross, you may end up in the magnet rink. The center of the map is intentionally open to make the players in the magnet rinks inability to jump interesting. The two gates, along with the two ramps on either side of the map add great short and long range conflicts. The light man cannons in front of the bases throw players up and into their opponent's base like old school pirates boarding a schooner. -6x DMR -4x Magnum -4x Plasma Pistol -4x Assault Rifle -2x Needle Rifle -2x Concussion Rifle -2x Needler -2x Grenade Launcher -2x Shotgun -1x Energy Sword -1x Rocket Launcher Thanks for checking out my map, Championship. Have fun!
  6. This is another suggestion thread started by me but unlike my forge ideas this one consentrates on the invasion gametype in case it does return in Halo 4. I do not know if invasion will be in Halo 4 but I have my hopes. I found after a while invasion simply became repetitive because it was always the same objectives, same strategies, same threats and few maps that after a few games you would know inside and out. I thought that to make it more intresting, more gameplay aspects should be possible and I thought that it would make it more intresting to have... wait for it... FRIGATES... and... CORVETTES! Yes I am aware what most people say about implementing such massive vehicles and the incredible amounts of problems it can cause and the mountains of reasons it is not feasable but please, hear me out. What I am implying is not to add whole controllable vehicles but more of a giant model like the aegis fate from sandbox. For them to work a few new vehicles/weapons would need to be made available: covenant drop pods ODST drop pods mac guns, the one you use in the reach campaign covenant AA guns, the ones you destroy on tip of the spear corvettes frigates pelicans phantoms How they would work would be that the invading team spawns and respawns inside the corvette or frigate depending on if they are humans or elites of course and could either man large guns mounted on the side of the ship to act as arial aid or jump in the drop pods and drop into the battlefield. Only one or two corridors would be accesable so they dont need to build a full interior and the rest of the ship would be behind forever locked doors. Only a few corridors are required to hold spawn points, mounted guns and drop pods anyway. The opposing team would eventually get a MAC or AA gun with which they can shoot down the opposing teams spawn ship which would then crash onto the battlefield and the previously accessable corridors simply get remodeled to look destroyed and have holes in them etc. It wouldn't have any guns or drop pods however it would keep respawn points. The enemy MAC or AA gun can be destroyed. The Big gun only becomes usable in the last round and a hanger in the ship opens containing one or two pelicans/phantoms that can be used to transport pretty much an entire team directly to the enemy's base. If something here does not make any sense or if i skipped over a detail somewhere let me know and I will clarify. Please tell me what you think of my ideas below.
  7. With Bungie there was a clan system where you could create, name, and organize leadership roles on their site. Does anyone know if this could be a upcomming feature?
  8. Hey, My name is x Master Rob x, and my colleagues and I at Superior Masters Productions just created what is hoped to be the first machinima in a series. It's a Halo: Reach machinima called Chimera Team Alpha, and is meant to be sort of a retro buddy-cop take on the Halo universe, with the man-child spartan Crackshot paired with the sardonic elite Niblick, with both of them directed by the gruff Admiral Tyrell. We're new and we're still finding our footing, but we think we have something to contribute to the Halo machinima community. Our pilot episode (Episode 1) can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnHiM0SodB0&list=PL2F9536BB3629B61E&index=1&feature=plpp_video [EDIT: the link to the video has changed as the video has been picked up by the 343iCommunity YouTube channel. Which is awesome.] Thanks, x Master Rob x
  9. Hey everybody! HFT is looking for some clan battles and could use some practice. Any clans welcome and all the below game-types may be played so be prepared! (1 Team SWAT (2 Team Slayer (3 MLG (4 Big Team Battle (5 Team Objective Hope to get some battles going see you on Xbox Live! Good luck Troops!
  10. Hey everyone my GT is Roso132 and I've started an MLG Team called "Origin". I'm having trouble finding people who are good enough to join, although anyone who does want to join just thinks its a silly team they can get on with any skill level...WRONG! I'm looking for the best of the best to tryout for my team! REQUIREMENTS: Microphone Knowledge of where you are at anytime on the map Every weapon spawn location Calling out And dedicated player. You do "not" need to change your GT, colors, service tag, or emblem Rank does not matter. Just skill and sportsmanship (I don't mind a little trash talk though ) Remember: WE ARE THE ORIGIN!!
  11. Hey everybody! Clan H F T is will be holding tournaments most Saturdays and Sundays. All clans and players are welcome to enter just be sure to sign up by PM or send me a message via Xbox live at : HFT Chaos and tell me which Game-Type(s) you want to participate in. Game-types will be: (1 FFA (2 4v4 Slayer (3 8v8 Slayer (4 Team MLG v7 (5 Team SWAT Each team must have a leader. MS points will be given out to the winner and will get H F T clan help for match-made achievements and Daily/Weekly challenges. Good luck Spartans!
  12. Ok, I know this is me just being nit-picky, but I'm seriously wondering why we're forced into the red and blue team colors in any invasion mode. I mean, it's not that hard to tell who's on what team with it being Spartans vs Elites. So, why force the colors? Now, to state this in advance, I know that some of you will say that that's the only way that the game can register teams. However this is not true in the least, for when we play Firefight matchmaking it puts us into red team, however our colors remain our own. The same can be said for standard Firefight, where we are able to separate into both red & blue teams. All the while retaining our own colors. This said, I would like to propose that 343 Industries attempt to make it to where we keep our custom colors during Invasion matches. It shouldn't be that difficult to update the coding to do such, as I have just made clear that it has already been done in the Firefight modes, and could be easily distributed via: Title Update. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, -Alberio Craft- [EDIT #1] As stated by 'Kill the King': This is a good point, but the big problem against that arguement is that in the Infection playlist everyone uses their own color unless zombified, yet we're still able to tell the difference purly from the sword's unique look. I know that may not seem like much to counter your statement, however what I'm trying to get at is the fact that, just like how the zombies look different from the survivors due to one small unique detail, the Elites look quite different from the Spartans, due to the nature of their amors (Spartans = Bulky; Elites = Smooth) and the shapes of their bodies (ex: Elites are quite taller than spartans, and are almost always hunched over). [EDIT #2] To back up this claim even more, here is a quote from 'RedStarRocket91': The idea of having more of a stealth element within this game truly does have a huge appeal to people who are both professional and/or hardcore gamers. Especially due to the fact that it adds a ton more strategy for us during objective style game modes. This being said, there is also the contrast to where those who are wearing more vibrant colors (or colors that don't match the surroundings) will have a much more intimidating feel, as they come barreling down the corridors or across the fields, since they seem as if they don't have the need to camoflague themselves. Which also gives those players a slight leadership element. Those who are using the more vibrant colors would also be somewhat intimidating, as those who wish to attack the vivid colored enemy would have to think about if his opponent might have an ally lying in wait for an ambush. [EDIT #3] Now that all of these points have been both thought of and considered, I feel that it is safe to say that the original set-up for 'Invasion' with its forced Red and Blue colors is still a good way to help beginners. However, there has also been evidence which has been shown here to prove that we can determine who the enemy is without needing our colors forced upon us. This being said, I change my decision on changing 'Invasion' to not having forced colors. However, I also have not changed my mind. What I'm trying to get at here, is that it would be very wise of 343 Industries to listen to their fans for both sides of this argument, and split 'Invasion' into two types. "Standard Invasion" could easily be understood as the common Red vs Blue scenario, and then there could be "Invasion Plus" or some name like that, for those of us who wish to play Invasion with our own custom colors, and are tired of having our hands held while trying to fight. I have also posted this thread on the Halo Waypoint forums, with a poll. Make sure to go there as well, and place a vote to let 343 Industries hear your voice on the matter! http://halo.xbox.com/Forums/yaf_postst64147_Why-be-forced-to-have-different-team-colors-in--invasion.aspx
  13. please fix the matching team ups, im tired of going up against people with like positive 10,000 kds and ending up with teamates that are negative as ****, i only have a positive 2,000 kd myself and if you think a person with that kd can match up against a team of positive 10,000 and above with teamates that are negative as ****? then you are wrong my friends. for once i would like to be on the good teams instead of these shifty as teams your system has been placing me on, i have/ or been loosing most of my games for the last 3 months, i figured id give you guys time and maybe it will be better, HECK NO! ITS GETTING WORSE! im sure my friends and other players have been having the same problem and/or concern and i strongly recommend fixing this, otherwise you will be losing players and subscribers and possibly any money you are making off us playing this game. also fix your automated hacking tracker, ive also been in lots of matches recently where people would be flying across the map shooting snipers and getting headshots, people would kill me n one shot of a dmr, people would have a jetpack or invisablity and use armorlock at the same time, people would have overshields or my weapons would be ineffectve against them. message aCOWBOY2 for the video proof or look at some of DigitalDarkLinks filebrowser videos to catch them if you must.
  14. I've been thinking, and we should post ways that we can help improve the site as a whole. Whether that be to be more welcoming to newcomers, not using harsh language, or deciding to be more involved in the forums. Below, post ideas that we can all strive towards to help make the site a better place. Thanks for reading, God bless you. Sincerely, @RANMAN10
  15. The I Stand for Life™ Team is now recruiting team members for Halo: Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. I Stand For Life™ is a non-denominational organization that promotes pro-life enlightenment through scientific and spiritual discovery, media sharing, and dissemination of pro-life materials. You can check out I Stand for Life™ here: http://www.facebook.com/IStand4Life Team ISFL Requirements: - Supported Games: Halo: Reach, and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition on Xbox Live - Ideology: ISFL is non-denominational, and welcomes all races, religions and ethnic groups - provided you personally believe that: a.) human life begins at conception, and b.) EVERY unborn child has the right to life - Skill Level: all skill levels are welcome to participate in Team ISFL gameplay and functions, and as the ISFL Team grows, special units may be designated based on factors such as: hours that members are able to play, skill levels of members, specific team-on-team competition - Uniforms: when participating in competitive ISFL sanctioned Halo matches/tournaments/games, you are expected to represent ISFL solidarity in team colors as follows: primary color: ice (light blue), secondary color: white Rules Of Conduct: ISFL Team members are expected to respect one another. While salty language is tolerated, personal attacks on team members will not be, and should be reported to the appropriate ISFL administrator for investigation. Serious offenders will be removed from Team ISFL as pertinent to their representation on ISFL web pages, as well as prohibited from participating in all ISFL Halo team functions. Mission Statement: Have fun!! While being competitive in the universe of online gameplay is encouraged, team-work and good-will are paramount to establishing the ISFL Team as an exciting unit that brings like-minded individuals together to participate in some of the best online multiplayer gaming available!! I Stand For Life™ looks forward to a great 2012 for Team ISFL, and Halo 4 is just around the corner! While other games may eventually be considered for Team ISFL gameplay, please consider dusting off your Halo: Reach games, and consider picking up Halo: Combat Evolved (Anniversary Edition) for some superb classic Halo gameplay. Thank you for your support! If you are interested in becoming an I Stand For Life™ Team member, send a message to Xbox Live Gamertag "April xoxo" or an email to "istandforlife@hotmail.com". Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook! Thank you!
  16. Right i am looking for active halo reach players for a matchmaking team not a clan. The team is for competitve play and would only need a number people with a decent kd above 1.35 and above brigadier. add me
  17. ***Mods, please sticky this for the community**** It is with great pleasure that right now, I declare the Official 343Industries.org Community Forum Teamspeak Server open!!! Teamspeak is a great way to communicate with friends and teammates, when console microphones are not available. teamspeak is also a great alternative to using the shoutbox. Each Mod, Admin, and News group have their own private chat room, where you can all discuss importannt matters. Now as with the chatbox and this Teamspeak, there are rules to follow... 1. Do not get out of hand with language. I'm no saint my self, but don't spam curse words for no reason, and please do not direct them towards anyone. 2. Be respectful of all members, and those members in a power authorative rank. 3. Do not spam flood the chat portion or voice portion of the server. Doing so will get you kicked and or banned, depending on the number of offenses and severity or the infringement. 4. Do not try to circumvent or otherwise challenge my security skills. YOU WILL LOSE! Also I log all IP addresses, fake or otherwise I can trace all connections to it's home source....so be carefull! 5. Please sign in using your web forum username, not another different name. All names are added to my sql database, and can not be used by anyone else once you sign in with it. This helps to protect your identity and reputation. So now that you know the rules, heres the info you need. Go to http://www.teamspeak.com and download the teamspeak client. Once you have that installed and running, here is the connection info... Server address: Server password: 343i For those in the leadership roles here, you are all added to roster with the highest security privilege. The only members yet to log-on and have admin rights given to them is John-117, Spectral Jester, Twam and Bob. Anyone with admin rights already, can assign them the admin privilege when ever they are on together. Well, that's it folks. use it and enjoy!!!!
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