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Found 24 results

  1. I'm part of a team that enrolls in tons of game for tournaments. Currently we are looking to expand out halo team and need players to join for the Halo MCC. We are Vendetta Esports. If you are interested add me on discord, KickJax#2733. Or add our recruiter FPSwulf#2529.
  2. As of DreamHack Atlanta, it has been announced that Microsoft Stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and even Australia will be hosting monthly tournaments for local players to meet and compete. Here is the trailer where you can see Kenny the Spartacat talk about prizes and what these tournaments bring to the Halo Community: Dates: August 6 - FFA Tournament September 3 - Doubles Tournament October 8 - 4v4 Tournament (HCS Settings) Areas supporting the events: If you love playing Halo 5 still then it is encouraged to go to these. You never know who you'll meet or what you'll win! REGISTER HERE Source: Halo Waypoint
  3. I am looking for three people to play in the Halo 5 last chance qualifier with next Sunday. It is just for fun and isn't meant to be taken seriously. Really just for teh lulz. But hey, then you can say you played in an MLG tournament. And who knows? We could be the next EG and win it, go to regionals, and win the 2 million dollar tournament. I hope this was the right spot to post this. Must have a mic and positive K/D. If interested message me on here or Xbox. Gamertag is Maximum Clutch.
  4. Fight in an elimination style 1v1 game against your fellow peers! The game will go down like a normal tournament, brackets, winners, losers, laughs, cries, etc. You will be fighting for bragging rights and the chance to call yourself a powerhouse in the world of Halo. If you wish to signup for the next series on the loser bracket, just go here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/41042-yoshi-and-fishys-tourney/?p=369701 The match will be held on a map named Scirmmage, created by Sikslik7 and edited by me. Which everyone can see here: Everyone will start with a BR and 1x Frag. This is to ensure no frag spam, and the BR is to be used efficiently for a fast smooth game. Contestants will play 3 rounds, giving it a fair match. Best 2 out of 3. Each round will consist of 15 kills on a 6 minute timer. If you do not reach the target score, the win will be counted towards the player with the most score. At the end of the match the contestants will go into theater and save that game and load it to their fileshare to be watched by Yoshi1776 and I to make sure that the person claiming to be winner is actually winner or vice versa. Both players must do as such. *If no clip is given after the match the match will not count. *Both parties must agree on a day and time to do their match. *You have four days to complete your next match unless otherwise cleared by Yoshi1176 or myself. *Players who do not show up in the scheduled time will be put down as DNF. *DNF’s will be placed in the loser's bracket. *If you cannot make it, you both need to send a PM to Yoshi1176 and I claiming that you can’t do it. We will then let you decide if one of you (or both) want to be put down as DNF or reschedule a further date. Now, remember. This will be played on Halo: MCC The map and gametype is in my fileshare. To do this you will need to: Launch Halo: The Master Chief Collection > Go to the Main Menu Screen > Press ‘X’ to open the roster > Press ‘A’ on [Your Gamertag] > Press ‘A’ on Find Player > Enter the Gamertag “L Fishy L” > Go to Map Variants > Select “Scrimmage” > Press ‘B’ > Go to Game Types > Select “1v1” After that, you are good to go. Oh, and winner... Remember your reward is a copy of Halo 5: Guardians. If you do not wish to have it, let us know. We will have it put in the Christmas tree. Contestants. Your first match begins on July 18th 2015. You have until July 21st to complete this. Good luck. Round 1: (Note: All of these were placed and decided by RNG) Azaxx vs Tony Stark (Substituted by Hayley Kenway) Sikslik7 vs GermanShepherdD PlasmaCasterNotARealBow vs Self Destruct Drizzy_Dan vs ShadowFiend216
  5. Hey everyone! This is just a little poll for me to get a read on people who play on the 3DS and play competitively. I know we have a lot of wonderful PC and XB360 and XB1 playdates, I'd also love to host a sort of tourney or event, or just a hang out of some kind with some 3DS gamers! So all honest input on the poll would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys! We are having a Halo 4 tournament and we would like YOU to play in it! Are you guys daring enough to take the competition? Sign your team up and lets see how well you can do! All skill levels are allowed! After a quick play in round, all games will be streamed! Sign-up! http://battlefy.com/baseecentral/bec-post-turkey-tournament/54702960096e9a4c0a655cd7/info
  7. Hey guys! We are having a Halo 4 tournament and we would like YOU to play in it! Are you guys daring enough to take the competition? Sign your team up and lets see how well you can do! All skill levels are allowed! After a quick play in round, all games will be streamed! Sign-up! http://battlefy.com/baseecentral/bec-post-turkey-tournament/54702960096e9a4c0a655cd7/info
  8. This is my first attempt to make a GP. At least to the best of my knowledge it is a GP. I randomly started forging on Thursday because it's been a while since I finished a racetrack. I am working on several others that got me stumped so I thought I would take a break from all the hard stuff. Play with Race v1.1 up to 16 players. Average Lap time is 25 seconds. Hope you guys enjoy! Color Scheme: A mix of Red, Orange, Purple, & Gold Time Spent Forging: 20hrs Type of Track: GP/Tournament Difficulty: Medium Download Links: Map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/4df750c8-ed3d-4fc3-8b0e-466e3b9e71f4 Gametype: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/120225e2-61b3-419a-bd5c-eb528b49aac7 Images:
  9. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, and all beings alike this is my post to my first event here at 343i. Now I have found many Pokemon Lovers here at 343 and I have decided to take it upon myself to hold an event of Pokemon battling and fun. DATE: February 15th. The event will start at 6pm EST. (THIS MAY CHANGE TO GET AS MANY POKEMON FANS AS POSSIBLE TO PARTICIPATE) The Games that we will be using for this event are the following: Pokemon X and Y - From 6pm to 7:30pm - 3VS3 Battling or Trading - Level 50 cap. Pokemon Black/White (1 or 2) - From 7:30pm to 8:15pm - Trading or Battling 3VS3 - Level 50 cap. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - From 8:15pm to 9:15pm - Battling 3VS3 or Trading - Level 50 Cap. So are you up to this challenge? Can you rise to the top as 343i's top battler? Sign up below! Please help me make this a successful event here at 343i! Sincerely, Pbrabbit
  10. Hey guys, We are looking for a dedicated fourth for our team. We practice every day, whether that is running customs or searching the 'Team Throwdown' playlist. Our Gamertags: Burgerweiner 7 XxCOACHxX STRETCH F12 Feel free to send any of us message. Try sending Burgerweiner 7 a message first. Don't send me a friend request yet, because I have a full list. I will obviously remove someone when we play together. Please serious inquiries only. Please have a car/some form of transportation to get to the event. Please be over 18 years of age too. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thanks guys. Supporting Halo.
  11. After completing a DGL match, please post results here. I will provide a pdf with current scores and match results here as well along with Leaderboard that will be updated weekly. Required information from completed match to be used to calculate score.... Date match was played Final score Kills and deaths of each participant Please remember to "Save Film" of the completed match and upload to fileshare to be used on the 343iCF YouTube Channel. Upload saved film to fileshare Post location (Gamertag) where film can be found (or link when H4 fileshare becomes available) More information will be coming soon from the DGL!!!
  12. In an act to relive some of the glories days from back when Halo 2 controlled our lives, I'm here to spread word of the largest Halo 2 Throwback Tournament coming June 8th, 2013. Ready for the Largest Halo 2 LAN since MLG?! On June 8th, 2013 Howie’s Game Shack® in Mission Viejo, CA is hosting a Halo 2 Throwback Tournament – both 4v4 and FFA. Sponsored by Bungie and our partners MadCatz and Monster Energy, this upcoming tournament will feature over 90+ Xbox 360 stations loaded with Halo 2 for an All-Day-Event of action and fun! Details outlining the Event are as follows: What: Halo 2 Throwback Tournament – Biggest LAN since MLG. When: Saturday – June 8th, 2013 Where: Howie’s Game Shack, 27741 Crown Valley Pwky, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 LIVE Streaming will be available the day of the event here: Live Stream – http://www.twitch.tv/howiesgameshack Prize Pool can be viewed here: http://howies.com/pdf/HALO_2_PRIZE_POOL.pdf Rules can be viewed here: http://howies.com/pdf/HALO_2_RULES.pdf Pre-registration is available online by purchasing any of the following: FFA Pass, 4v4 Event Pass, or Combo Event Pass. This includes the ability to participate in our tournament and game with your friends for the entire day until our store closes at 2am Sunday morning. (4v4 Event Pass & Combo Event Pass only; the FFA Pass only permits play for the Free-for-all) By Pre-registering online, you are reserving your seat at the event. Due to limited stations at our venue, we can only satisfy as many registrants that there are Xbox’s available. Controllers and Headsets are provided at each station; however, it is RECOMMENDED you bring your own controller. Sign-ups for participants who have not pre-registered will start at 10am Saturday – June 8th, 2013 at our Mission Viejo, CA location, and ends at 1:30pm. FFA Tournament Starts at 2pm. The 4v4 Tournament is scheduled to start at 4pm, but will commerce at the conclusion of the FFA Tournament should that Tournament run longer. If you’re between the ages of 13-17 you’ll need written consent from a parent or guardian to participate in the Halo 2 Throwback Tournament. If you are under 13 years of age, you are not eligible to participate. Its REQUIRED that each participant fill-out and turn-in our Release Form the day of the event. This form can be found here: Release Form: http://howies.com/pdf/Tournament%20Release%20Form.pdf @HowiesGameShack
  13. Grab your friends because it’s time to get your Halo on and compete in the first ever HaloHawk tournament! Sound like fun? Then go to nighthawkfilmstudio.weebly.com/halohawk-off.html Some prizes include: Custom Halo T-Shirt Cameo in a NightHawk production Clan or team trailer/recruitment video Custom made trophy and more... All games will be recorded and put on youtube in a Super Bowl like fashion! Check it out! NightHawk Film Studios Team
  14. Here you will find the Weekly Match List for participants of the DGL tournament along with all relevant information including opponent, map, and completion deadline for each specified match. If you are participating in the DGL tournament, it would be to your benefit to follow this topic which will be updated weekly. Once a match is completed, please post results with all required information in the DGL Match Results thread found here >>> http://www.343indust...rd/#entry230553 The league will be divided into two competing divisions. The Leaders of each division will compete in a head-to-head, best of 3 series to determine Champion. Division 1 - Crimson A71william Ryboss96 Skys Kalaphite250 IKSSE2113 asdf_wrex Gazzy Mill Mill Neurotic Kasper Drizzy_Dan Vinceee Real Talk The208Hunter Vaulting♥Frog Division 2 - Majestic da monsterchief Hater Sarge GermanShepherdD Liam Simmons Sheeran Sikslik7 Forum Dinosaur Oni EpicEthan97 M4L1C1OU5 Lil Dog Badass_Sniper Choot 'em More information from the DGL coming soon!!
  15. 1. LZ Legundo 2. Orbital 1.1 3. Circumvention v1.1 4. A gametype typically used for 5 v 5 but can be used with any amount of people. It is an oddball variant. The person carrying the ball is a one hit kill, the person not carrying the ball is about 10-12 hit kill. (Not easy) It is a fun gametype and has some variations, FFA, and 3-ball. FFA is meant for lower ammounts of people and is played on Icosikaitetragon. 3-ball is meant for 16 players, or many players. LegendZero.com is hosting a tournament for this game type. Signup ends at the end of the month! http://www.legendzer.../circumvention/ 5. I hope a video is ok.
  16. Some call us a community, others call us a clan, but any way you put it, we’re looking for mature gamers to join us. We are a fast-growing social group that likes to win, but we value having fun over everything else. We all have jobs, families and/or lives outside of xbox and understand that you do too. Many of us are on daily, and many (like myself) are only on for a few hours a week, but everyone is Fonzie. There are opportunities for those who enjoy competitive gaming, customs, and tons of laid back people who will pretty much play anything. We do hold our own tournaments and will occasionally play other clans as well. We do have a few minor criteria if you would like to consider membership (and you can learn more on the site): Treat everyone with respect Have a mic - we value communication during play Don't rage when you lose Participate in our forums so we can get to know you (we're very social) Don't make fun of my driving skills (optional) Accept invites to gaming parties regularly when you're on XBL Feel free to stop by, check out our forums, send FR’s and apply for membership… we want to make sure you are the right fit for our community just as much as you need to feel like we’re the right fit for you. Hope to see you soon! Tell 'em CoffeeAddikshun sent you! http://www.xfactor-gaming.com
  17. Pixel Battles in Tigard, Oregon is holding a lan event on January 19th, and January 20th. There will be three different events with : FFA, 2 vs. 2, and 4 vs. 4. The FFA and 2 vs. 2 events will be held on Saturday, January 19th and the 4 vs. 4 event will be held on Sunday, January 20th. Compete in one or compete in them all!Are you new to the competitive gaming and/or tournament scene? Do you think your current Halo 4 skills are not up to par with "most" Halo 4 gamers? Or are you more interested in playing simply for fun? Don't worry, we got you covered! Halopalooza will feature "beginner" FFA and 2 vs. 2 events on Saturday and a "beginner" 4 vs. 4 event on Sunday. All of these events will have a registration fee of just $5 per person and allow you to play on a more beginner-friendly level for various prizes provided by Pixel Battles. But, if you're looking to compete for that cash money, you will have to participate in the "advanced" events! Where: Pixel Battles 11642 SW Pacific Hwy. Tigard, OR When: Saturday, January 19th - Sunday, January 20th Saturday, January 19th FFA Tournament (Advanced) - Will begin around 11:00 AM - Registration fee: $10 - Registration closes at 10:45 AM - Tournament size cap: 128 individuals - Tournament type: single-elimination - For the first round, players will be split up into groups of five to eight depending on the total amount of players registered. The top four players of that round, and each successive round, will advance to the next round until there are only eight players remaining (at which point the eight remaining players would play in the finals for the cash prizes) FFA Tournament (Beginner) - Will begin around 11:00 AM - Registration fee: $5 - Registration closes at 10:45 AM - Tournament size cap: 32 individuals - Tournament type: single-elimination - For the first round, players will be split up into groups of five to eight depending on the total amount of players registered. The top four players of that round, and each successive round, will advance to the next round until there are only eight players remaining (at which point the eight remaining players would play in the finals for the cash prizes) 2 Vs. 2 Tournament (Advanced) - Will begin shortly after the Advanced FFA tournament - Registration fee: $40 per team ($20 per person) - Registration closes at the beginning of the final round of the Advanced FFA tournament - Tournament size cap: 64 teams - Tournament type: double-elimination - Games per series: best of three 2 Vs. 2 Tournament (Beginner) - Will begin shortly after the Beginner FFA tournament - Registration fee: $10 per team ($5 per person) - Registration closes at the beginning of the final round of the Beginner FFA tournament - Tournament size cap: 16 teams - Tournament type: double-elimination - Games per series: best of three Sunday, January 20th 4 Vs. 4 Tournament (Advanced) - Will begin around 11:00 AM - Registration fee: $100 per team ($25 per person) - Registration closes at 10:45 AM - Tournament size cap: 32 teams - Tournament type: double-elimination - Games per series: best of three 4 Vs. 4 Tournament (Beginner) - Will begin around 11:00 AM - Registration fee: $20 per team ($5 per person) - Registration closes at 10:45 AM - Tournament size cap: 16 teams - Tournament type: double-elimination - Games per series: best of three There will be cash prizes for all of the ADVANCED events. The number of individuals/teams cashed out for each of these events and the dollar amount of those cash prizes will be based on the number of individuals/teams registered for that event. The BEGINNER events will feature prizes such as energy drinks, energy shots, and Pixel Battles merchandise, game cards, and/or certificates. All of the ADVANCED games will be played on sixteen 22 inch ASUS monitors (the official MLG monitor used during the 2011 season). Most of the BEGINNER games (if not all depending on the amount of registered individuals/teams) will be played on eight 48 inch plasma screens. Although you are welcome to bring your own controller and/or headset, you are not required to bring any personal equipment! Wireless controllers will be provided in exchange for photo identification. Register at Pixel Battles anytime between now and the times indicated above. Although registering before the day of the tournament is not required, it greatly aids us in the preparations and allows us to begin and run the tournament with less delay. Please follow the facebook event posts for more information regarding the game types, game settings, and maps that will be used for the events. Do you know someone who may be interested? Send an invite or pass on the word! I would truly appreciate it! A good turnout means better competition and better cash prizes. Have questions? Feel free to post them here, on Pixel Battle's facebook page, or message me personally! www.pixelbattles.com www.facebook.com/pixelbattlesgaming The gametypes are MLG v1 settings for everything, although those that choose to play in beginners will only be playing slayer. "Beginner" is at your judgment, but remember the big cash prizes and good competition are in advanced, so there is really no incentive to lie. Can't wait to see you guys there. ( 2v2 is slayer only as well of course MLG Gamebattles Rules although Adrift/Solace are in rotation as game 3 maps if the tournament fills up, since we will need to do some losers rounds split screen if we have a full house. Thankyou Director looks much nicer, doing things this early in the morning can be sloppy.
  18. Free Halo 4 Tournament on X-box 360, with “Omega 1” Motion Comics Hero at Microsoft’s Westfield Century City store. Elimination-style battle is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required. Meet dynamite actress and stuntwoman Alina Andrei, the model, voice and co-creator of sci-fi action comic “Omega 1.” Player vs. All; 15-minute time limit; highest frag count players advance. Top 2 players battle it out in real time on 103 inch screen. Top 3 players win signed Omega 1 Issue 1, Comic and Motion Comic DVD. Food and swag bags for all preregistered guests. Register via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/455970571129244/?context=create or email [email protected]
  19. Hey guys, My friend and I will be hosting a Halo 4 2v2 tournament, it will start on December 22. Ultimately, we will coordinate matches and invite you to custom games at the appropriate time. It will be a single elimination tournament, however each team will be guaranteed 2 matches, for the first will be used to gauge the skill of each team which will determine their placement in the bracket. Ultimately each team will be competing to win MS points! You may create your own team of two or you will be matched with someone else. Please sign up at the following site. http://cagould95.wix.com/halohq#!events/cx4w If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.
  20. Howdy everyone! It's hard to believe that Halo 4 is just DAYS away from its release. That being said, I’m very proud to announce our upcoming project, “Halo 4 Commentary”. Here is some background information. The H4C (Halo 4 Commentary) Crew consists of four friends who have grown up playing the Halo series together. We’re all currently attending the University of Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. During the last couple of months, we have been working hard on launching a YouTube channel/Live stream strictly aimed to provide competitive gameplay with informative and entertaining commentary. We have dedicated an entire room to the project. In this room, deemed “The Halo Lair”, we have 4 Xboxes accompanied with reduce lag monitors in order to produce the highest quality videos. Being from a college town, there are going to be a lot of in person/live tournaments in the coming months. During the days of Halo 3, we all wished there was a YouTube channel or some sort of video series that showed local competitive tournaments. Our goal is to capture the competitive aspect of Halo 4 not only with online ranked gameplay, but also with in person gameplay. Hopefully, the Halo 4 ranking system brings back the built-in competitive feel, if not there is always GameBattles! In order for this to be a success, we need your support. Please subscribe to our YouTube and Own3d.TV channel, as well as spread the word to your friends! We have invested a lot of money and efforts so we hope you guys enjoy! A special thanks from the H4C Crew! YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/Halo4Commentary Own3d.TV Channel: www.own3d.tv/Halo4Commentary EDIT: Just found out the offical competitive system for Halo 4! It seems promising although it won't be here till next year. https://forums.halow...-Announced.aspx EDIT: http://imgur.com/a/eiLp2- Progress pictures(Unfinished) - We are about 60% done, due to shipping errors we have been delayed but it should be finished before the release.
  21. Finally, we get what many have been waiting for - more news about the Halo 4 presence at MLG Dallas, 2012 Credit for these infos goes to TheHaloCouncil and Major League Gaming The video that brought my attention to this can be found at this link Before i get down to details, here the infos about the event, in case anyone missed them What is it: The MLG Fall Championships Where is it: Dallas, Texas When does it take place: November 2-4, 2012 Now of course you are wondering what news i have for you.. so let me lay the cards on the table Spectator Passes are now on sale. More Details, including travel infos, are listed here Also, a list of the Halo teams and Halo pros that are going to compete at this event can be found here And yes, you read it right There will be a full Halo 4 tournament taking place at MLG Dallas, days before Halo 4 is released! I don't know about you guys, but i certainly am excited to hear these news!
  22. Hey everyone we're having a clan tournament Saturday May 12th 5:00 PM GMT-6:00. All players encouraged to join! There will be no prizes for winning as this is just to get the word of our clan out there, show people we are skilled, and have a fun community day(MS points will be offered in future tourney's)! SINGLE ELIMINATION! Game-Type: 4v4 Slayer DMR's: Bloom is 50%. Loadout =DMR, Pistol, 2 Frag Grenades on maps: Countdown, Asylum, and Sanctuary. \ Please RSVP by messaging me on xbox live @ HFT Chaos. Please leave Team Name, Captain and Members Gamertags. Hope to have you join it'll be a blast! Good Luck Troops!
  23. Hey everybody! Clan H F T is will be holding tournaments most Saturdays and Sundays. All clans and players are welcome to enter just be sure to sign up by PM or send me a message via Xbox live at : HFT Chaos and tell me which Game-Type(s) you want to participate in. Game-types will be: (1 FFA (2 4v4 Slayer (3 8v8 Slayer (4 Team MLG v7 (5 Team SWAT Each team must have a leader. MS points will be given out to the winner and will get H F T clan help for match-made achievements and Daily/Weekly challenges. Good luck Spartans!
  24. Maximum of 16 clan members enter for each clan. Each clan gets to pick one map they will play their games on if they are the "Home Team". This map must follow these guidelines; takes up much of forge world is a custom made btb map, (or u can choose an already existant map) no spartan lasers(in a class or map) no scorpians no classes with snipers one sniper on the ground for each team with only 4 bullets in it no gauss wart hogs one or no warthogs for each team one life 5 different classes to choose from 10 rounds triple elimination, lose 3 games and your out *FREE TO ENTER, just for FUN no cheating, cheating results in automatic elimination once we get down to the final 4 teams we will seed it based on how well they did in the triple elimination round. the final round will best 2 out of 3 clan battles, 10 rounds each, single elimination. winner ges a congradulatory post on this website, and fame in the halo world. any clan may enter but fist u must meet with me (gamertag: A hil13) to make sure u understand all rules above. i may post new info about this on this page, about any new rules or how many spots are left. this will take place over the courseof the next few months. see u soon!
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