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  1. It's a similar system to Halo 3 and it works. Don't go into ranked games with Randoms if you want to advance. If you're on here then you have access to and know how to use forums. Go on other sites and find people of similar skill. Add people to your friends list that you play with/against that are good. If you're getting the stats you claim to get then those people will have no issue partying up with you. It's called being social.
  2. So simply because you didn't like the ending and you didn't get what you wanted or anything as far as you're concerned, they ruined Halo? Just because you beat the campaign on Legendary doesn't mean you deserve anything. Yeah it would've been a nice added perk but, it doesn't entitle you to anything. And it's THEIR game, they can do whatever they want to the story. It's just like a movie. You usually end on a cliff hanger to setup the story for the next game. While I don't like the direction they took with Cortana, it is what it is and I don't like how little Blue Team was used. But, that doesn't mean they ruined Halo. People have this messed up conception that Devs have to make games how THEY want them to. Is it your IP? Do you own the rights to it? No you don't so get over it. Yeah the community can make suggestions and voice their dislikes about certain aspects of the game and they will be followed to a degree if the series is to survive.
  3. I think most if not all the skulls will return. Maybe not some of the H2A specific ones but, a lot that appeared in MCC will be in H5. Made the campaign fun if you're just messing around. And they could easily do what was done in MCC if they're activated and simply deactivate achievements for campaign completion..
  4. Only reason I would like them to return is because they're easier to beat than Elites because they lack an energy shield but, they're boring in combat and easy to predict. But, I prefer Elites and the Prometheans over them.
  5. Hmm that's odd. You could try going onto Halowaypoint.com and check your service record there for MCC and see if the scores you earned in game match up with their records. Sometimes they don't always post to the leader boards and don't unlock. That would be my first step. Past that though I'm unsure. Could try the Help forums on that site as well. They might be able to help you better. One thing, your title says par times but, your post says scores so I'm not sure which you're talking about. Anyway I looked up your service record and you don't have a score posted for Cairo Station. So try redoing that level and meet the par score and maybe it'll unlock.
  6. Guardian was the only map with that kind of call out. Not really hard to figure out really since he posted it in Halo 3 forums.
  7. Haven't really been having an issue with betraying at all really. Only issue I'm having is constantly getting bad team mates who can't break double digits kill wise.
  8. 343i has barely kept up on playlist rotation. Swap out certain playlists like SWAT and Snipers weekly with Grifball, Infection, and even Rocket Race. Why they can't simply do this weekly is beyond me.
  9. I'm fine with AR starts as long as it's not on a map that it mid to long range. There isn't always that many DMRs/BRs on a map at any given time so how is it fair when there's only a hand full of them and there's 8 total people in the game? If even one team gets majority of them and can hold those spots down.....games over.
  10. I don't see it discouraging people from getting Gold. If they don't already have it, I doubt they' get it because of a single game. It would help with sales though because then people who DON'T want to get gold will buy the game because they could play matches with bots.
  11. I don't really see the reason they even have so many colors for your armor when the only time you even get to really see it, is during FFA game types. When 90% of the games you play are team based. I doubt something like this would ever be implemented though which sucks.
  12. Anyone else like the idea of being able to unlock or even have the option right away to have a color wheel for your visor to make it any color you want instead of having preset colors/shades? Maybe even be able to change the color of our HUD depending on the color of our visor. I'd love to have this as an option.
  13. I wouldn't want it to be like a post but, a different page on the website and if it was to be a post, it would be made by a moderator or a member of 343i with a link to all the entries and an option for them all. Only reason I suggested Waypoint is because from what I've seen there's a lot more active users there then there is here.
  14. Halo 2 was the first Halo I played and I was pretty young at the time so I didn't really care. Now I don't mind it too much because of having invisibility but, I hate being forced to use Covenant weapons which I don't like. Still pretty fun to be able to play as someone else besides MC all the time. Main reason I liked ODST so much.
  15. Elder Scrolls. Not during the time line of any of the games though! There was always some major war going on or some sort of invasion.
  16. Watched it a lot when I was younger but, don't care much for it anymore. There were better shows out there. Plus I was getting big into Anime as well.
  17. Mainly Halo game sections. I tend not to venture out of those sections. Occasionally I wander when there's nothing new going on there.
  18. Typhlosion. Best starter ever!
  19. I don't think you should be demoted for losing. Why should I go down a rank when there's 1-2 people on my team who can't pull their weight or decide to throw the game because I took the Sniper Rifle or the Rockets when they wanted them? No you shouldn't rank up though. It should be similar to how H3's ranking worked. You can only rank up so far with EXP but to get to the top you have to increase your ranked in the ranked playlists. That was pretty good at keeping similarly ranked players together. Except when boosting and deranking became a thing and selling 50's. But, it's better then just needing EXP to get to the top level. Cause then you never know how good someone is tell they play.
  20. Now it just needs to come out on X1 so I can play it. Loved Spartan Assault so I'm looking forward to being able to play it.
  21. I think 343i should do some sort of design contest for a suit of armor. Host in on Halo Waypoint and who ever gets the most votes get's their set featured in the game.
  22. I liked them both. Both versions have things I do and don't like. Halo 4 had better helmets but, the older versions had better armor pieces.
  23. Pokemon just needs to die already. Just not what it used to be. Games are far too easy and they've really lowered the bar when it comes to the creativity.
  24. It's happened multiple times. It seems to mainly happen when 343i does major updates to MCC. It just recently happened during the last major update to MM. I'm sure it will happen again when they do the ODST and Relic update. Idk if you can get your rank back though. It would probably just be easier to play more games and earn it again. 9 doesn't take too long to get.
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