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  1. We accept those without a mic, it will be helpful for you to get one as we'd love to have communication amongst the Spartan Company, I won't push you towards getting one, but communication is key. Sorry about getting to you late, the invite through HaloWaypoint should still be there, if not, I'll resend.
  2. Are you liking to join my clan, you kinda confused me with your reply xD
  3. Hi! I'm recruiting for a new clan that a friend of mine have started! (The name is the title!) Comment with your Gamertag if you're interested. Rogue AI will be spanning across multiple FPS games, including; Black Ops 3, Halo Line (whichever are backwards compatible), SWBF, Ark Survival, Destiny, PVZGW, and more to come! But seriously, if any of you who read this are interested, please, leave your Gamertag down below and I will personally send you a message! As of right now it's just me and the Co-Leader. We don't care if you're new to Halo or any of the games I had mentioned, we will most certainly help you out!
  4. Our freedom from their tyranny is dawning upon us ladies and gentlemen, are you willing to put your life at risk?! Are you ready to fight beside your men at arms? Will you fight for or against us!? We Rogue AI's will let nothing get in our way, allies will fall, but so will our enemy! If you would like to join, please send me a PM asking about what games we play, I will let you know when the meetings are or when/if we get in contact with another clan, please keep in mind that Rogue AI is new, and LODT Cal18 will not be my gamertag for much longer... Below is the clan emblem, and what my Spartan looks like as if now until I get another Golden REQ peck, or until next Monday when I get two more Premium REQ packs:
  5. PoolNationFX has been a free game for awhile now...
  6. Visor's being unlocked at a certain Rank, yes. Armor being unlocked at a certain Rank, yes. But IF the armor had some sort of ability upon unlocking it, then I'd rather use credits to get it than have it be free..just my opinion on the matter at hand.
  7. I think Ash would make for a great FP (Future President) of this community!~
  8. I hear you guys, it was just a question that I strongly disagreed with on the facebook group. For some kids, yes, for those who's parent's don't want them getting into games like Halo, no.
  9. If you think 343i and Mega should make a game for the newer generation of fans, then you might be sorely disappointed since this idea has been brought to Bungie and 343i's attention sometime back, but it was shot down as to most of the fan base consisted of 17+ kids, not any younger kids. Unless the parent(s) allowed their kids to play a game like this. I am in a facebook group called "Mega Bloks WORLDWIDE" and this has been brought up, so I thought that I'd bring this question to you all. All opinions are welcome, don't hate on someone's opinion as we all have a different brain in our heads. Like, for instance, mine, I see Furry's becoming an actual species, and Mega Bloks being controlled with a tiny robotic suit that is connected to a controller via wireless. So, back on topic, what do you guys think of this question?
  10. I liked the first one more, but I do like ACU because of the customization we're given
  11. It has been officially called Assassin's Creed Syndicate (thanks to the RSVP that most of us should've gotten through Outlook), they were going to go with Victory because it's during the Victorian Era, but now it's Syndicate. Jacob and Evie Frye (Brother and Sister) run the Brotherhood in London of 1868, during the Industrialization of their colonies. During which these two are completely different, Evie being more strategic, and Jacob being clumsy and not caring about what people say or what they think should be done (Sound familiar? *cough* Arno *cough cough*). Anyway, I like the idea of this game, especially since we'll get to use a "Rope Dart" (in a sense) to get on top of a building in merely two seconds without having to climb every building now and then because we don't get to cut the rope and repel ourselves up, like how we first started being able to do in Assassin's Creed II (Being either of ever expanding story of Ezio where it started). Thanks to the official trailer for ACS, I'd be getting this game even if it gets bad reviews or not enough fans. This will be the first time we've been given an LARGE map in AC! So you can bet that I shall be getting this game whenever I can.
  12. No, you should say "I beg to fisher."
  13. Oh oki, lol thank you Mr. President! *salutes*
  14. What I do to get on this exactly? Lol, I haven't really been replying to any topics XD
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