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  1. Bossguy


    360 IS BETTER THAN X-BOX ONE, i rest my case
  2. i will be gone for the whole summer and wont be on anymore. I know in the boss guy and everything will not be the same.(lol) but i shall be back , see ya
  3. Bossguy

    Destiny Urn

    after constant failing i finally beat him
  4. i know that, but already got a clan for halo
  5. Bossguy

    Destiny Urn

    I need help with destiny, how do you kill Uzrok the hated i need to kill him to defeat the urn challenge
  6. Bossguy

    Destiny Gear

    is that for 360? how do you kill urzok the hated
  7. Bossguy

    Destiny Gear

    I said dark below, i have no tam for strike, you dont get armor in DARK BELOW for mission and pvp really
  8. Bossguy

    Destiny Gear

    What is the ways to get weaponsand armor from the dark below pack
  9. My name is Brandon and i am looking for a clan in destiny I am lvl 28 ab a good sniper and rusher, i also have the expiation pack. i am also looking for people who do the raids PLEASE COMMENT BELLOW please note this is for 360
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