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  1. It is literally my least favorite map. It's literally just a circle and a repetitive map. It's just so dull and nothing to it. Why is it so popular?
  2. Please tell me why Destiny is the best FPS? It may have had the worst story of any FPS I've ever played. I'm with you. The initial problems were frustrating and matchmaking isn't completely fixed yet, but it is definitely playable and I'm having a blast. The Halo 2 campaign was amazing. There is a ton of content on this game and it's way too easy to say that Bungie would have launched this without problems. Comparing Destiny to this isn't apples and apples. The problem isn't just with 343, it's almost literally every game that is released. They are still figuring out these systems and maybe developers are trying to do too much at once. I don't know. As far as Halo 4, I agree 100%. Halo 3 is easily the best multiplayer game. They made the BR much better and the powerups were a step in a great direction. Halo 4 is the 2nd best multiplayer in my opinion (and probably 3rd best campaign after Halo 2, then Halo 3). Though, I'm not a big fan of the Mantis, but it still is a great game. The problem for 343 is that a lot of the Halo community for whatever reason isn't really up for change. I personally don't want to play the same game.
  3. I wish it were like if you are booted twice in a day you do not have access for 24 hours or some system like that. Problem about quitting now is that it counts as a L. I mean, it doesn't matter THAT much to me, but it makes it a bit tougher. That would explain it a lot. I always have my thumbstick up before the match beings to get to the weapons first.
  4. Yeah that's what I've been doing pretty much. It's just been happening a ton lately. Kind of makes me not even want to play the game if I'm quitting so often.
  5. It happened again today. This is getting really annoying.
  6. Over the past 5 days, I have noticed more and more people betraying people for the fun of it or to take their weapon. Yesterday was the worst example. I played 10 games total and in 5 I was betrayed multiple times by the same person in the game. Here's an example: In one game I went to get rockets and once I got them my teammate betrayed me to pick them up. That same game I had shotgun and the same guy again betrayed me to take my shotgun. Has anyone else noticed this? I was so pissed yesterday. I don't get the point of doing it.
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