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  1. After waiting hours in line at the Mid Night release of Halo 5 and then waiting the 3 hours it takes to download I was left with nothing but disappointment... So like many of us Halo players we live for the campaign and how Master Chief is going to save the world one more time. We all were upset in Halo 4 when we lost Cortona... So what do we do? We shoot right to the campaign slap good ol legendary mode on and go to work.. Well after hours of stressful game time with friends I finally reached the last mission.. As the last movie clip of the game started I got up with excitement and couldn't wait for what was going to happen.. Well 343 you did it again.. You have ruined my Halo experience.. the 45sec clip at the end was one of the most disrespectful things you could have ever done to us Halo Fans.. I mean what were you even thinking? or did you even think? It honestly feels like you stopped caring 3/4 into the campaign and just took a giant crap on us... So after hours of game time it took to beat it i get one of the worst endings of a Halo game yet.. But wait! Of course they must of threw some awesome armor sets and unlock ables into the pot for beating it on legendary!?.... NOPE! I GOT A GIANT THANK YOU! 343i thank you for wasting 12 hours of my life trying to beat the campaign on legendary to find out you get nothing for it... Yay achievements.. NO ONE CARES! I will be trading this in for Fallout 4... and again Thanks 343i for ruining my Halo experience...
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