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  1. well i disagree, but im not going to go back and forth on it. i respect your opinion but were just not gonna agree lol. thanks for your input.
  2. so if your not going to be pentalized for losing, aka losing xp. Then its not competative and there is no reason to actually try if your still gonna level up when you lose. if you get put on a team of 3 random scrubs and you lose then you should be pentalized...1 for losing and 2 for joining a ranked game by yourself. sorry but i respectfully dissagree with your outlook on this topic.
  3. I'm wanting to see if anyone else feels the same way I do about a skill based ranking system. Don't you actually want to feel like your playing for a reason? If you gain XP for losing a game, where is the competetive edge? My personal opinion is that the Halo2 style ranking system was beautiful! It had ranked playlists for the competetive players and social playlists for the players who wanted to warm up for ranked, or just have fun with their friends. In Halo2 it actualy mattered if you won or lost. Not like the current Halos where if you lose you still level up and gain XP. In my opinion we need a skill based ranking system for Halo5. I personally would love to see the Halo2 ranking system again, even with the Halo2 levels. This may sound harsh but now a days games are just trying to appease everyone even if you suck you can still be the same level as someone who is 10x better than you. I'm sorry but if you suck, you suck. And you should play with people on your skill level. I want a game where you play with purpose and people actually care to win. You win and your rewarded and if you lose then your pentalized. Let me know what ya'll think. Agree or disagree. Thanks for reading!
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