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  1. Hey everyone. I am a Halo fan. I remember the lan parties. Staying up all night when it came out on the original xbox. When I discovered the flood playing coop on a tiny tv split-screen. Oh to be young, with young eyes. Now I am almost the big dirty thirty and I was replaying halo the master chief collection last night and I jumped over to halo 4 campaign. It is a great game. But I can't carry much ammo. I am a badass super-soldier with energy shields but I can't carry more than 4 clips of DMR? So I thought, oh, no big deal, I will just turn on the bandana skull. Except, no bandana skull for halo 4. This made me sad. I realize as game developers 343 has to balance a lot of different aspects but giving us a few extra clips of ammo and an extra grenade would be nice. If that can't happen at least give us the bandana skull. Because we love Halo and want to play it the way we like. We need the ammo if we are going to play like I like to play. Heroic with mythic and thunderbolt on. Thanks, David P.S. No matter what I am going to buy guardians. I give this post with deep seated love and respect for all things Halo.
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